Magic Swordsman Chapter 43: Aiming to Clear the Permanent Request

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 There is no need to accept permanent requests.

 So Esther and I went straight to Simon’s shop.

“Excuse me”

“… Is it done?”

 When I entered the store, Simon, who was sitting in a chair next to the counter with arms crossed, opened only one eye and stared at me.


 His gaze was like a ghost’s.

 His eyes are bloodshot, probably because he hasn’t slept.

“Ah, about the sword I left yesterday–“

“Oh, I finished it. Check it out.” (Simon)

 Simon put the sword on the counter silently.

 His attitude was like being with a caged tiger. He was cautious and silent as he placed the weapon on the counter.

 I can understand how much he values his weapons.

 I immediately observe and analyze the sword on the counter.

 The brim is the same as that of a general longsword, which is straight and long.

 Plain and simple but sturdy. It is more reliable than the other elaborately decorated swords.

 The grip is carefully wrapped with rough leather.

 With this, even if the sword is wet the sword will not slip off your hand.

“Ester, try using it.”

“Oh, me?” (Esther)

“It’s Ester’s weapon, right?”

“That’s right.” (Esther)

 Esther’s cheeks are slightly flushed as she slowly pulled out the longsword that I made for her.

“Oh!” (Esther)

“Um, this is amazing …” (Esther)

 The blade shined like silver or freshly fallen snow.

 Though most of the sword is a matte silver-white color, and only the cutting part of the blade reflects the light like a mirror.

“It’s much lighter than I imagined …” (Esther)

“How about the center of gravity?”

“… I think it is okay, but I can’t tell until I use it.” (Esther)

 Esther looks at the longsword with a stern look.

 I hurriedly poked Esther’s shoulder, she looks way too was fascinated by the sword.

“Esther, Esther!”

“Hmm, what’s wrong with Toru?” (Esther) 

“Let’s go to the request and give the sword a test run.”

“Oh, that’s right.” (Esther)

 Esther reluctantly put the sword back in its scabbard and put it on her belt.

“About the sword fee, how much is it?”

“10 silver coins are fine.” (Simon)

“Well, but–“

“Sonny bought a dagger of 10 silver coins. You remade it in my furnace. That’s it, right?” (Simon)

“That’s right, but please let me pay for the guard, the grip, and the scabbard.”

“That’s something I made for practice. Sonny, I can’t give a sword without those.” (Simon)

“… Well then, at least the usage fee for the furnace” 

“You’re saying I don’t need it! Just put 10 silver coins out!” (Simon)

“……Thank you!”

 Simon’s words are very rude, but he’s pretty much a good guy.

 I bend to his wishes.

 We went outside Finlis and arrived at the forest and immediately started searching for monsters.

 I received the standard “Goblin Extermination” that was considered a permanent request.

 This opponent for this time is just right to test the performance of the sword.

 We entered the forest looking like we’re just walking a dog, but we’re hunting goblins. We’ve been walking for a while, but we haven’t encountered a single goblin.

“Hey, Esther. Goblins have a high encounter rate, right?”

“Is that… a knowledge from your old world, Toru?” (Esther)

“Yeah, I guess so”

 Of course, there are no goblins in Japan. If so, such terrifying monsters would have been eradicated using modern weapons.

 Aside from that, my knowledge is more from games rather than Japanese general knowledge.

 Weak monsters should have a high encounter rate.

 Also, when I first encountered goblins, they were in a horde, so I thought we would find it easily once we entered the forest.

 However, it is difficult to encounter goblins.

 With this, far from testing the performance of the new weapon, the permanent request won’t be cleared.

“Goblins are indeed monsters that you often encounter. If you’re unlucky, you’ll even meet a horde.” (Esther)

 Esther smiled bitterly while saying that.

 She probably doesn’t want to remember the memory of when she was about to be killed.

 And at that moment. The sound of the grass rustling reached my ears.

 So I focused on the source of the sound.

“That’s not a goblin… what is that?”

 It wasn’t the goblins that shook the grass, but a bouncy, transparent creature.

“Oh, that’s slime.” (Esther)

“Oh! So this is a slime.”

 It is the most famous genderless creature in Japan, familiar from “Puru Puru, I am, Good Slime”. [T/N: No idea what this reference is.]

 I carefully observe the slime.

 It has an oval shape like a Mizu Manju and a small core that can be seen in the center. [T/N: Mizu Manju is those raindrop cakes that became a fad some time ago. Google-sensei has tons of images.]

 Its movement speed is slow. Sometimes slime bounces.



“No, Thor. Pets are not allowed at the inn.” (Esther)


 Esther probably noticed my reactions and immediately stopped me.

 If she didn’t stop me, I will absolutely return to the city with slime in hiding in my chest.

“… Can slime be a pet?”

“That’s right. Many citizens keep it because it’s a monster that is beneficial to humans. Putting it in an aquarium to keep the water clean, and put it in a pond to purify sewage.

 Even Finlis has a lot of slime in the water supply, sewerage, and wells. The guild will is usually asked by the city to replenish the dead slimes.” (Esther)

“Hmm. Slime is sort of a familiar.”

“That’s right. When poison flows into the river, slimes that hate that and come out of the water all at once, which is useful for early warning.” (Esther)

 It cleans water like a sea cucumber and reacts to poisons like a canary. [T/N: Fun fact canaries are used in ancient times to detect poison in the air. Google-sensei has more info about that.]

 Slimes in Eargard are quite capable.

 Inspiring my cute animal-loving heart, I am quite motivated to protect and shelter the slime.

 However, Esther’s eyes are unexpectedly harsh.

 I can’t help but be sad and give up capturing this slime.

 I vow that someday, I will have a slime as a pet.

“By the way, Toru. I’d like to hear an explanation…” (Esther)

“About what?”

“You see, that’s … what is with the multiple [fireball] floating on your head!?” (Esther)

 Above Toru, there are currently 10 [fireballs] moving in a row above my head.

 Previously, the limit was 5, but thanks to my daily training, I can now control up to 10 simultaneous [fireballs].

“What the hell are we going to fight …” (Esther)

“Those are for goblins.”

 But the goblins are nowhere to be found.

 Realizing that I feel a weight on my shoulder.

“Oh, I’m almost perfect with the instant casting of [water ball], so you don’t have to worry about a forest fire.”

“That’s not what worries me!” (Esther)

 Esther’s shoulders rise like an angry cat.

~3rd Person Perspective~

 Unbeknownst to Toru, no one wants to approach a person or place where a [fireball] is filled with magic power flying all over the place.

 Goblins aren’t a rare enemy, but is it because of him that they haven’t been encountered for such a long time.

 Such a problem should have raised the issue.

 Unlike Esther, who is seriously thinking about whether to stop Toru’s eccentricity, Toru was now thinking of a way to lure the goblins.

~Toru’s Perspective~

(Whistling is the standard action for attracting monsters, isn’t it? But is whistling effective in this world?)

“Ester. Is there any way to lure goblins?”

“It’s nothing complicated. You can burn a special herb to attract monsters, but it’s difficult to lure goblins only.” (Esther)

“I see”

“Although it is not for goblins, there is a dog whistle that calls a specific dog breed and a dragon whistle that calls a specific dragon breed.” (Esther)


 I have been worried for a while, so I am leaving Esther for a while and is about to enter the bushes.

“What’s wrong Toru?” (Esther)

“Just picking flowers”

“–!? I understand. Call me when you’re done.” (Esther)

“Thank you for understanding”

 After confirming that Esther has turned around, I hid behind the bush and summoned the skill board.

 I open the technique tree.

(After all, it should have the skill of calling monsters … Then, I should find one?)

 If I don’t get it, I won’t know the effect. When I get a skill, it may not have the desired effect though.

 Nevertheless, I never intended to acquire that skill easily [whistling].

>> Skill points 11 → 1

>> [Whistling] → [Whistling Lv4]

 I’ve returned to Esther while whistling lightly to check the skill.

 –Pee! Pee!


 The whistling was in the tune of my favorite song.

“Huh. Toru, you’re good at whistling.” (Esther)

“Well, yeah”

“So why are you whistling?” (Esther)

“I wondered if I could call a goblin with this.”

“Sure, you might be able to call something if you make a noise, but calling goblins seem farfetched.” (Esther)

“Well, I’ll just try it.”

 The thought of using a whistle to call a goblin, it’s not a great idea.

 The result is what can happen with [whistling Lv4].

(At least I wish I knew in advance what I could do …)

 With that in mind, I whistled, imagining a sound suitable for calling goblins.

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