Magic Swordsman Chapter 45: Monster Soap

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 (-Maybe this is soap !?)

 I did bake the goblins.

 When I baked the goblins, I used logs to make the fire more intense.

 The minimum required materials to make soap is wood ash and animal fat.

 ――I did have everything I need to make soap.


 A small part of me is sounding a warning bell.

“Is it really beautiful? “

 On the contrary, if it is an evil soap that spreads the smell of goblins, it is just plain harmful. It shouldn’t see the light of day and be buried immediately.

“Hey, Esther. Do you sell soap in Finlis?”

“Soap … Oh, that product is just for aristocrats.” (Esther)

“Hey … Is it really such a high-class product?”

“I think it was sold for 5 silver coins.” (Esther)


 Five silver coins — plain soap is priced at 50,000 yen…

 …… It’s a waste to bury it without checking!

 I showed the spirit of Mottainai peculiar to Japanese people, quickly fished the soap from inside the hole. [T/N: No direct translation I think. But it just means “what a waste”. It’s sort of similar to being frugal but more. I think as an Asian we all have this trait. Like every penny counts and another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So on and so forth. Google sensei might be able to give better examples.]

 I poked it with a stick and smelled it.

“… Hmm, it smells like unscented soap.”

 The scent is slightly oxidized and oily.

 The quality is poor compared to the ones used in Japan.

 However, the raw material is goblins.

 It is enough for it to not smell like goblins.

“I wonder how much dirt will be removed using this.”

 I cut the soap to pieces with [magic sword] and threw it into the [inventory].

 After that, I filled the hole and offered a small prayer. Then I looked at Esther.

 She is moist with sweat, since we’ve just finished fighting, but she splattered with blood.

 I, on the other hand, am drenched with blood. Like last time, there is also stuff other than blood that I don’t really know and don’t want to know.

“… Hey, why is Esther so beautiful?”

“What!? Toru, you I-idiot. What are you suddenly saying!!” (Esther)

 After listening to me, Esther’s ponytail jumped straight up like a cat’s tail.

 She blushed and her gaze wandered sideways.

“Because you’re not splattered by goblin blood and all that. What kind of skill did you use?”

“… Eh? Ah, what the hell do you mean… huh?” (Esther)

 Esther suddenly looked tired and sighed.

“The reason I don’t get splattered by blood is because I’m thinking about how I slash and where I am. Rather, I wonder why Toru’s swordsmanship is so bloody.” (Esther)

 Esther is probably right to wonder about that.

 I did not have this ability from the beginning. I acquired it and quickly raised the skill level using the skill board.

 The experience and knowledge that should have been with someone with my skill level are missing.

“I just thought that if I defeat a lot of monsters, I would get splattered with blood, but apparently, that’s not the case.”

“If you get drenched in blood, your hands will become slippery, and if you get it in your eyes, your vision will be impaired. You shouldn’t get drenched on the battlefield. But you…” (Esther)

 Esther made a difficult expression while stopping mid-way

“There is one senior adventurer in Finlis who doesn’t bother getting blood-soaked. That adventurer’s specialty is a mace though. Since their way of fighting is different from Toru you do not have to be like them, getting blood-soaked all the time.” (Esther)

 A mace is a blunt weapon similar to a club.

 Certainly, when using it to bludgeon a monster to death it is difficult to avoid splatters.

 This is because the stronger the force, the more the smashed area will “explode”.

“It’s an area for improvement.”

 As expected, if I get bloody every time I fight a monster, I won’t have enough clothes.

 Also, I am by no means the type that can tolerate being dirty. Ever since I lived in Japan, I have been conscious of my personal hygiene and cleanliness as a functioning member of society.

 I thought that it was unavoidable to get bloody when fighting with monsters. But it’s avoidable, so I shouldn’t always have to be bloody.

 From now on, I vowed to think more and more about my performance during battle.

~3rd Person Perspective~

 An adventurer was drinking ale at the guild’s bar. Then two adventurers appeared from the guild entrance.

 One is a very beautiful young woman. The adventurer at the bar wanted to get closer to the pretty adventurer.

 But the other adventurer with the girl was a boy.

“—What?!” (Adventurer from the bar)

 As soon as he saw the boy, the man downed his ale immediately.

 The boy is smeared with blood all over making him look like an overly ripe tomato.

 Other adventurers who were also drinking at the bar noticed his strange appearance.

 The murmuring among the adventurers spreads.

“That kid was from last time–” (Random Adventurer)

” Yeah, he was on a roll–” (Random Adventurer)

“I’m sure he was an Inferior.” (Random Adventurer)

 He’s an Inferior

 The man smiled distortedly at the words of the adventurers he heard.

 The man clearly remembered the “bloody” adventurer and imagined that boy was quite the ridiculous creature.

 But if the boy was an Inferior, he doesn’t have to be afraid.

 Inferior people are a group of people with very low fighting power.

 If he’s an adventurer, it’s probably because of the support of the woman next to him.

 Leaving his mug of ale, the adventurer quickly stood up.

 He is a man who is more suitable to that beauty than some unknown Inferior.

 I don’t know why that beautiful adventurer is with the boy, but I’m sure she’s just being nice to him.

 Then, she should know.

 How wonderful it is to team up with a strong adventurer…

“Hey, boy.” (Adventurer from the bar)

 The adventurer called out to the tomato-boy.

 But the boy doesn’t glance at him. He got completely ignored.

 The boy’s attitude causes the adventurer’s blood to rise to his head.

 No matter how low-ranked, the adventurer is an E-ranker — he’s a great adventurer.

 It is quite annoying that he was being ignored by an Inferior.

(After all, it seems that I have to do my best to show you your position!) (Adventurer from the bar)

 The man clenched his jaw and swung his fist from behind the boy with all his might.

 The next moment

“–Huh?” (Adventurer from the bar)

 *Bitaan*, the adventurer had his back on the floor. [T/N: Bitaan another sound effect for falling stuff]

 The pain gradually spreads to across his back.

 It is hard to imagine that his attack was evaded by an Inferior.


 The adventurer had no idea what had happened to him.

 The adventurer was stunned for a while.

“What are you doing in the guild?” (Voice)

 Then he heard a deep gut-wrenching voice.

 This is the voice of Graf, a former C-rank adventurer, a trainer belonging to the Adventurer’s Guild.

 As soon as the voice is heard, the adventurer stands up quickly.

 Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured, with only a slight backache.

 Graf glared at the man who stood up.

“…I hate dealing with bastards.” (Graf)

“What? No, I’m not–” (Adventurer from the bar)

“Is it an excuse to attack other adventurers in the guild? Hmm, I have to crush that hubris at the root.” (Graf)

“No, eh, hey, wait–” (Adventurer from the bar)

“Shut up! Follow me quietly!!” (Graf)

 Graf, who had a demon-like appearance, couldn’t let him spout any excuses, and the adventurer was dragged away.

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