Magic Swordsman Chapter 46: Crush the Bright Red Tomatoes!

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  Immediately after entering the guild, I got entangled with a strange adventurer.


 For some reason, an adventurer suddenly attacked from behind me with his fists.


 Fortunately, the man wasn’t “serious”.


 Once the other party started to move, I responded just in time.


 It’s probably thanks to me having acquired [Aikido], I was able to neutralize the other party without hurting him.


 If I injured the other party, I would be reported again.


I stroked my chest in relief, glad that I acquired [Aikido].



“… Toru, what’s with that guy?” (Esther)


“Can we just go?”



 Esther asked, but I don’t know what to say.



 As I was thinking about what to do, the man was immediately taken to the training ground by Graf-san, who appeared and grabbed the guy by the neck.


 Looking at Graf-san, who looks like a Hannya, I felt quite sad on behalf of the adventurer, I will pray for him to leave the training ground peacefully. [T/N: A Hannya is one of those demon masks on Japanese anime and manga. Google-sensei has it covered.]


 I noticed that I was standing in the guild, so I went to the guild reception counter.



“Hey!?” (Marie)



 When I put a bag full of ears on the counter, Marie‘s face suddenly changed into surprise.



“Ah, what is this?” (Marie)


“Goblin ears. We took the goblin subjugation request.”


“Well, I see …” (Marie)



 Little did I know, Marie, who received the proof of subjugation from me, was screaming inwardly.


~Marie’s Perspective~


(Why is the proof of goblin subjugation in such a huge sack!?) (Marie)



 The jute bag that was handed over was large enough I could fit inside it.


 And the bag is inflated like a meat bun.


 Some parts of the bag were leaking blood and some have ears trying to poke out.


 I’m having trouble opening the sack. There are probably goblin corpses inside and not just ears.


 And above all, Toru himself is drenched in blood like some terrifying creature.



(My belief in his ability is to the extent that he would probably never receive any injury, no matter how blood-soaked he is.) (Marie)



 I’ve prepared myself, so I opened the mouth of the jute bag.






 A lot of bloody ears, ears, ears … never-ending ears inside the bag.


 I silently closed the mouth of the sack.



“Fu …” (Marie)



 I took a deep breath to calm my heart that is about to fly off my chest.


 I took in everything.


 No doubt this scene will visit me later in my dream!




 Since becoming a receptionist, I have experienced some “events that I never want to experience again”.


 Purchase of corpses of monsters that have been torn apart, and magic stones that are slimy with blood.


 The worst thing was the appraisal of a “material” (according to adventurers) that was completely infested by insects. It was certified garbage and incinerated grudgingly.


 I have experienced such events thought to myself.



(Congratulations Toru. Starting this moment, this ear bag is number one…) (Marie)



 Oh well, business is business.


 Toru has never harassed me (if he ever harasses me, please forgive me for a slap or two), but he’s doing what he’s just doing what an adventurer should do.


 I reluctantly scrutinized the ears.


~Toru’s Perspective~


 I watched Marie’s work over the counter until she was done analyzing the subjugation proofs.


 Suddenly in the middle of the analysis, Marie, who was counting ears, began to tear up for some reason.


 What is happening to her? The thought was puzzling me.


 There must be some deep meaning with her tears.



“Thank you very much for your patience.” (Marie)



 After the analysis, Marie, whose eyes were now bright red, presented a piece of paper with the results to me.


 There were 136 goblins subdued goblins on the paper.



“Oh, I hunted quite a bit.”


“That’s right …” (Esther)



 In contrast to me, who is rejoicing, Esther seems to be quite dull today.


 For a permanent request on subduing goblins, you can get 4 large bronze coins (40 gardes) for every 5 hunted.


 Since there are 136 animals this time, the number is rounded down to 27 units. The total was 1080 Gard.



“I made a lot of money in one day. It’s a very profitable request to subdue goblins!”


“Disagreeable……” (Esther)


“Truly……” (Marie)



 Esther and Marie are mumbling something at my comment.


 Unbeknownst to me, the inner thoughts of the two women seem to be in agreement.



(Because there is no other person who hunts like this!!) (Marie & Esther)



 The number of my achievements were abnormal in the eyes of people.


 I left the guild after receiving a jute bag containing 10 silver coins and 8 large bronze coins.


 I went to the public well.


 Then I took out the soap from my <inventory> and washed-off the blood of the goblins on my clothes.


 Goblin blood flows into the sewage ditch along with the soap bubbles.



“Oh, a lot of it is getting removed! This is quite effective.”



 I didn’t aim for this at all, but I was whistling while washing my body. This due to the joy of getting a usable soap for free by chance.



“Gobu Gobu Gobu Gobu ♪”


“Toru, please have mercy and don’t use that whistle in the city…” (Esther)


“Oh, does Esther also want to use this soap?”


“It’s fine!” (Esther)


“Yeah? It probably seems dirty…”



 The original material is goblins, no matter how much dirt is removed you still lathered yourself with goblin fat.


 Even Esther, who is accustomed to adventure, doesn’t feel like going out.


 While imitating a goblin’s voice, I wash away the goblin’s blood using the soap made from goblins.


 Seeing such a profane scene, Esther sighed deeper and deeper.





 I continued to subdue goblins the next day.


 The reason was simple, the experience gained was a lot.




>> Level 21 → 25


>> Skill points 1 → 41



 Currently, no matter how much I am surrounded by goblins, I cannot feel any threat.


 Of course, I still have to be alert and careful, but I can subdue it much easier compared to rock worms.


 Besides, if I use a whistle, I can summon goblins as much as I want.


 Just standing quietly (although not truly quiet) I raise my level. It is just me alone who continues with this method.


 I am also learning about the proper way to fight without blood splattering back while dealing with goblins.


 Leveling is important, but fighting without being bloodsoaked is also important.


 It’s good now, but eventually, the blood splatters during the battle may backfire.


 Also, some monsters may have strong acidic blood or diseased blood that causes illness just by being exposed to it.


 There was no reason not to train splatter-free swordsmanship.


 While subduing the goblins, I stand while avoiding getting blood splattered back.


 This is the first time I’ve had trouble on the battlefield since I came to this world


 Even though I was quite good at RPGs. I was not good at shooting games from the first-person perspective (commonly known as FPS), so I was not good at moving around.


 Day after day, I returned to Finlis, looking like a bright red tomato.




~Luka’s Perspective~


 Luka, who appeared in the guild, enjoyed drinking again after a long while at the bar attached to the guild.


 For some time now, I haven’t been able to act as an adventurer because I’ve been focusing on my activities in the service of the church.


 My main profession is still an adventurer.


 But the church is important, still working with the guild is equally important.



“Oh, it’s been a long time since I saw you Big Sis!” (Voice)



 As I was drinking, a strange friendly male adventurer approached me.


 One of the best ales I’ve ever experienced is ruined.


 From the attitude of the other person, I can see that they must have met me once somewhere.


 But I didn’t recognize the male adventurer’s face.



“Where did you go until now? I haven’t seen you for quite some time.” (Overly friendly adventurer)


“I was doing a long request.” (Luka)


“Hey, I was worried that my Big Sis disappeared!” (Overly friendly adventurer)



 Other adventurers also noticed my existence because the man speaks quite loudly.


 “Big sister! Big Sister!”, they all come calling to Luka one after another.


 I am a well-known adventurer here in Finlis.


 Perhaps because of that, a lot of adventurers talk to me that I can’t enjoy the taste of ale.



“Luka-san, in fact, a newcomer has recently joined the guild.” “Oh yeah, that tomato guy!” “I feel a little good–” “He’s been violent against other adventurers!”


“Something he did the other day–” “He’s bad news!” “He was squeezed by Graf!” “Shut up!” “How was Graf’s loving guidance?” “Die?” Then, let’s go! “


“He seems great even though he’s an Inferior–” “He kept hogging Marie and goes on a rampage!” “By the way, he likes salads.” “Don’t listen to that story!” “Luka-san please do something!”



 Words that I don’t understand, whether it’s all resentment, jealousy, or both, surround me.


 I drank a little more ale, but I was more than half drunk.


 I know I’m weak to alcohol!


“-Oh, Luka-san, it’s that tomato!” (Overly friendly adventurer)



 When I looked at where the adventurer was pointing, I could see a boy dyed in bright red.


 I remembered the boy’s face.



“That boy is …” (Luka)



 As soon as I remembered, I stood up quickly.


 Overwhelmed by my momentum, several adventurers tumbled about.



“Luka-san moved!!” (Overly friendly adventurer)


“This is a newcomer, I’ll meet him.” (Luka)



 I start walking towards the adventurer laughing quite loud.


 I swear in the name of Forcels, the god of justice, I will drop the hammer of justice on that boy!


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