Magic Swordsman Chapter 47: Bloody Saint Luka

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 I entered the guild and sensed a strange presence from the bar.

 It was a strong presence that I had never felt before.

“… No, I think I know this presence?”

 Where did I last felt this…

 A woman with a strong presence came to me while I was thinking.

“You there!” (Luka)

 It was the sister I met at the Forcels Church the one who is quite rough and got way too close.

 She is still wearing her robe, but a magnificent mace hangs down her waist.

(Wow, she smells like alcohol!)

 From her breath, as she approached, I smelled an alcoholic odor that would have gotten her in so much trouble with Earth’s traffic law.

 Her face is also quite red. She’s that drunk.

“I’ve heard stories from other adventurers. A sneaky man who dyed his body bright red and worked violently towards adventurers! I’ll remind you of the power of justice in the name of God Forcels!” (Luka)

“… !?”

 The woman points her finger straight at me.

 I was taken back by the strength of her presence.

“The evil tomato from the inferior salad!” (Luka)


 After the woman said those mysterious collections of words — the adventurers who were watching us from the bar collapsed all at once.

 They began to mutter, “Damn, isn’t Finlis’s ultimate weapon useless?” Or “She’s too vulnerable to liquor.”

 What the hell is this…

 My shoulders slump in confusion and dismay.

 The woman looked even closer to me.

 Esther’s eyes were switching between me and the lady quite rapidly.

“By the way, you. You visited the Forcels Church before, didn’t you?” (Luka)

“Yes, yeah, that’s right.”

“It seems that you don’t have enough power of justice! Here, I will show off the secret technique [thumb teleportation].” (Luka)

“No, thank you”

 I immediately withdrew, and the woman sadly dropped her shoulders.

 Next to us

“I think I’ve seen it somewhere, that mace … Maybe you’re the blood-soaked Luka?” (Esther)

“Yes, I’m called that after being an adventurer.” (Luka)

“Oh! This might seem like the first time… but we’ve met once before, but let me introduce myself again. I’m Esther. I’m an E-rank adventurer.” (Esther)

“Thank you very much. I’m Luka, a C-rank adventurer.” (Luka)

 Esther bowed her head, put out her hand towards Luka.

 I tilted my head in confusion at what’s happening beside me.


“Oh, this person is a great adventurer who has risen to C rank while using a single mace. She only used that mace, and because of her fighting style, she was given the alias, “Blood-soaked”.”

 It seems that Luka was the adventurer, Esther mentioned before, who didn’t mind the blood splatter.

 She is also C-ranker. Amazingly, she was a top-notch adventurer.

 Even if we’re both blood-soaked, our positions are vastly different from each other.

 Having the real thing in front of me made me embarrassed that I was drenched with blood.

“I’m Toru. I’m an E-rank adventurer. Nice to meet you.”

“Ah, you too? Oops, me too.” (Luka)

 Then she noticed our hands so Luka reached back.

 After shaking hands and exchanging greetings, Luka returned to the bar.

“Eh? … That’s it?”

 What the hell was that?

 I was stunned while looking at Luka’s back.

 There was something about complaints that’s why she came to us…

 It seems that she forgot what she had to do because she was drunk.

 I have learned from my experience as a member of society that I will not be able to do things properly once I become extremely drunk.

 So I didn’t snoop on why she approached us, but quickly got the request processed.

~3rd Person Perspective~


 After the Blood-Soaked Luka withdrew.

 An adventurer is grinding his molars.

“Even Luka-san didn’t hurt him …!?” (Overly friendly adventurer)

 The man is the adventurer who was previously thrown by Toru and tortured by guild staff Graf under the guise of “Training.”

 To relieve the humiliation at that time, the man urged Luka, who was drunk, to put Toru in his place.

 If he’s dealing with a far superior adventurer, Toru would be nothing against them.

 He thought so, but unfortunately, the plan didn’t work.

“Damn! I’ll hurt that Inferior somehow…!!” (Overly friendly adventurer)

 -I’ll use every method. No matter what…

 Without being discouraged by failure, the man planned a new strategy.

~Toru’s Perspective~

 It took me a week to finish the Goblin subjugation until I was no longer blood-soaked.

 After all, techniques are not something that can be acquired overnight. [T/N: Unless you have a skill board.]

 During that time, my level gradually became more difficult to rise, and in the end, it did not rise at all.


>> Level 25 → 30

>> Skill points 41 → 91


 9 levels in a week. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but given that I kept defeating the lowest-ranked goblins, I think it was a good system.

 As the level went up, the skill points were accumulated, I acquired one skill.


>> [Archery Lv5] Obtained

>> Skill points 91 → 76


 Now I can make a decent attack with the bow.

 However, I’m currently in the middle of training to avoid getting blood-soaked. So I never used a bow to subdue the goblins.

 Esther was on a terrible slump after the Goblin subjugation, but after the third day, she did not lose her energy even after the subjugation was completed.

 When I asked her why

“My level is increasing!” (Esther)

 By going to church and checking her status, it seems that the goblin training made her feel stronger.

 I don’t know Esther’s level, but the level that can be raised by goblins alone is at level 30. So I think we’re about the same level.

 We return to the guild without getting blood-soaked, I listen to Marie and ask for an assessment.


~Marie’s Perspective~


 For the past week, there was a big dark circle under my eyes, which had been caused by countless ears.

 ――Sure enough, I had a nightmare.

(I wonder if this person has the need to deliver his ears in more than 100 units …) (Marie)

 Isn’t it time for the goblins around Finlis to become extinct?

 The only natural enemy of goblins is the rock worm.

 The annihilation of Toru will temporarily reduce their spawn rate, but the fertility of goblins should increase their population in no time.

 I don’t want to see goblin ears anymore.

 Contrary to my feelings of disgust, I was also looking forward to the future of Toru and his party.

 How far can they go? How fast?

 If they reach C-rank or higher, then…

(I have to make a claim on him!) (Marie)

 Marie was worried about how to steal Toru’s chastity. (Narrator)


~Toru’s Perspective~


“Toru-san, Esther-san. Why don’t you take the rank promotion test?” (Marie)

 When I received today’s reward, Marie told us out of the blue.

“Rank promotion test?”

“Yes. For E-rank adventurers who have accumulated past a certain amount of points, we recommend them to take a rank promotion test. Unlike when you rank up from F to E, you can now rank up to D. You just need to pass the exam.” (Marie)

“What is the exam like?”

“They change from time to time, but the current test…” (Marie)

 Marie pulled out a stack of paper from under the counter and started flipping through them.

 She stopped turning after reaching a certain page and wrote it on a piece of paper on the counter so that it could be read.

“It is conquering [Flare Light Dungeon].” (Marie)

 I glanced at Esther due to the unfamiliar word.

“[Flare Light Dungeon’] is a dungeon for ranks E to D near Finlis. It’s relatively weak, but it has traps and a boss at the end.” (Esther)

“Esther-san, you are well-informed.” (Marie)

“Because the dungeon is an adventurer’s dream!” (Esther)

 Diving into a dungeon and finding rare treasures.

 I was impressed that the template of fantasy that was in Japanese fantasy games and novels was here in Eargard.

“As for the content of the promotion request, please go to the [Flare Light Dungeon] and conquer it. The proof dungeon diving will be the undiluted solution of Flare Light at the end of the dungeon, so take some enough for one water bottle. Please return it here.
 The deadline is one week after accepting the request. Please note that if the deadline has passed, the request will be considered a failure and you will not be able to try again until a change in the next promotion quest.
 This request is for rank promotion, so there is no reward. However, I will add some depending on the purchase of the color of the undiluted solution of flare light. Do you have any questions? ” (Marie)

“Well, first of all, where is the flare light dungeon?”


 I asked a question, but Marie gave me nothing but a smile.

 “I see”, I thought.

 The rank-up quest has already begun.

 Adventures don’t always have enough information.

 In some cases, the request must be fulfilled with very little information.

 Rather, that is the essence of an adventure.

 Prepare in advance with only a small amount of information and clear the request.

 Gather information yourself and think for yourself. Determine if you have that power.

 This is the aim of this rank promotion quest.

“Toru-san, Esther-san, will you challenge this rank promotion quest?” (Marie)

 The answers asked by Marie had already been decided.

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