Magic Swordsman Chapter 48: The First Dungeon

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 The next day, Esther and I departed from the east gate of Finlis along with the sunrise.

 Our destination is [Flare Light Dungeon].

“Nevertheless, Esther knew a lot about [Flair Light Dungeon].”

“I was enthusiastic that I would eventually reach D-rank. I was preparing to be given a rank promotion quest at any time.” (Esther)

 Esther knew quite a bit about the details regarding [Flare Light Dungeon].

 She had gathered information in advance on all four types of quests that change each season, from the location of the dungeon, internal structure, and the boss that appears.

I was just enthusiastic about being a D-rank adventurer this early.

“When did you collect the information?”

“It’s around the time I registered for the Adventurer’s Guild.” (Esther)

“Huh, it’s a whole lot earlier…”

“Information is the best weapon for adventurers. Besides, senior adventurers are interesting. Just listening to them is a learning experience. Maybe because I was a new adventurer, the senior adventurers were kind enough to teach me!” (Esther)


 Isn’t it because Esther was a woman rather than because she was a newcomer?

 If a male adventurer is a newcomer and a female adventurer says, “I want to know you,” everyone would be very confused.

 Anyway……. I put my hand on my chin and start to ponder.

 If our party started collecting information for the first time yesterday, would the information be collected easily?

 First, the number of adventurers in D-rank is overwhelmingly smaller than that in E-rank or F-rank.

 Also, adventurers are pretty much self-employed. Other adventurers are peers, rivals at work.

 As our party moves up to D-rank, our rivals will increase accordingly.

 How many people would be willing to give the information they have to possible future rivals “free”…

 Especially for a quest like this, information is very important.

 If our party starts collecting information, the D-rank adventurers would have priced the cleared quest information.

 And if we had no choice but to purchase the information, the probability of gaining information was 25% at most.

 It’s probably the reason why the quest that just requires going through the dungeon has a one-week grace period.

(Maybe we cleared most of the quest without knowing it?)

 I am deeply grateful to Esther, who had gathered information in advance.

 [Flare Light Dungeon] was a two-hour walk from Finlis.

 At the foot of the hill, my jaw dropped, there was the entrance to [Flare Light Dungeon].

 It looks like a crack in the earth that was born naturally, but there was a staircase just after entering the crack.

 It can never be a naturally occurring hole.

 The walls, ceilings, and floors inside were also covered with a hard material that didn’t look like normal soil.

“Toru. Again, just in case, fire is strictly prohibited in the dungeon. Never use fire magic, okay?” (Esther)

“I know”

 Esther carefully cautioned me.

 Of course, that is one of Esther’s priorities apparently.

 [Flare Light Dungeon]’s Ignition agent [Flare Light] can be obtained here.

 When you use fire magic here, you will be able to witness a scene like a big explosion at a fireworks factory in a special front-row seat. In exchange for your own life…

 So Esther is meticulously calling attention.

 Of course, I also don’t want to suffer from a dungeon explosion.

 So, even if I use magic this time, I will make it so that there will be no danger of ignition.

“By the way, there are monsters in the dungeon, right?”

“That’s right. A dungeon produces monsters. In such a small dungeon, it will only produce a certain number of monsters, it will not increase anymore. And monsters do not go out of the dungeon.
 On the other hand, if it is a large dungeon, monsters will continue to be produced, and a phenomenon where monsters escape called a stampede will occur. In cities near large dungeons, sometimes large subjugation units are formed to curb a stampede.” (Esther)

 Immediately after entering the dungeon, Esther stopped.

“Toru. Can you see the trap over there?” (Esther)

“Hmm? Ah, there is something there.”

 Esther pointed to the floor.

 At first glance, I don’t know what she’s pointing at, but when I observed it closely, the color of the floor was slightly different in only that place.

“That’s a trap.”

“That’s right. Unlike the outside, there are traps in the dungeon, so be careful.” (Esther)

 Dungeons are not natural.

 It has a dungeon core with properties similar to magic stones, and it is a creature with an ecology similar to “mushrooms” that has eroded the earth around it.

 Eargard’s general view of the dungeon is that it is a structural creature that targets humans and devises ways to prey on them once they’re inside.

 Aside from that, this trap wasn’t created by anyone, but by a dungeon.

 When you go through a dungeon, you have to pay attention to such traps at the same time as a monster’s attack.

 We avoid the trap we first discovered and proceeded to go deeper.

 Immediately discover a new trap and avoid it, but there is also another new trap…

“Hey, why are there so many traps?”

 I was quickly fed up with the number of traps that could be found just by walking after a few meters.

 I’m wondering what’s up ahead, but I can’t proceed at all because of the traps. I wanted to go further faster.

“But this is what a dungeon is like.” (Esther)

“It’s too much …”

” As far as dungeons go, I guess it’s just a matter of getting caught in one of them.”


“Usually, scouts come forward and disable the traps, but we have no scouts at our party.” (Esther)

 At our party, there are only two people, a swordsman and a swordsman who can use magic.

 Since there are no scouts, it is unavoidable that our walking pace not increase.

 Still, I am quite bothered.

 Is there a way to go faster?

“Isn’t it good Toru? This is also part of the real thrill of capturing a dungeon. It’s my first time exploring the dungeon, so let’s enjoy avoiding traps!” (Esther)

“Hmm … Hey Esther. How do scouts nullify traps?”

“That’s right. It seems that you can invalidate it by activating a trap, but I don’t know the specific method.” (Esther)

 Ways for activating can be, in the case of a pit, by deliberately stepping through the lid, the scout knows the difference from other floors clearly.

(… Yes. Then I might be able to do it!)

 I came up with an idea so I immediately knead the magical power inside my body.

“And Toru. What on earth are you going to do? Fire magic… why are you using it here!?” (Esther)

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