Magic Swordsman Chapter 49: Proceed safely and comfortably in the dungeon!

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  “And Toru. What on earth are you going to do? Fire magic… why are you using it here!?” (Esther)


“It’s okay. I don’t plan on using fire.”



 After reassuring Esther in a quick, I held her hand and braced ourselves.


 The next moment


 ――Garigarigarigari!! [T/N: Garigarigari is an onomatopoeic word for crunching, scratching, and/or grinding sounds.]


 [Air Cutter] which I have expanded the range of effect, goes down the corridor while scraping the surface of the dungeon.


 After that, in the passage where the surface was scraped, the miserable appearance of the destroyed traps was revealed.



“What, what … what was that!?” (Esther)


“When I heard that scouts neutralize traps, I wondered if I could do the same using magic.”


“How is it the same!? It’s completely different!!” (Esther)


“But didn’t I disarmed the trap properly?”


“Is there anyone who destroys an entire passage just to destroy the traps?” (Esther)



 The scout aims at the trap and nullifies it.


 However, I am not a scout, so I cannot do delicate work.


 Since I have magic.


 Carpet bombing, if I scrape the surface of the passage cleanly, so won’t all the traps be destroyed? That’s what I thought.


 And as we can see, it was a great success.



“This will go smoothly!”


“Oh … the real thrill of dungeon diving…” (Esther)



 Unlike me, who was excited when I was almost worshiping the entrance of the dungeon, Esther looked like her eyes rolled back and she became lifeless.


 As we proceeded while destroying the traps, my [Intuition] sensed the signs of a monster.


 Nodding with Esther’s eyes, I summoned my [Magic Sword].


 Several monsters appeared from behind the corridor along with scratching footsteps.


 A flock of silver wolves.


 I saw those figures and






I unsummoned the [Magic Sword] and used [Intimidation].





“Hyaun?! ” (Silver Wolves)



 Silver Wolves suddenly stopped.


 Their tails tucked and ran away to the back of the corridor in a blink of an eye.



“… Toru. Why did you let the Silver Wolves escape?” (Esther)


“No, because … isn’t it pitiful?”



 Goblins can be defeated easily, but Silver Wolves are different.


 I like small animals, so I was reluctant to take their life.


 If I don’t take their lives, it’s better for me.



“Your opponent is a monster; you know?” (Esther)


“But … I can’t help but think of Shiro who I used to keep!!”



 My eyes began to water.


 Shiro is a white fluffy dog that I picked up on the riverbed when I was young.


 Shiro was a very smart and friendly dog.


 I cherished Shiro and we grew up together.


 However, it was on a very cold snowy day in Tokyo.


 I returned home from school and found the dead body of Shiro who had already died.


 When I remember the coldness of Shiro that I hugged, I can’t help but cry.



“Oh, I understand. Don’t cry because I understand.” (Esther)


“Nah, I’m not crying!”



 With that said, I quickly wiped my eyes.



“But, Toru. Even if you drive it away, it will not be enough. Remember that you will pay for it in the future.” (Esther)


“……all right”



 For the time being, Esther seems to allow my selfish actions.


 Regaining my focus, we went deeper into the dungeon, while shaving the passage.



“… See?”


(……) (Esther)



 We reached the entrance of the dungeon boss while continuously destroying the trap. But I was pierced by Esther’s gaze.


 In front of us, there is a black door that seems to be made of iron.


 The item [Flare Light], which is the target item this time, is probably behind the door.


 However, we were stranded in front of the door.


 In front of that door



“” “” Kuun “” “”



 A horde of silver wolves was lying on the ground.


 The Silver Wolves, who continued to be under the effects of my [intimidation], lost the place to escape and was literally cornered to the far end of the corridor.


 The number was so high that there was no space to walk around the Silver Wolves.


 The silver wolves were looking up at me while flattening their ears.


 Seeing that figure, I imagine a fluffy scene where they escape one after the other. As my mind tries to escape from reality.



“Toru. Toru!” (Esther)



 But Esther doesn’t allow it.


 Looking at reality, it strongly pierced my side.



“This is what resulted from Toru’s actions. Toru should handle it responsibly.” (Esther)



 Esther’s words are ruthless, but Silver Wolves are monsters — a creature that attacks and eats humans.


 As a result of scaring them away, they have been grouped in this area, so all the responsibility lies with me.


 It’s good because we’re in the dungeon now.


 However, if this is on the ground, the silver wolf that I had let to escape may be gathering and attacking the town without me.


 I summoned the [Magic Sword] and took a step forward.


 With that alone, the Silver Wolves whined as if to say, “No more!”


 I bent over to look at a silver wolf.



“Who is the leader among you?”




“The leader!”


“Hyaun !!” (Silver Wolf Chief)



 When Toru shouted, a silver wolf stood up vigorously.


 It stood up, but its waist was completely weak.


 It was so scary that it became incontinent.


 I can’t stand seeing it.


 So I looked at the leader who puts the group together and said while using [intimidation].



“Get everyone together and stand in a row by the wall.”









 All in all, a group of silver wolves, including the leader, began lining up on the walls of the corridor, with an agility that I would have been surprised in seeing.


 They are moving their front legs quickly, but their hips are stiff.


 It’s an agile but stiff movement.


 Despite its despair, the silver wolves complied with my orders.


 If they don’t keep at it, certain death is waiting.


 It was the result of successful survival instincts.


 Thanks to the silver wolf lined up along the aisle, the obstacles to our path disappeared.



“Okay, let’s move on!”


“… No, Toru. This is weird.” (Esther)



 Esther hung her head down as Toru energetically proceeded to the innermost room.



“I’ve eliminated the obstacles, right?”


“No, it didn’t mean it that way. I meant subjugating the Silver Wolves…” (Esther)



 Esther glanced sideways at the Silver Wolf, who were hiding by the wall.


 The seen Silver Wolf reacts with “Kyaun !?”.



“Well, will I die? Is it dead!?”, as if this was the monster’s thoughts, their bodies shake in fear.

“Esther said. A dungeon basically produces a certain number of monsters, but unless it becomes a big dungeon, it will not discharge monsters to the outside. Then, the silver wolves can be spared. I think it’s a good monster.”



 As long as this monster is trapped in the dungeon, it won’t bother anyone.


 Adventurers will appear from time to time, but unlike the townspeople and villagers who normally live on the outside. I’m in the dungeon with the idea of possibly getting injured or dying, so I can’t complain if the Silver Wolves attack me.



“Uh ~~~ mu” (Esther)



 In response to my answer, Esther folded her arms and made a difficult expression.


 She’s probably wondering how to argue.


 However, my argument is hard to contradict.


It is possible to argue that “you have to kill the monsters”, but that seems to treat life lightly, and Esther’s personality may become suspect.


 However, it is also an unacceptable idea in Eargard.


 Monsters are the enemy of mankind. They are an existence that is always incompatible.


 That is the common understanding of humans who grew up in Eargard.


 However, there are a certain number of monsters that can coexist with humans.


 For example, the slime.


 A monster that is by no means a human being should not be killed indiscriminately.


 Esther, who understands the reasoning, gave up arguing against me.



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