Magic Swordsman Chapter 5: Nameless village

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 Outside the cave was a thick forest.


 Toru instinctively breathed in the air to the dense scent of wood. He touches the trees that he could not see in the city he used to live in.


 The vegetation is overgrown and the visibility is rather poor.


 But Toru knows where he should go.


 It’s a weird feeling to know where you’re heading, even though it’s a foreign place.



“Is it the memory of the previous soul?”



 The memory of the former owner was still faint.


 I tried to recall the memory.


 The memory I could recall was very faint.


 It was almost full of holes and there was no consistency.


 When I recall the memories patiently, tears suddenly spilled from my eyes.



“Ah… what? What is this?”



 Tears overflowed one after another as if the faucet had broken.


 I am neither moved nor sad.


 My body responded to something in the memory.



(To shed tears like this. What kind of sad person owned this body…)



 Waiting for the tears to stop, I arranged the information found in this body’s memory.


 First of all, this world is called “Eargard”.


 The owner of the body was named Lid.


 It turns out that Lid lived in a small rural village that has no name.


 Moreover, the reason why Lid died.


 Lid’s parents were already dead.


 Lid has lived alone since his parents were lost. Sometimes he helped farmers, but in many cases, Lid hunted in the woods and forage there.


 Lid was isolated in the village.


 The cause of isolation is his appearance.



“…A cursed child?”



 While muttering, I touched my bangs.


 The clear hair was black. In addition, my eyes are black although they are not visible to me.


 On the other hand, no one in the village has dark eyes and hair.


 Just because they had different eyes and hair color from themselves, Lid was called a “cursed boy” and separated from the villagers.


 I do not feel like going to the village as it is.


 However, my back is now covered with blood, and the fluids from the caterpillar is covering my body and clothes. I was even starting to feel a little hungry.


 Even if I leave this place for another, I should change my clothes and secure food.



“Well, I’ll be going there!”



 Life is a game you have to win to be able to live.


 Toru shoved all his fears under and headed for Lid’s estranged village.


 The village where Lid lived is a place that can be reached after 30 minutes of walking on foot.


 Surrounded by simple fences, the village was lined with twenty houses, surrounding a large house in the center.


 All the houses are made of wood and are so fragile that a strong person can break it with one tackle.


 The main product of the village is wheat.


 Villagers live here and work on the farmland outside the village.


 The men who are working are outside the village. The ones remaining are women, children, and the elderly, whose limbs do not move.



 When everyone saw me, they looked like they bit something bitter and turned their eyes away.


 The villagers quickly returned to their houses to avoid me.


 Within a minute of entering the village, every person disappeared from my sight.



“This is… terrible. Lid often worked here.”



 I made a prayer for Lid, who is no longer in the world.


 If I live here, I should leave the village within a week.


 My feet headed to Lid’s home without hesitation.


 When I entered the house that was more haphazardly made than the ones around it, I noticed a single hook and a bow and arrow.


 There is no furniture, no bed.


 It is like a vacant house, as there is almost nothing but the basic needs are there.


 There was a piece of cloth in the corner of the house.


 All the pieces are connected. It is pretty shabby for patchwork.


 Lid used this piece of cloth instead of a futon.



“Lid…you should have lived well…”



 Unknowingly, my eyes tears-up a little bit.


 I headed to a well shared by the villagers with a bucket made of more patchwork than the original bucket.


 When I made my way to the well, the villagers who have reappeared outside run back into their house to escape.



“On the contrary, their reactions are interesting…”



 Will they come and go from their homes every time they see me approach or leave?


 It is like a joke or a gag show.


 I drew water from the well a small laugh escaped from my lips at the ridiculously comical image I imagined.


 I returned home, washed my body thoroughly with the water, and changed into new clothes.



“Ah… refreshing”



 The stickiness and tackiness I felt on my back disappeared. I felt so relaxed and refreshed.


 I felt like I was alive again.


 Unfortunately, there was only one change of clothes.


 After staring at my bloody clothes for a while, I decided to leave them on.


 Lid was stockpiling meat because he lived on hunting.


 Taking a piece of dried meat hung on the ceiling, I took a bite.



“Oh, the taste is decent. I want pepper alongside it if possible?”



 It tasted quite gamy, but it is not bad.


 I bite the dried meat and throws the rest into my inventory.


 I also threw in the bow and arrows inside. I have [Magic Sword] do not need other weapons but I have no money. Of course, Lid didn’t also have any money.


 Money cannot be created from nothing. It might be terrible to Lid, but the weapons will be sold for cash.


 Even if the selling price is two coins or three, it is better than nothing.


 Having finished eating the dried meat, I looked around the whole house. Then I closed my eyes and pray.


 Instead of praying just for Lid.


 I put Lid’s thoughts into the prayer for the house and Lid’s parents who built it.



“Thank you for helping me.”





~3rd Person Perspective~


 Clement returned from the field for lunch and was frightened when he saw a familiar black-haired black-eyed boy.



“…It’s a lie” (Clement)



 The boy was a villager here, a cursed child called Lid.


 He was also the man Clement and his colleagues pushed this morning from the cliff inside the limestone cave.


 It was about 10 meters high and it should have been a cliff that is impossible to climb.


 Besides, Lid’s head was broken by the impact of the fall.


 –At least as far as Clement saw, it was supposed to be a fatal wound.


 So why is Lid wandering around this place?



“Hey, is that Lid?” (Robert)


“Why is he alive…” (Tuck)



 Robert and Tuck looked back to Clement with their mouths agape.



“Shouldn’t he be dead?” (Robert)


“Didn’t he fall from his head and bled-out?” (Tuck)


“Oh, why is he alive…?” (Robert)



 Clement and his buddies pushed Lid off the cliff because he was a cursed child.


 Black hair and black eyes bring disaster to this village. Yes, the village head said.


 In fact, since the birth of the Lid, wheat yields have declined among the villagers. In addition, the number of times the village is attacked by monsters increased.


 Clement is ignorant and does not know whether the yield is decreasing or the number of attacks by monsters is increasing.


 However, if the chief says so, there is no need to doubt.


 Whatever is wrong with the village is all Lid’s fault.


 If Lid is gone, everything will be better.


 That was the common understanding of the villagers.


 Clement and others got up for the village.


 First, they eliminated the parents of Lid, who gave birth to the cursed child.


 The crime of bringing the cursed child to the village is great.


 Let Lid’s parents pay for that in blood and their death!


 Clement and three others lure his parents to a cave that is said to contain spirits and pushed them off a cliff.


 Clement’s work on Lid’s parents quickly spread throughout the village. Nevertheless, they did not receive any blame.


 Because it is for the village.


 Justice is on their side.


 There is no mistake in their actions.


 Yes, Clement and others thought so.


 His parents were killed successfully.


 After that, only the cursed child remains.


 Clement’s group also lured Lid in the same way then knocking him off the cliff.


 Lid was bleeding from his head.


 Moreover, they thought he was dead.


 However, he now reappears before Clement and others.



“… After all that, he is truly cursed.” (Clement)



 Three of them muttered in a quivering voice.


 He will not die even if they kill him. That possibility made Clement’s heart and soul freeze.



“He’s a devil. It’s not good for him to live.” (Clement)


“Oh, this time I will kill you!” (Robert)


“Kill him and bring peace to the village!” (Tuck)



 Clement’s mood was completely that of a hero’s.


 However, is there a brave man who finds joy when killing?


 Is this the right thing to do?


 Such a question was quickly wiped out by the “voice” coming from his heart.


 Clement and his friends have set their eyes on the enemy.


 With bloodshot eyes, they head for Lid’s house.


 The door was opened all at once, and Lid was attacked by the three people.


 They lifted him and headed towards the cave.



“I have some work again from noon tomorrow. I’ll throw him away in the limestone cave.” (Clement)


“Yes” (Robert)


“Oh” (Tuck)



 Robert and Tuck hold an unconscious Lid that, while Clement leads.



“Kill” “Kill” “Kill” “Kill”

“Kill, Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!”




 Such murmuring leaked from the drooling mouths of Clement and others who rushed to the limestone cave.


 However, no one realizes what they are talking about.


 Rather than that, they were only thinking of making sure Lid is dead.


 Arriving in front of the limestone cave.


 All they have to do is drop Lid over the cliff.


 From behind Clement who was thinking of their next action,



“I wonder what I’m going to do. They are going to kill me again. I don’t ever learn.”



 He heard Lid’s voice.

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