Magic Swordsman Chapter 50: Flare Light

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When I opened the door, I found two large dogs in the room.


 The dog was about twice as big as a Silver Wolf.



“Parents of the Silver Wolves?”


“That is the Wolf Chief.” (Esther)



 Esther answered my questions while readying her sword.



“It is a D-rank monster.” (Esther)


“I understand.”



 Understand the strength of monsters in just a few short words.


 The opponents are D-rank. Both have the ability of a Rock Worm.


 I was cautious, but I still stepped into the room at the usual speed.





“Toru…” (Esther)



 The wolf chiefs bared their fangs and attacked Toru all at once.


 Then the next moment



“–eh” (Esther)



 Esther let out a surprised voice.


 Then, the sound of a wet bag echoed all over the room.


 The Wolf Chiefs who attacked that I had already been torn in halves and were dead.


 At the same time as I was being attacked, I had slashed both of them apart.



“Toru. Weren’t you unable to kill them?” (Esther)


“That is only for non-hostile dogs. It would be dangerous to leave such murderous dogs alive and lying around.”


“… I do not understand your standards.” (Esther)



 Esther suddenly held her head between her hands.


 I thought my view is clear. I decide whether or not they have murderous intent towards me.


 However, the opponent who abandons his murderous intent due to [intimidation] will be left alone.


Anything that has a murderous intent even when it is [intimidated] is an enemy.


 This is not limited to Silver Wolves.


 Goblins, if they were only affected by [intimidation] and forget about their murderous intent, I would not have to kill them that much.


The goblins were defeated and the wolf chiefs were defeated because they did not abandon their murderous intentions even if when I used [intimidation].


 Of course, small animals are to be cared for, but that is it.


 Whether or not there is a murderous intent, that standard is absolute.


 There is no salvation if you are killed because of kindness.


 Aside from that, I defeated two monsters that seemed to be dungeon bosses.


 All that remains is to find Flare Light.



“Hey, Esther, what kind of substance is Flare Light?”


“Since it was described as an undiluted solution before processing, is not it similar to a liquid?” (Esther)


“When it comes to that, is that all of it?”



 I found a liquid that slowly flowed down the wall.


 It had overflowed from the wall like sap and was slightly amber in color.


 When I approached it and sniffed it, the liquid smelled like gasoline.



“This is probably the right one.” (Esther)



 Esther took out a leather bag from her [Inventory].


 At the time of this request, it was a leather bag for a water bottle that was purchased in advance on the market.


 Pressing the mouth against the wall, we collect the liquid.



“Now, I am finally a D-rank adventurer …” (Esther)


“It is still early Esther. It will only be cleared once we reported it at the guild.”


“Yes, I know.” (Esther)



 We collected Flare Light until the leather bag was full, then we left the dungeon and quickly returned to Finlis.


 Nevertheless, at this point, we had not imagined that something wrong was happening in Finlis.




~3rd Person Perspective~


 Lily, the shop owner of the magic scroll shop Lily, sensed something wrong even while she is inside her store.


 Her intuition has been sharpened by many years of studying. Had her sense the abnormality within Finlis.


 ――What happened.


 Usually the apathetic person, Lily molded her magical power and performed a non-attribute magic.



[Search – Enemy] [Range Enhancement] …!?” (Lily)



 At that moment, Lily could not utter a single word.


 The non-attribute magic used is [Search] that focuses on [enemy] and [Enhancement] that expands the spell’s range of effect.


Immediately after activating [Search], Lily felt a great deal of hostility.


 It is not just part of the city. It is within the entirety of Finlis!



“What is this?” (Lily)



 It was a moment when she was completely stunned.


 Even with this, Lily has lived for many years compared to humans.


 Before opening the store, Lily was working as an adventurer to improve her magic skills. Thanks to this, her [magic] skill has reached Lv6, which is called a special level, and she has become an unrivaled magic-user in Finlis.


 No matter what kind of opponent it was, she had the pride that she could defeat them by using magic.



“… I will not let even one of your fingers touch my shop.” (Lily)



 Lily calmed down and took out her cane from under the counter.


 She went out of the store, with her plain cane with no lavish decorations just enormous magical power.


 There was a picture of hell.


 Lily had never seen a sight before.


 A large number of silver wolves are running around the city of Finlis.


 The people who run away are hunted down by Silver Wolves one after another and are killed.


 The cobblestones of Finlis was already dyed bright red.


 She was quite surprised by the scene. Still, Lily uses the Air cutter to cut through the visible silver wolf one after another.


 Doing her best not injure anyone being chased or attacked.


 Defeating only the silver wolves with unrivaled spell control.





“…” (Lily)



 With Lily’s power alone, it is like dropping water on a burning stone.


 The Silver Wolves that are inside Finlis is too outrageous to count.


 It beginner magic would barely make any difference if you use them


 Naturally, Lily has the ability to wipe out a large number of Silver Wolves at once.


 However, if she does that, the city and people will not be safe from her spell.


 Defeating the Silver Wolves while destroying the city and killing its inhabitants is the worst ending.


 Of course, she can also use large-scale magic that only targets the Silver Wolves.


 However, it takes a considerable amount of time to cast and mold her mana to activate it.


 The intelligence of monsters is lower than that of humans, but they are not stupid.


 They are sensitive to those who are planning to do harm to them. If Lily tries to use large-scale magic, there will always be monsters that would interfere while she chants.


 Large-scale magic cannot be used without someone guarding Lily.


 For Lily, the current situation was like fighting with her hands tied.


 At worst, she would only be able to save her store.


 Therefore, Lily stands in front of her store and defeats all the Silver Wolfs with the determination to make sure none would pass.


 Meanwhile, she heard a loud voice.



“Good luck everyone! The power of adventurers is what is needed for this very day!” (Luka)



 The cheerful voice belonged to the C-rank adventurer Luka.


 Lily knows Luka very well.


 She is a talented mace user who has three attributes: light, water, and non-attribute.


 She was at a party around the city well.


 The group of adventurers is grouped together each has a sword drawn.



“We will protect your loved ones and your precious city with our power! In the name of Forcels, the god of justice, let’s drop an iron gavel to these evil monsters!” (Luka)


“Oh-oh!” (Finlis’ Adventurers)



 When Luka activated the Intermediate Judgement Technique [Judgement – Call to Arms], the adventurers’ fighting spirit rose all at once.


 Adventurers began to defeat Silver Wolves without minding the risks.


 That should be fine; Silver Wolves are E-rank monsters.


 If their status and fighting spirit are raised, it is an opponent who can be defeated even by F-rankers.


 Nevertheless, there is a boundary where quantity can overcome quality.


 The extraordinary numbers of monsters made the adventurer’s counterattack not as effective as they hoped.


 Luka is watching the battles’ situation by the well.


 While often shouting out instructions, she is simultaneously subduing monsters and rescuing citizens.


 She was showing the heights of being a C-rank adventurer.



“Hmm … it is working out better. I am relieved.” (Lily)



 The tide is changing due to the strenuous battle with Luka and the adventurers.


 At this rate, Finlis will not fall.


 Lily was convinced at that moment, but when she saw a Silver Wolf that had been cut using [Air Cutter], she noticed something.


 An amber liquid spilled out of the Silver Wolf’s stomach.


 Seeing the color, Lily suddenly had a bad feeling.



(That is from… No way …) (Lily)



 An answer appeared from Lily’s memory, before that–,


 ――Doon! [T/N: Explosion]



 The air around Finlis howled and shook.



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