Magic Swordsman Chapter 51: Miracle of Finlis

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T/N: In case you might be confused, the usual perspective is Toru’s (MC) like in most of my translations. I would put “~[somebody]’s Perspective~” otherwise. Thanks.

Now onto the chapter.



~3rd Person Perspective~


The air around Finlis howled and shook.


 The air vibrated, and at the same time, a bright red flame appeared.









 The flames exploded one after another, eventually igniting the buildings.


 It was only a moment when a fire broke out in the surrounding buildings.


 It was an unusual fire.



“Flare light !?” (Lily)



 Lily spat out while looking at the “Silver Wolf’s corpse” where the flames came.


 Flare Light which was extremely flammable filled the stomach of the Silver Wolves.


 When the number of Silver Wolves were defeated at a certain number, the fire magic used by someone ignited the flare light.


 The result is as she can see.


 The surrounding area was surrounded by a sea of fire.


 Not only the buildings but even the cobblestones splattered by flared lights are burning.


 No one can escape with this.



“Oh no, my … shop…!” (Lily)



 Lily’s shop also couldn’t escape the monster’s flames.


 The flames that burned very strongly would turn Lily’s shop into charcoal in no time.


 Lily’s store was faster to burn than other places.


 This is because the store’s product was paper magic tomes.


 Lily tried to use water magic, but most of the products in the store had already burned.


 It’s already too late.



“My… items…”



 Many of the magic tomes that she has been working hard on collecting are easily burned down.


 Lily could only watch over such a scene without any means to solve it.



“Everyone, use the water from the well! Use the water to put out the fires!!” (Luka)



 Meanwhile, Luka’s desperate shouts echoed.


 Hearing that voice, an adventurer who was confronting the monsters joins the firefighting activity one after another.


 A bucket relay extending from the well soon became a long line.


 Lily watched the scene in disbelief.


 Under Luka’s command, an adventurer takes water from the well. In one corner of the well, a bouncing creature had started to weaken.


 The creature is shaking its body wildly.


 It stretched out its tentacles as if it was asking for help.


 Lily’s thoughts, when her store was burnt were vague, but seeing the creature’s actions caught her attention.



(Is that the slime from the well? Why is it outside the well? And it’s dying…) (Lily)



“–!” (Lily)



 Lily was looking at it seriously, but she realized a certain possibility and she gasped.


 Multiple scenarios and possibilities are spinning wildly in her mind.


 Even if it was possible to happen, is it possible that “that kind of scenario” is happening right this moment? She’s filled with an overwhelming feeling of dread.


 But who would go that far?


 However, the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks it is possible.


 In the first place, it is strange that a horde of silver wolves suddenly attacked Finlis.


 Flare Light in the stomach of monsters started to invade a city that should not be easily entered by suck=h monsters.


 If such scenarios are connected and the possible causes and the movement of people are considered.


 –What is the possibility of the worst situation to happen?


 Convinced, Lily shouted in a hurry.



“Well, don’t use that well water! That’s … ku!” (Lily)



 However, the timing when Lily raised her voice was far too late.


 Lily suddenly became numb and she couldn’t even make a sound.


 At the same time, people collapsed on their knees.


 Well, water is pumped up and firefighting is being carried out on a bucket relay.


 The water thrown into the burning house evaporates due to the flames.


 The evaporated water vapor is breathed in by the people of Finlis.


 ――What if poison was thrown into the well water?


 The inhabitants of Finlis are now collapsing due to the vapors.


 Those who have lost their mobility are gradually killed by fire and the monsters.


 Whether they die by burning in flames or by being eaten by monsters, there is only one future.


 What a devilish scheme!


 Realizing the possibility of poison, Lily quickly refined her magical power in her body and increased her resistance.


 However, it is not getting neutralized at all she is continuously getting poisoned just by breathing.


 In front of the shadow of death who appeared, Lily could only clench her jaw in frustration.



(I can’t die like this…) (Lily)



 A B-rank adventurer who could defeat even a low-ranking dragon if she prepared properly would die helplessly from being eaten by silver wolves and getting burned by fire.


 What a pity.


 A drop of water suddenly fell on Lily’s cheeks.



“……Hmm?” (Lily)



 The bucket relay has already ended due to the poisoned vapors spreading.


 No one should be carrying water.



“Rain?” (Lily)



 The sky is covered by this terrible black smoke is clear. There are no signs of rain.


 So what about these water droplets?


 The answer was reflected in Lily’s eyes, which was filled with doubts.


 A boy who suddenly appeared before she knew it was pouring water from his palm toward the buildings where the fires were rising.


 When the water is being released, the burnt buildings are extinguished in a blink of an eye.



“Ah … I can’t.” (Lily)



 Most of Finlis’s buildings are made of wood.


 When a fire breaks out, it cannot be extinguished immediately even if it is doused with water.


 However, the boy’s water quickly extinguishes the fires in the buildings.



“What is… happening?” (Lily)



 There, Lily noticed that she was able to move.


 The numbness has disappeared from her body that couldn’t move before!


 Raising her body and checking her body’s senses.


 There is no doubt. Her body is cured.


 But how?


 Lily looked at her hand and her finger touches her cheek where the drops had fallen.



“… No way, God’s holy water!?” (Lily)



 Water blessed by God has various effects.


 However, using holy water does not mean that a powerful skill would work.


 The effect is only to support and improve any disadvantageous situation.


 However, the use of holy water in this scene was just at the perfect moment.


 The water’s fire extinguishing power has been raised by the effect of holy water. One by one the fires are gone.


 Also, the spreading vapors of holy water neutralized the poisonous air that covered Finlis at the same time.


 Lily’s neutralizing power overcame the poison, thanks to the clean poison-free air.


 Lily stands up and hits the stone pavement using her cane




 And the next moment.


 Dirty air was sent to the sky, and fresh air flowed into Finlis.



“… clean” (Lily)



 Taking a deep breath of the clean air made her feel much better.


 Lily is no longer completely giving in to the despair of her near-death encounter.


 Now, on the contrary, she was full of spirit, “I will survive no matter what”.


 That should be it.


 But seeing a young boy who is sprinkling so much expensive holy water in front of her, she can watch silently as a person who lived for so long and as an adventurer



(That boy’s name is surely …) (Lily)




 Lily immediately remembered and once again deeply imprinted his name on her chest.


 The only “Nonet” boy in the world.



 –named Toru.


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