Magic Swordsman Chapter 53: Dirty Water

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After using wind magic to deflect smoke on me and Esther, I ran with all my might to a point where the enemy seemed to be crowding.

 The wind magic that I applied was a spur of the moment idea at that moment.

 It is smoke, and not fire, that kills people in most fire-related disasters.

 It is dangerous to walk into the smoke-filled Finlis without taking any counter-measures.

 Then, I thought that if there was magic similar to the “air curtain” installed in Japanese buildings, it would be possible to avoid inhaling smoke to an extent.

 The method of setting a target was taken from the spell [lighting]

 All I have to do is imagine the wind moving around and activate the spell properly.

 The result is a one-shot success.

 If I imagine modern Japanese systems, magic seems to be quite successful.

 Along the way, I slashed at the Silver Wolves I found like they’re scrap paper.

 There is no fragment of the warmth that I showed in the [Flare Light Dungeon].

 That’s natural though.

 [Flare Light Dungeon]’s situation is totally different at this moment.

 The opponent attacked humans and killed humans.

 There is nothing to overlook anymore.

 As I cut the Silver Wolves, I reached the center of the city where the fire was extremely fierce.

 It was the plaza with the city well that I had visited many times before.

“Wow, this is … what should I do?”

 The signs of Silver Wolves that I used to feel has almost disappeared.

 Even the Silver Wolves were consumed by the strong blazing fire.

 What the hell is happening, not only the buildings but also the stone pavement is on fire.

 The strength of the heat is intense, and even though I am far from the fire, my skin hurts like I’m burning.

 At first, I was thinking of releasing the [water ball] with the image of a fire engine hose.

 However, the blazing fire is so strong that I cannot expect to extinguish the fire by me.

 Of course, I can produce a large amount of water with [water ball].

 However, if I try to produce a large amount of water, it will inevitably gain momentum.

 I am still uneasy about my control of the strength of my magic.

 I could imagine that I made an accident using [water ball] and wash of a huge area.

“What should I do … What should I do!?”

 I just want to avoid such a pitiful joke like a scenario that I can’t do anything just by running wildly.

 Thinking, thinking, and thinking over and over, I remembered something.

“By the way, there was a lot of water that I didn’t know where to dispose stored in my [inventory]…” [T/N: Coincidence?]

 When cleaning the Church of Nesis, I stored the accumulated water from the shelter inside my [Inventory].

 I was thinking of throwing it away somewhere, but I completely forgot.

 If you release it properly, I can extinguish the fire and reduce the volume in my [inventory].

 It’s two birds with one stone!

 As soon as I thought of it, I immediately started to discharge water from my [Inventory].

When I opened my [inventory], water flowed from inside.

 At first, it seemed that water was coming out of a faucet, but when I imagined the shape of the opening of [inventory] changing, the momentum of water coming out increased and it spread far and wide.

“The effect is too weak if it’s like this, so let’s use wind magic to make the water droplets spread far away …”

 Using [Air Cutter] with a dull blade, the dirty water collected at the Church of Nesis – the dirty water was spread out.

 Controlling it was difficult at first but it can now be manipulated at will.

 The dirty water extinguishes the fire in no time.

 I didn’t know what the reason was, but anything is fine as long as the fire goes out.

“Gobu Gobu Gobu ♪”

 While whistling, I kept on releasing the dirty water.

 Even a building with a raging fire can be extinguished easily by pouring water on it, so I was having quite a fun time.

“Oh, you are …” (Voice)

 A memorable voice caught my ear as I was releasing a large amount of dirty water.

 As I turned around while extinguishing the fire, Luka, a C-rank adventurer, was near the well.

“Why are you here!?” (Luka)

“Why …”

 Is it so surprising? I tilted my head in confusion.

 But I pondered again.

 I’m sure that inferiors are usually thinking about saving themselves because they are weak and rarely at the forefront.

(I’m a kind person…)

“If Finlis is in trouble, I can’t keep my silence, because I’m an adventurer.”

“… Yes, that’s right.” (Luka)

 When the dirty water disappeared from my [inventory] and the firefighting activity was completed, a voice was suddenly called from behind me.

“Toru!” (Lily)

“… Lily-san?”

 Behind me stood Lily with a large cane that was a bit disproportionate to her small stature.

 It’s like someone’s child who is playing with her parents’ weapons.

“Toru, how did you get that water?” (Lily)

“Uh!? Ah, that is …”

 When Lily asked about the identity of the dirty water, cold sweat ran down my spine.

 –Disgusting. This is very bad!!

 Maybe Lily is aware that I was using dirty water?

 Is it terrible to use dirty water for firefighting if you’re about to dispose of any way in a near-death and dangerous situation?

 “She might think I’m making an excuse to dispose of dirty water”, and while cold sweat beads on my back, I wonder how to answer.

“Are you okay with using a lot of it?” (Lily)

“It’s okay, I didn’t need it.”

“eh?” (Lily)


 My answer made Lily stiff.

(After all, Lily knows that I was disposing of dirty water…)

 I thought about it and decided to speak honestly.

“I’m sorry. Actually, there were so many of it, I was wondering where to throw them away.”

“That’s a waste!” (Lily)


“Hmm?” (Lily)

 Something isn’t right.

 However, I don’t know what is going on.

 For the time being, it turned out that Lily doesn’t know about my disposal of dirty water.

 So I decided to deceive her with all my might.

(Maybe it’s okay now. It’s still at the right moment!)

“What are you doing Lily in such a place?”

“–Yes, the monsters. Toru, help me.” (Lily)

“If I can do it with my abilities”

 I replied to Lily’s serious look without any hesitation.

 I am an Inferior. I know people don’t usually rely on me.

 But if I am seriously asked for help, I can’t help but answer their wishes.

“I will busy chanting okay.” (Lily)

“I understand.”

 I gave my affirmative to Lily’s words.

I summon my [Magic Sword] and prepared for the attack of Silver Wolves.

 The eyes of the two who saw the [magic sword] were surprised.

 And in the next moment, Luka held her iron mace and watched her surroundings, and Lily held her cane in front of her.

“I wish–.
 From beyond time and eternity, illuminate the dark, uncover and pierce the darkness.
 The foolish ones who are dyed in evil and do evil. And the beings who fell into the abyss.
 With the power of your grand radiance, drop the hammer of vengeance from the heavens! “

 Lily’s wand, which she held up in front, began to float due to the saturated magical power.

 The cane gradually radiates white light.

 The light that falls from the tip of the wand draws a magic square under Lily’s feet.

 When the magic square was completed, Lily shouted loud.

“[Endless Bullets of Light – Holy Rain]” (Lily)

 From Lily’s wand, the strong light concentrated at the tip of the cane and shot towards the heavens.

 When the light has reached a certain height, it stopped.

 Then the light burst instantly, forming many bullets that rained on the ground.

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