Magic Swordsman Chapter 54: Status Check

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 Light falls on the ground as if it were raining.


 The light avoided people, avoided buildings, and fell only on the monsters.


 The silver wolf who was targeted by the spell didn’t have the time to scream, but it became a stain on the cobblestone road one after another.



“This is… Limitless Lily. The power of a super high-class magician, isn’t it?” (Luka)



 Luka muttered while looking at the spell that was activated.


 The magic used by Lily is the highest level of magic that can be activated at Magic Art level 5.


 From there, Lily used multiple spells.



[Search – Enemy Monsters] [Range Enhancement – City of Finlis].


 Defeating all the monsters she has grasped with pinpoint accuracy.


 It’s magic that can destroy an army by itself in a war.


 It was the ultimate magic that could only be done by a super high-class magician.


 This was Lily’s strongest trump card.


 Lily was so angry that she could easily stop the use of her trump card.


 Her store was burned and all its contents were burned.


 Lily lost almost everything she got in the demon attack.


 The anger seemed unlikely to subside unless all the Silver Wolfs that attacked Finlis were erased with her own hands.


 There is probably no monster that can avoid the light bullets that fall at the speed of light.


After the end of [Holy Rain], the signs of monsters suddenly disappeared from Finlis.



“… Wow”



 I was watching the whole performance of the spell, could only mutter in disbelief and awe.


 Lily’s magic was so fierce that I thought the magic I was using was child’s play.


 At the same time, I began to think.



(I want to use this magic!!)



 From the magical power and techniques used, I don’t think I can use it overnight.


 However, I want to be able to use this magic eventually.



“Because I’m an Inferior, it may not be possible…”



 The farther the goal is, the better.


 The magic used by Lily would become my goal for the future.



“Toru. Thanks.” (Lily)



 Lily fell to the ground.



“What happened, Lily!?”


“Magic power, I’ve used too much…. I can’t move.” (Lily)


“Ah, uh, I see.”



 If I used that kind of large-scale magic.


 It is not a normal human being’s ability to just use it consequence-free.



“Toru-san. Were all the monsters defeated by Lily-san?” (Luka)


“The signs of monsters disappeared all at once, so maybe that’s the case.”


“Then, can I leave you here?” (Luka)


“It’s good, but what’s wrong?”


“I want to see the Temple of Forcels.” (Luka)



 The churches in Finlis also acts as a shelter in case of an enemy attack.


 Luka is a follower of Forcels. She will probably go to confirm the safety of the residents who have evacuated to the underground shelter of the Church of Forcels.



“I see, I understand.”


“Thank you.” (Luka)



 I nodded and said goodbye to Luka.






 I used magic while seeing off Luka’s back.


[Muscle Enhancement] [Auditory Enhancement] [Olfactory Enhancement].



 The fire has been extinguished, and the sign of Silver Wolves have disappeared.


 However, there may still be some danger.


 I’m fine, but there is Lily who can’t move from here.


 I wanted to avoid the situation where Lily was injured because she was late in responding to the situation.


 Anytime, anything, come on!


 I sharpened my consciousness by enhancing my senses.



“Hmm? This smell is … Silver Wolf?”



 Toru’s keen sense of smell caught a slight change.


 However, he immediately concludes that it is my fault.


 There are too many types of smells in this place.


 I’m sure it’s just “mixed”.



“So Lily, can you tell me what happened at Finlis from the beginning?”


“U …” (Lily)



 Propping Lily up, who is exhausted due to lack of magical power, I asked her to give me the gist of the incident.



“Toru, you’re safe!” (Esther)


“Esther, you too”



 Shortly after Luka left, Esther joined me.


 She has no dirt on her. It seems that the wind magic used by me protected her exactly as I hoped.



“Is the magic just before Lily’s?” (Esther)




“Anyway, I was surprised because it was sudden. I was prepared to die because a silver wolf that was hit by the spell flew away.” (Esther)



 Lily’s targeting was accurate so that she wouldn’t hit humans.


 But for those who don’t know it, the situation must have made them scared for their lives.


 Of course, I was also surprised at first, but it was the elf Lily who used magic.


 I did not doubt my survival because of the trust and belief that she was a great elven magician.



“By the way, Toru. Why is Lily lying down? Did she get hurt?” (Esther)


“No, I can’t move because I use too much magical power.” (Lily)


“Oh, I see. With that kind of magic, Lily can’t move. I know it’s painful, but why is Lily crying?” (Esther)


“Ah, yeah, that’s because of the lack of magical power is tough.” (Lily)



 Haha, I smiled released a dry laugh.


 No matter how much I was worried about the situation at the time of the incident, I saw an overwhelmed Lily, who was exhausted.


 Oh, God of salvation …, Lily is crying and clinging to Esther’s leg.


 Seeing Lily in such a state, Esther turns her cold gaze at me.



“… Toru. What did you do to Lily?” (Esther)


“I did not do anything. I really did not do anything, right?”



 I shook my head in a hurry to dispel the muddy, pitch-black atmosphere.


 –The immediate crisis is over.


 Next is the time to think about the answer to the question we both delayed.



“By the way, Esther, did you find out what the monster’s invasion route was?”


“No, as far as I can see, there was nothing wrong with the outer wall.” (Esther)


“Then, there is no entrance that comes in from the outside.”


“But I haven’t looked around everything. Maybe there’s a hole somewhere in the wall.” (Esther)





 The outer wall of Finlis is more than 5 meters wide.


 It is unlikely they were defeated by a monster like Silver Wolf.


 First, if the monster is going to dig a hole, you’ll notice someone who looks around.



“Someone may have made a hole and invited the Silver Wolf.”


“Still, there is a possibility that someone will find out while making a hole.”



 A flock of silver wolves suddenly appeared in Finlis.


 If you wait outside the wall, no one will have been unaware.



“Speaking of Lily, it seems that Silver Wolf suddenly appeared.”



 I also passed on the information I heard from Lily to Esther.


 Esther snorts in disbelief with her arms folded.



“It seems that the point is that it suddenly appeared.” (Esther)


“I’m also worried that the silver wolf’s stomach was filled with flare light.”


“That’s right. It’s hard to believe, but this doesn’t seem to be just any monster raid.” (Esther)


“What is it then…”



 [Thought Acceleration], which speeds up mental processes at high speed, derived a certain answer from the pieces of information.


 Considering the answer, I didn’t think it wasn’t wrong.



“Hey, Tor. Where are you going?” (Esther)


“Yeah, I’m a little worried. Later Esther and Lily.”


“Oh, oh. Toru. There may still be monsters in the city. Be careful.” (Esther)


“Thank you. You too, be careful.”




 I raised his hand and waved to Esther before I rushed to my destination.


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