Magic Swordsman Chapter 55: Conquer the Sewer

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I went to the Church of Nesis.



“No way to get here in one try…”



 Compared to the last time it took almost half a day to get here, I arrived quite easily.


 Something like the blessing of misdirection that covered this church has stopped for now.


 I felt many signs of life from inside the church.


 I slowly walked up to the church.


 When I gently opened the door, I saw the same interior as last time.


 However, unlike the last time, there are many footprints on the floor.


 There are many footprints, but no human figure.



“Oh, right…”



 Seeing the footprint, I was convinced.



“Everyone will use it soon, so keep every corner clean!” (Nesis)



 Nesis is the god of fate.


 Knowing this future, she made a “request” to me and my companions.


 In anticipation that the inhabitants of Finlis will use this temple when Finlis is in trouble…



“If you knew it, you could have told me from the beginning.”



 However, it is possible that the future would change if she told me.


 That is why Nesis did not tell me.


 Convinced by that, I opened the lid on the floor using the [magic sword].



“Excuse me. Are you all okay?”



 I could see the depths of the shelter, thanks to the light from [Lighting] that someone might have used.


 Many people were huddling close to the underground shelter.


 The people were scared when I opened the lid, but when they found out that it was a human being who opened it, they took a sigh of relief.


 When I went down the stairs, one of the evacuees, a middle-aged man, approached.



“You are uh …” (Oji-san)


“I am an adventurer, Toru.”


“Toru-kun. What happened outside?” (Oji-san)


“Oh, it is over. We have put out the fire and killed most of the monsters. All we have to do is check if any surviving monsters are lurking.”


“That is good!” (Evacuees)



 When I told the outside situation, a voice of joy suddenly rose inside the shelter.


 Some are hugging each other and weeping.


 I headed to a certain wall, moving between the evacuated people.


 It is an ordinary wall. However, I can see a few lines on the wall.


 This wall was previously destroyed when I was cleaning.



“Excuse me, everyone. Can you go up to the surface?”


“Hmm, what do you mean? Is not it completely safe yet?” (Evacuee)


“Yes, but I think it is okay if you do not leave the church premises.”


“But …” (Evacuee)


“This is the Church of Nesis. As long as you stay in the church, the god of fate Nesis will prevent the monsters from attacking you.”



 In particular, this church is a place that most people could not reach before the turmoil.


 If she fiddles with destiny, it should not be so hard for monsters to get lost and not reach the church.


 While I persuaded them, I felt a faint thought saying, “What are you saying?”


 In that white space, Nesis may have some of the complaints, but I did not know about that.


 Since she forced the title of [Nesis’ servant] to me, I would like to receive at least the “compensation” to deceive using the will of God.


 Following my persuasion, the evacuated residents began to move to the ground.


 I closed the lid to confirm that all the inhabitants have headed to the ground.






 I summoned the [Magic Sword] and held it in front of the wall.



(Sorry, Nesis-san. I will have to break the wall.)



“Yes, yes, that is fine. Please fix it later.” (Nesis probably)


 I felt that such a thought creeps into my mind.


 For some reason, I could imagine her waving her hands while snacking at the potato chips, but it was probably because of my impression.


 I immediately swung the [Magic Sword] down toward the wall because I received the approval of God.


 –Soo. [T/N: Sound of wind blowing]


 The magic sword cut through the wall without sound.


 I quickly put my hand on the wall and gently laid it on the floor so it would not break.


 Beyond the wall is the same underground waterway as last time.


 Touching the air in it, I was convinced.



“After all, Silver Wolves probably came in from here.”



 I felt sensed the smell of silver wolves mixed in the air.


 I would not have noticed it in normal times. However, I am currently using [Olfactory Enhancement]


 Even the slightest odor does not miss my enhanced senses.








Because of [Olfactory Enhancement] I also got quite the whiff of sewage, and I was in agony for a while.


 The smell was so terrible. My nose is about to fall off.


 I endured it until my nose finally got used to it.


 I look around the waterways, tearful, searching left and right, and focusing on my sense of smell.


 The smell of silver wolf drifts along with the terrible smell of sewage.



“This the one”



 The strongest odor was in the downstream direction of the sewage.


 In that direction, I started walking.


 For sewage, there is a passage in the waterway where sewage flows, where people who may be doing maintenance can walk.


 I cast [Lighting] on my palm and move forward quickly.


 As I proceeded through the sewer, where only the sound of flowing water echoed, I found a person wearing a white habit.



“Um, Luka-san?”


“Oh, is it Toru?” (Luka)



 The woman who looked back was Luka, a C-rank adventurer.


 A white habit engraved with the Holy Mark of Forcels and a dagger on her waist.



“Why is Luka here?”


“That is my line. Why is Toru here?” (Luka)


“I thought the sewer was the most probable route for Silver Wolves to enter, so I came in from the basement of the Church of Nesis.”


“That is right. Actually … when I returned to the Forcels Church, all the evacuated residents were killed by Silver Wolves.” (Luka)



 As I remembered the situation at that time, Luka looked up and held herself with both hands.


 As a result, the shape of her body is exposed.


 It was a fascinating curve that would be eye-catching for any normal man, but I was only looking at Luka’s face.



“When I examined the church, I noticed that there was a big hole in the basement. I thought it might be the invasion route of Silver Wolf, so I came to explore it.” (Luka)


“Is that so?”



 Imagining the tragedy in the church, my brow wrinkled in frustration.


 If I had not repaired the walls during the cleaning, the same could have happened at the Church of Nesis.



“By the way, Luka-san, I have one question to ask.”


“What is it?” (Luka)


“Why does Luka smell like Silver Wolf?”



 From the time I was in the common well, I felt the smell of silver wolf from Luka.


 I have always been interested in it.


 Did the smell come from during the battle?


 From Lily’s story, I heard that Luka was always giving instructions to adventurers.


 Also, she is not currently wet with the blood of the monsters.


 She has a title, Bloody Saint.


 That means she was not fighting monsters directly.


 She should not have the smell of Silver Wolf sticking to her body.



“It is terrible to smell a woman. It is wartime now. I do not know where and what kind of smell you smelled.” (Luka)


“That is right. Let’s change the topic.”



 I asked with my body lowered so that I could move at any time.



“Why does Luka wear a dagger?”


“…eh?” (Luka)


“Your specialty, called Bloody Saint Luka, should have been a mace.”



 Adventurers value their weapons.


 Because it is a tool, you entrusted your life to.


 Whether or not you have that weapon can make a difference between life and death in battle.


 I do not know if it is normal, or if it is unusual. Nevertheless, you cannot just easily change your favorite weapon.


 However, Luka has a dagger on her waist instead of her favorite weapon, a Mace.


 The enemy would have invaded through this area, even though she was stepping into the sewer.


 It was strange to think that an adventurer who had been using a single mace up to now suddenly changed her weapon.



“Who are you?”

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