Magic Swordsman Chapter 57: Return from Sewers

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(Well, the werewolf was quite strong)



 I was blown away earlier, I aimed at its heart using the [Magic Sword]’s second form from a distance, but the arrow hit the shoulder instead.


 Just a few moments before the arrow escaped the darkness. The werewolf was extremely skillful to avoid fatal injuries.


 In addition to that my attacks were continuously avoided.


 Every move has a purpose and the attacks were carefully calculated.


 Werewolves, who make sophisticated attacks that go beyond just turning around with force, were overwhelmed by the short two-week period of being in battle.


 It is poor as it is.


 Immediately after being blown backward, Toru immediately acquired a new [impersonation] skill.


[Mimicry] is a skill that imitates a target object.


 With this, I can copy the movement of my target.


 What is currently lacking in me is the ability to execute my past combat experience during another fight.


 I thought that the execution of my plans would be supplemented by the [impersonation] skill.



“Look and steal.”



 I was executing the martial arts knowledge that has been passed down from ancient times using the skills and confronted the werewolf again.


 From there, I fought with monsters and blades several times, felt that I had accumulated an enormous amount of combat experience unlike never before.


[Mimicry] stole the opponent’s movement, and I immediately used the stolen movement to enhance my movement.



“Even if it doesn’t seem to be usable at first glance, there may actually have effective uses.”


(Wow. That was exactly what Nesis said)



After acquiring [impersonation], the difference between mine and the Werewolf’s experience fills up in a blink of an eye.


 I suddenly overtook the werewolf in an attack that slashed its wrist.



“Eargard is a scary place having such a type of monster wandering…”



 While I lived in Japan. I would have never seen the opponent’s attack and would be torn into eight pieces.


 Such monsters live, but some humans can defeat such monsters.


 With that in mind, I lose my confidence in the chance of living a “normal life” in Eargard.



“I was wondering if I was a little stronger, but I’m still not… I have to work harder!”



 Become an ordinary person that can defeat a werewolf normally! I balled my fists in determination.



“—that isn’t what I came here for! I have to chase after Luka !!”



 I remembered my original purpose and rushed to the exit of the sewer where Luka-san had left.





“Esther, I’m back”


“Oh, Toru, welcome back-what is that!?” (Esther)



 I returned by passing through the well. And Esther looked scared when she saw me.


 I was led here by the sewers when I followed Luka-san


 The sewer was connected to a sewage purification pond outside Finlis.


 From the purification pond, the only thing that could be felt was the countless signs of slimes floating in the po-yon pond. [T/N: Poyon is the name of the pond probably named after the sounds associated with slimes bouncing around.]


 While fighting the werewolf, Luka-san was able to escape and cover more distance.


 The entrance to the sewer had iron bars to prevent monsters from entering and people from going through.


 However, the iron bars were distorted by force, and there was a gap that a small human could pass through.


 A large number of Silver Wolfs came in through here.


 Turning back the way I had no choice but to return, I returned to the surface, dragging the corpse of the werewolf.



“It seems that this is a werewolf, but I thought that the material would sell well, so I brought it with me.”


“Wow, wow … werewolf!? That’s right …” (Esther)


“Hmm, definitely a werewolf.” (Lily)



 In contrast to the astonished Esther, Lily just inspected and confirmed it.



“Oh, Lily, is it okay for you to be standing up?” (Esther)


“It’s okay. That’s right, he did kill it just now.” (Lily)



 What Lily refers to as “just now” is that I asked her for the details of the incident.


 Even if I had to shake Lily to get information out of her, I would still be unable to track down Luka.


 It was a necessary sacrifice if you will.


 –even though I ended up missing Luka.


 In return, Lily hit my upper arm with her cane.


 It hurts.



“Well, both of you. Why are you both so calm? It’s a werewolf, a werewolf!” (Esther)


“Yeah, it’s a werewolf.”


“Werewolf. No doubt.” (Lily)


“–It’s not! Werewolves are a C-ranked monster! How did Toru defeat it!?” (Esther)


“Um … normally?”



 I replied to Esther, who was overreacting.


 I thought about it for a moment, but I could only say that I defeated it normally.


 Upon hearing my answer, Esther’s shoulders slumped.



“What are you surprised at? A werewolf can be one shot from a distance with using [Flare]” (Lily)


“Ah, that’s right, yeah … it’s amazing, it’s amazing.”



 Esther’s eyes are becoming more dead fish-like.



(Ah no, these people. They are truly out of the standard.) (Esther)


“Aside from that, the fact that there is a werewolf here means that this is the mastermind that controlled the silver wolves.” (Lily)


“Is that so?”


“Oh. Because demons have a habit of following the instructions of strong individuals. You can be sure that the werewolf gathered the silver wolves and attacked Finlis. But I don’t know why the werewolf did that … ….

 For now, take a werewolf and report to the Adventurer’s Guild. You may know something there.” (Esther)


“Yeah, that’s right.”



 I also wanted to report to the guild.


 Following Esther’s suggestion, we headed for the Adventurer’s Guild.




~Marie’s Perspective~

 The Adventurer’s Guild was crowded with fleeing civilians and adventurers reporting.


 Under the pressure of people who seemed ready to leap over the counter, the receptionists are pale and grey, with fatigue written on their faces.


 Under such circumstances, I don’t let go of my normal business smile and handle each person carefully.


 No matter how difficult the situation, it is the adventurers and the victims of the general public who are really having it really hard.


 Therefore, it is my personal belief that we receptionists who just stand in the safest place should not make any complaints.


 Then suddenly, the crowd parted way from the entrance to the reception while I was working.


 The hustle and bustle that made me want to close my ears were silenced. That’s when I noticed.



“… Well, it’s Toru and Esther?” (Marie)



 The other end of the split crowd. Standing at the entrance were the new adventurers Toru and Esther.


 Toru was taking a rank-up test the other day.


 Did they come to the report? I thought.


 However, that alone cannot make the guild quiet.


 I stared at them and noticed the cause of the silence.



“That is … a werewolf !?” (Marie)



 The moment I saw the monster’s corpse, I left the counter and the on-going work on hand.


 It’s unclear why they brought a werewolf’s corpse here.


 But my receptionist’s intuition is telling me that they must have brought the source of the turmoil.


 Then there is only one thing to do.



“Toru-san, Esther-san, come with me!” (Marie)



 I immediately opened a private room and arranged an area for them to make a report.

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