Magic Swordsman Chapter 58: Guild Master

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 After returning to Finlis, we reported the events leading to the present to Marie and then took out the Flare Light in the leather bag.


“Marie-san, this is the requested item for the rank-up test. Please check it.”


“Oh, yes…” (Marie)



 At first, Marie seems enthusiastic about writing my words on paper, but the movement of the pen scribbling on the paper from the middle of the report slowed down, and it stopped completely after the end of the werewolf subjugation.



(Marie, are you tired?) (Toru)



 I was thinking about how Marie was, but I couldn’t read what she was thinking.


 Marie opens the mouth of the water bottle lightly and sniffs the inside.



“Yes, it’s definitely a normal Flare Light solution.” (Marie)


“Okay, this is it you’re a D-ranker, Esther!”


“Ah, by the way, Toru-san was just an E-ranker. I forgot because you could defeat a Queen Rock worm and Werewolf …” (Marie)


“I understand that feeling painfully!” (Esther)



 Esther squeezed Marie’s hand, who seemed to be white as a sheet, with tears in her eyes.



“Regarding promotion to D-rank, the reception work is currently flooded, so is it okay to promote you at a later date?” (Marie)


“Yes, that’s fine.” (Esther)


“Thank you. By the way, as you said earlier–” (Marie)



 There, Marie corrected her posture and turned to face us.



“Are you certain about the information that Luka is the culprit?” (Marie)


“She also admitted it, so I think there is no doubt.”


“I see. I’m overwhelmed with this matter. I’ll report it to the Guild Master at once. May I keep the body of the werewolf you brought here for the time being?” (Marie)


“Sure. Go ahead”


“Thank you. I’ve talked about it here, but please don’t say anything outside.” (Marie)



 Marie bowed deeply.


 There is a reason she does it this way.


 Luka’s actions do more than just discredit her standing as an adventurer.


 This is an incident that led to another issue on the reliability of the guild, which promoted Luka to C-rank.


 The guild’s credibility has been severely damaged, especially in the case of Philip.


 Even if Luka was manipulated by someone, the people wouldn’t let go of their pursuit of the Adventurer’s Guild.


 Until a response is decided, it is not an option to reveal that Luka is the culprit.





 The reconstruction of Finlis began the day after the remnants of the monsters were processed and the fire was confirmed to be completely extinguished.



“Even if it breaks, you can fix it! As long as you’re alive.”


 The residents of Finlis were singing songs and cheerfully cleaning up the rubble.


 We joined the residents and helped with the removal of the debris.


 At first, it was carried by hand, but it became annoying after a while, and I stored the rubble in the [Inventory].


If you find out that I have [Inventory], I may encounter some troubles.


 However, I couldn’t care about keeping [Inventory] hidden in front of the people who were looking forward and working hard even though their houses were messed up.


 Thanks to my use of [Inventory], the debris removal work was completed in no time.


 Residents hit my back with gratitude.


“I was saved” “You’re quite capable for someone young” “Thanks to you, my house will be rebuilt sooner”


 Thank you, thank you, thank you…….


 I was probably weeping at the heartfelt words of gratitude.


 It was really good to take the risk and use the [Inventory].


 After the rubble was removed, my party was summoned by the Adventurer’s Guild, in quite a timely manner.




 We were taken upstairs in the guild.


 This is my first experience since I came to the guild.


 I was excited and “oohing” as we passed through the door that was off-limits to anyone other than the people involved.



“I’m nervous”


“Even Toru can get nervous.” (Esther)


“That’s right.”



 A normal citizen.


 When I meet a person in power, I feel more nervous than confronting a monster.


 Marie took us to the front of a door with a geometric pattern.


 Just by the looks of it, you can see that it is not just any normal person inside. It was a pretty amazing looking door.


—*knock* * knock * * knock *.


 Marie banged a dragon-shaped knocker attached to the door.



“I’m Marie at the reception. May we enter?” (Marie)


“Sure go ahead” (Voice)



 From the other side of the door, I heard a clear male voice.


 Contrary to the person’s voice quality, I felt an unusual feeling of intimidation, and my spine quivered.


 It seems that Esther was also intimidated. She is stuck with a strong presence.



“Then, Toru-san and Esther-san. Please in the room.” (Voice)


“Ah, yes.”



 The inside of the room was a quaint room like a principal’s room.


 There are cabinets, sofas, and tables, and the walls are decorated with framed figures.


 The innermost part of the room.


 There was a slim man across the big table.


 A young man with a graceful appearance.


 However, contrary to his appearance, the power stirring inside was quite vicious.



“Toru-kun, Esther-kun. Nice to meet you. I’m Aaron Dilmut, the guild master of Finlis. Nice to meet you.” (Aaron)



 The guy – Aaron smiled with a friendly smile.


 The reason why I can feel the power behind that smile is probably that the other party is the guild master.


 His green eyes seem to be looking through everything I am.


 I regained myself before being swallowed by the presence of the other party.



“Nice to meet you. I’m currently an E-ranker, Toru.”


“Wow, I’m Esther … I’m also an E-ranker.”


“Okay, I’ll make this quick. I’ve got a job to do and you’ve got a job to do. Now, the city isn’t exactly hospitable in the best of times, but we need to have a good time and talk long enough for the guild to throw stones at us for working too hard. In fact, we’re doing our best to live our lives every day, so a little sabotage is acceptable.” (Aaron)


“Ahem! Master?” (Marie)



 While saying those words briefly, he went off-topic.


 Aaron smiled bitterly at Marie clearing her throat.



“Oops, excuse me. It’s my habit.” (Aaron)



 It took about a few tens of seconds of us just meeting each other, but I feel that I could understand his character.



“Now, let’s get down to business. First, let’s talk about Luka’s case. I’ve told the Lord of Finlis about her in private. It’s just that it is an incident after another incident. If this gets out, Finlis’ Adventurer’s Guild will fall apart. That would not be good for Finlis. Therefore, I will have the information sealed for now.” (Aaron)




“Yes. You guys haven’t seen anything and you don’t know anything. Okay?” (Aaron)



 Aaron said a word asking for confirmation, but it was pretty much an order.


 Indescribable pressure can be felt from his eyes.



“Well, I can understand why you don’t agree. Luka’s problem is the guild’s problem. The guild should be responsible for it, there is no need for you guys to be in this situation. I want you to think of it as just a forgettable matter. Just think about it.” (Aaron)




“Good for you to be honest. In fact, I’d just like to put this whole thing behind me. After what happened to Philip, right? I cursed all six of the gods in Eargard for being the guild master at this moment.” (Aaron)


“Ahem!” (Marie)



 Aaron’s shoulders slumped at Marie who once again cleared her throat.



(What do you think of the guild master being reprimanded by the receptionist?) (Aaron)



 Yes, his eyes are asking me that.


 However, I pretended not to notice the question.



“Then next. This is a topic that is directly related to you.” (Aaron)


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