Magic Swordsman Chapter 61: Conspiracy, Assassination

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“…Toru!?” (Esther)



 Immediately I switched to its bow form.


 Without even pausing, my body moved and quickly pulled the strings and released it.






 A transparent black arrow pierced the stone wall of the Marquis’s mansion.



“Toru! What the heck are you doing? This is the Marquis’ mansion!” (Esther)


“Esther, let’s go.”



 I now knew who this presence is so I urged Esther, my voice low and serious.



“Where are you going?” (Esther)


“To the place where the enemy is.”




~3rd Person Perspective~



 After meeting with the adventurers. Thomas walked towards the office.


 The adventurer he met earlier said something ridiculous as a reward.



“A house… out of all the things, he wants a house …” (Thomas)



 Finlis is presently short of vacant houses, partly because it was just after a monster stampede and a large fire.


 As a result, the merchants raised the price of the houses.


 Previously “the most basic house” could be bought with 10 gold coins.


 With that price, they can pretty much readily give one.


 However, the current basic price has jumped to at least 40 gold coins.


 What sly, opportunistic creatures merchants are!


 Also, Finlis needs a lot of money at present.


 Money is just pouring out of the coffers, used as alms to the bereaved family, loans to those who have just lost their homes, tax exemptions, and repairs are needed to fix public roads.


 As the head butler, I wanted to avoid spending 40 gold coins.


 And-this is the most important.


 Thomas’ investigations found that Toru was an “inferior.”


 He does not intend to doubt the guild’s information, but Thomas never thought that an “inferior” could defeat a werewolf.


 Thomas suspects that he was lucky enough to find a werewolf’s corpse amid the turmoil.


 He cannot give an unreasonable reward to some “looter”.



“Even if I advise Gaius-sama against it, he probably will not listen.” (Thomas)



 Gaius is too soft to the people.


 He is especially nice to those who have achieved results.


 Even if the other person is an “inferior.”


 That is both his lord’s good and bad points.


 He is probably one of the best lords in this lifetime, but he is quite the source of headaches when it comes to the city’s finances.



“… I cannot help it. I should start scrounging some options, I guess?” (Thomas)



 They both said they wanted a house, but it was too much for an “inferior.”


 Let us make it seem that we cannot go through with his wishes.



(Well, what kind of alternative should they receive…?) (Thomas)



 It was when Thomas entered the office.


 Just as Thomas was approaching the office desk, a woman was already sitting on it.


 The woman wore white clothes and a small dagger hung from her waist.


 This is the first time she saw her face, but Thomas knew the woman’s name.



“–Luka the Traitor!?” (Thomas)


“Oh, was I that obvious?” (Luka)



 The top of the Adventurer’s Guild, the lord, and a handful of people only knew details of the stampede and fire.


 Luka controlled a monster and had it attack Finlis.


 She is currently on the run…


 Thomas knows about her and her abilities.


 Luka is a C-rank adventurer and has the title, “Bloody Saint”.


 Alone with Luka in a closed room. This does not bode well…


 Thomas tried to act calm but cold sweat is running down his back.



“… How did you get inside?” (Thomas)


“There are many ways to enter. For example, I asked a person from this place to guide me.” (Luka)


“–!?” (Thomas)



(That is impossible. There is a servant within the Marquis’ residence that has a connection to Luka!?) (Thomas) 



 The staff working at the Marquis House are regularly investigated.


 Even Thomas is no exception.


 It was unthinkable for anyone to have passed the investigation and still was able to communicate with Luka.



“Oh. Are you confused? Surprised? It was a lie that I had a servant guide me. It is a lie. I would not teach you the tricks of how I got in.” (Luka)



 Luka swung her legs as she sat on the desk as if she is making a fool of Thomas.


 Thomas, trembling with anger, made a heartfelt promise. Once she is caught, he will have the desk replaced.



“… Huh. I am not the fool who does not know where they are. Elite soldiers always guard the Marquis’ residence. There will be no escape for you.” (Thomas)


“Well, I am not sure about that?”



 Luka touched her dagger, still looking quite distracted by something.


 The next moment, Thomas ran towards the door.


 All he has to do is open the door. As long as he makes a loud sound.


 Someone will get here.


 He believed it was the end for Luka!


 He is only a meter away from the door.


 It was only 1 meter.





“Goodbye.” (Luka)



 Thomas was not able to grab the doorknob.


 Luka moved towards him at a terrible speed grabs his shoulder and is forced back.






 Thomas had foreseen that pain would soon radiate from his back, but the next moment.



“Ugh!” (Luka)



 A groan came from Luka, suddenly Thomas was released.



(What the heck, what is going on!?) (Thomas)



 Originally, Thomas should have called a guard immediately.


 Nevertheless, he was extremely interested in what happened to Luka.


 She could have stabbed Thomas to death a while ago.


 Why did she miss that chance?


 Looking back, Thomas saw a jet-black arrow stuck in Luka’s shoulder.


 There was no such object there a while ago.


 In the current situation, it is reasonable to think that an arrow stabbed her when Thomas was attacked.


 Nevertheless, where did the arrow come from?



 ――They were in a closed room. The glass was not broken, but it seemed like it was shot from just outside the room.



 Moreover, who shot the arrow?



 –There were no guards that use bows or arrows in the mansion.



 Thomas has no idea what the answers to those questions were.



“Ah. Did he feel my bloodthirst at this distance? No, this seems to be more like the instinct of a wild animal. I have failed, I am a failure.” (Luka)


(…?) (Thomas)



 Luka pulled out the arrow, and then held her shoulders, and her face morphed into a smirk.


 Thomas tilted his head unsure of the meaning of the words she just said.



“Well, he is getting in the way again, so I will be retreating for today.” (Luka)


“Wait a minute! You are–” (Thomas)


“I will let you go for today, okay?” (Luka)


“–!” (Thomas)



 Suddenly as she saw Thomas, her eerie smile disappeared.


 Her eyes were completely void of emotion.


 Thomas’ spine shook; it was as if he was peering into a bottomless abyss.


 His knees were wobbling and he can fall anytime, but Thomas holds on with his pride as the head butler.



“Well then, see you. Though I will probably never see you again.” (Luka)



 With a smirk on her face again, Luka jumped out of the office window.


 The windows of the office are connected to the courtyard. Even if she runs away from here, she is pretty much a trapped mouse.



 However, when Thomas looked out the window and searched for Luka’s back, she suddenly disappeared as if it were just an apparition.


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