Magic Swordsman Chapter 62: Afterword 1

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~3rd Person Perspective~

“Luka!” (Toru)

“Oh, hey Toru, it’s not good to just barge in without permission!” (Esther)

 After Luka left, the sound of the door opening and two familiar voices reached Thomas’ ears.

 As he looked behind him, there was the figure of Toru and Esther who had just left a few moments ago.

 Esther came looking the same as before, but Toru was holding a jet-black bow in his hand.

(No way, that black arrow was from this boy …?) (Thomas)

“T-Tho-Thomas-san!?” (Esther)

“Oh, Thomas-san. Was Luka here just now?”

“… Yes, she was here.” (Thomas)

“I knew it.”

“You were right…” (Esther)

 Esther just had her eyes open up, while Toru looked at her wordlessly saying, “Well?”

“Thomas-san, did get injured anywhere?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine, everything is fine. Thank you.” (Thomas)

“Well, that’s good.”

“By the way, Toru-dono. I would like to inquire something to satiate my curiosity. But how did you know Luka was here?” (Thomas)

“That’s because my [Intuition] pointed me where Luka’s bloodlust was coming from.”

“…I assume that at the time of Luka’s movement towards harming me, Toru-dono might have been at the gate of the mansion, but if so, how are you here in the building??” (Thomas)

“No. I was walking towards the gate. But suddenly according to my [intuition] Luka was about to murder someone.”

 Toru was confidently nodding.

 He feels neither grace nor bluntness, vanity or lie that usually emanates from most adventurers.

 Toru was only stating facts.

 Thomas, the head butler who continued to observe the insatiable aristocrats of other territories face to face, can easily detect such traits.

(Well…) (Thomas)

 Thomas, who is not an adventurer, cannot even fathom how much skill Toru has in detecting enemies while he was outside the building.

 However, he can only be sure that it is some “special skill”.

 Suddenly, Thomas noticed a tiny hole in the wall.

 The hole was just around Thomas’ chest.

 When Thomas lowered his head slightly, he saw light from the other side.

 A tiny hole leads from this room to the outside of the mansion.

 The hole is just big enough for an arrow to pierce Luka’s shoulder.

(… I was saved at the right moment.) (Thomas)

 Luka at that time was serious about killing him.

 If she was not hit, Thomas would definitely have been killed.

 And if Thomas had been killed -this fact was quite important- Luka would have sowed seeds of problems long-lasting and far-reaching over Finlis.

 Toru put a halt to Luka’s “mysterious plan.”

(Both Finlis and I have been saved quite a lot o times…) (Thomas)

 Thomas no longer sees Toru as an “inferior”.

 On the contrary, he felt that he was one of the indispensable piece for the peace and well-being of Finlis.

 Thomas, who had previously thought, “I’ll find a cheaper alternative,” is now working his utmost thinking, “I’ll surely find a house for him.”

~Luka’s Perspective~

 Luka, wearing a jet-black robe, stands alone in the shadows of Finlis.

“Ahaha. I have lost three souls.” (Luka)

 By receiving the arrow shot by Toru, the souls of three humans that Luka had taken in her body disappeared.

 The souls became substitutes.

 I was prepared for when I was going to be fighting an opponent who could potentially kill me.

 However, I never thought that three souls would disappear with just one shot on my shoulder.

“Who is that inferior?” (Luka)

 On behalf of the late Philip, I seriously tried to destroy Finlis this time.

 I was planning on not getting my plan disturbed, unlike Philip.

 So I set up a strategy considering Toru as someone who is most detrimental to the plan, this was an opponent who cut Philip’s soul.

 The obstacle I consider is not Lily, who is the ex-B-ranker Infinite, much less Aaron, who is ex-A-rank and the guild master and God’s Eye.

 It was Toru who could reap my soul.

 I had a powerful sense of smell and knew that Toru was the most dangerous person in Finlis.

 That’s why I decided to operate at the time of Toru’s capture of “Flare Light Dungeon”, where he left the city and wouldn’t come back for a certain period.

 First, I gave the monsters some stocked solution of “Flare Light” and then released the Silver Wolf to Finlis.

 Silver wolves will kill people, and even if a silver wolf is killed, the flare light in their bellies will burn the buildings and people.

 Even if the fire alarm is raised and they start extinguishing the fire if the water in the well is mixed with a fire-resistant paralyzing poison, the vaporized poison will be inhaled and the people will fall.

 Unable to resist, they will either be chewed by a silver wolf or burned to death.

 The operation went so well that it was looking quite well halfway.

 Also, by possessing the body of a C-rank adventurer, it was easy to guide people to follow my plan.

 However, the situation changed after Toru appeared.

 Originally, Finlis should have fallen by the time Toru returned.

 But he already came back.

 It’s not because he failed to capture the dungeon.

 It’s just that his dungeon capture speed was more than double that of a normal adventurer.

 However, I still did not think the plan had completely failed.

 There was already a large blaze in the center of the city.

 In addition to that, the air was already saturated with the paralyzing poison.

 “Inferiors” will never be able to manage to overcome both.

 However, Toru managed to sprinkle “an excessive amount of holy water” and solved both fire and poison in one swoop!

 It was completely unexpected.

 I seriously cursed the god who bound such a fate.

“Do you want to protect this land so much!” (Luka)

 However, it is natural that, that God is desperate.

 The Great Father sleeps underneath Finlis.

 The seventh pillar, the King of Gods, who the Six Pillar Gods have banded together to seal and erase from history…

 I don’t know what Toru is to God.

 But he will probably continue to disturb my plans many times in the future.

 Therefore, I decided to erase Toru.

 But he has a sword that is coated in divinity. It’s a weapon that reaped Philip’s soul.

 If I am cut by that sword, my soul will not be safe.

 It is dangerous to approach him directly.

 So I aimed at Thomas.

 If Thomas dies, Toru, who he had just met, will be suspected first.

 On top of that, if I hijack the body of one of the maids who work for the Marquis’ residence and testified that “I saw Toru enter the office,” it is certain that Toru will be hung on the gallows.

 I was careful, and when Toru’s presence went out of the mansion, and even if he noticed my murderous intention, I carried out the plan at “the perfect moment that might never come again”

 Despite this, Toru has even prevented the scheme!

 My miscalculation is that I assumed that Toru had only one terrifying weapon, a sword.

“If I knew that he has a bow and arrow… No, I wouldn’t expect it to be powerful enough to pass through multiple stone walls. Haha.” (Luka)

 That arrow pierced Thomas’s chest.

 If my current body didn’t belong to a C-rank adventurer, the annihilation of my soul would have been inevitable.

 Thomas, who had his chest pierced, had received neither a scratch nor bruise.

 After all, it must be a divine weapon whose main purpose was to exorcise souls.

 It’ll probably hard to know more about it.

“It seems that there is no choice but to destroy Finlis all at once with [Earth Quake] that I prepared in advance.” (Luka)

 If I were to deal with Toru, I would have no choice but to blow away the city with an attack from a place he wouldn’t predict.

 I had prepared in the wall of Finlis in advance an [Earth Quake] spell, which is the highest level spell within the earth magics.

 It took several years to prepare. It is such an advanced technique. It’s quite the masterpiece I made.

 If such a technique is activated [Earth Quake], Finlis will surely be destroyed.

 However, I didn’t want to use this magic if possible.

 This is because the city of Finlis itself has a safeguard for the barrier that seals the King of the Gods.

 Destroying the city and slowly reviving the king of the Gods. The other pillars put a failsafe on the seal to prevent such an event.

 It is a system that temporarily strengthens the seal if such a scenario occurs.

 If I activate [Earth Quake], it is certain that the failsafe will be activated.

 Once this is activated, I expect that the seal will be enhanced for more than a hundred years.

 For me, who wanted to revive the King of God as soon as possible, the massive destruction of the city was an act I would not want to do if possible.

 However, there was no other way to defeat Toru with my current body.

 There is also a way to retreat for and gain more power.

 But Toru is still young. It is wise to crush him before he grows and becomes unmanageable.

“Well, today is the day to say goodbye to Finlis.” (Luka)

If I activate [Earth Quake], Finlis will be lost.

 As some people would say, goodbye forever.

Upon arriving at the wall where the [Earth Quake] spell was installed, I felt something was wrong with the spell.

“The spell is … broken? That’s impossible!” (Luka)

 The spell was perfect. I wrote it carefully so that it wouldn’t break even if I left it alone for many years, and I also concealed it so that it wouldn’t be seen from the outside.

 However, the spell was broken.

 I’m sure I can find out more about the problem.

“… That is !!” (Luka)

 Then I found it.

 An arrow was stuck in the core of the spell.

 An arrow with a color that blends into the darkness has pierced the wall deeply.

 The arrow destroyed the core of the spell, leaving it useless.

 There is no doubt about who the arrow is from.

 Toru’s arrow!

“… Hahaha. Did you have a complete view of my actions?” (Luka)

 It’s like finding a grain of wheat dropped in the desert, an act of God …….

 Unknown to me was that this arrow was a “misfire” from Toru playing with the [Magic Sword], I was terrified of his insight and power. [T/N: So there you were. The “misfire” from the fully charged arrow coincidentally hit the spell. Talk about fate.]

“Toru … I’ll definitely kill you next time we meet.” (Luka)

 My curse quietly disappeared with Finlis’ breeze, as the city truly began to regain peace, for now.


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