Magic Swordsman Chapter 63: Afterword 2

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My desire for a house was passed on to Gaius Finlis.


 Aaron the guild master said that Thomas had taken a lot of effort to get permission from Gaius.



“I never really thought I could get a house. I can’t thank Thomas enough.”


“That’s right. If we have a chance to meet next time, we should thank him a lot.” (Esther)





 I got the key from Aaron and headed to the designated place.


 The city of Finlis is being rebuilt but it was still a mess.


 But it is not going to be back to normal anytime soon. It will still be some time before the city returns to its beautiful cityscape filled with red-roofed, white-walled houses.


 We passed around a corner within the residential area a short distance from the guild.


 As I hoped, it is a two-story house with a garden.



“This is our party’s house…” (Esther)


“Yeah. It’s a nice house with a lot of tasteful features.” (Toru)



 The exterior walls of the house are covered with ivy and the roof and walls are showing their age.


 But it’s the type of aging that doesn’t feel worn down.


 There are no broken or misaligned features.


 There will be no problem living here.



(And what about the kitchen?)



 I had a dissatisfaction that I had been burying deep from within.


 The food at the inn was bad.


 Esther has never said that the food at the inn is unpleasant.


 From that situation, I wondered if the food in this world was at that level.


 However, I being a former Japanese, couldn’t stand the bland food that had no soup stock and was plain salty.


 However, I have never complained to the landlady. That’s because I am grateful for the food she cooked for us.


 I also didn’t rent the kitchen.


 If I used the kitchen frequently, it’s like indirectly saying, “I can’t eat the landlady’s food.”


 So I put up with it as long as I could.


 At least until I have my own house, I’ll keep quiet…


 And today, I was released from the shackled meal.



(What shall I cook first? Let’s go around the market later! Oh, I’ll have to buy some kitchen utensils too.)



 Although I hadn’t even checked the kitchen yet, I was occupied with the thoughts about cooking and eating.


 I unlocked the door and entered the house, but





“……eh!?” (Lily)


“Why is Lily here…?”




 My eyes met with Lily’s, who was sitting in a chair in the living room in a daze, and my mind went blank.


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