Magic Swordsman Chapter 66: A Devoted Servant of Greed!

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~3rd Person Perspective~


The shenanigans of the property trading company were quickly exposed


 By honestly confessing his guilt, the head of the association, the owner of the store just barely escaped from the hangman’s neck.


 However, all the assets of the company were confiscated. The storeowner was sentenced to five years of labor.


 The confiscated assets were used to rebuild Finlis.


 Although the prices of all the houses could not be restored to normalcy, they were settled to a price that even a commoner could afford.



~Toru’s Perspective~


 Toru and his friends returned to their new house and gathered in the living room.


 With this one case, the lord and Lily were able to recover all the funds for the purchase of this house.


 However, the rights of who owns the house are still binding.


 Which party will use this house?


 We are still discussing who will live here but both parties are not willing to compromise.



“This house is a gift from the lord, you know? How can you disrespect the feelings of the Lord?” (Esther)


“But I bought it too. This house is mine.” (Lily)



 Esther and Lily are clashing with each other without either backing down.


 The reason for the lack of conclusion in the discussion is simple. It is because they only argue with each other and do not try to find any point of compromise.



(Hmmm. I wonder if we can do something soon. I am getting hungry. ……)



 The time is already around noon.


 It is not even half a day since I had a “spar” with Lily in this house first thing in the morning.


 Well, it is good how quickly that the merchant’s fraud was resolved.


[Condemnation] was a useful skill.


 Thanks to this, the merchant pretty much confessed all on his own.


 The power of that skill was so strong that even I was taken aback.



(I have to be careful not to let this skill become a catalyst for something…)


“Mumumu…” (Esther)


“Mu …” (Lily)



 Have they said all they have to say to each other?


 Esther and Lily are now glaring at each other with their lips pinched.




 Thinking it is about time, I spoke for the first time from the sidelines.



“If it is the right to this house, but I do not mind if you have the right to own it, Lily-san.”


“What? What do you think you are doing, Toru?” (Esther)


“Well, Esther, calm down.”



 I calmed Esther who sprang up angrily before continuing



“However, this house is too big for Lily alone, is not it?”


“Hmm … Certainly.” (Lily)


“If so, let’s share”


“”…share?”” (Lily & Esther)


“Yes. We share this house. Of course, we do not share everything; we set rules similar to an inn.”



 I presented them with the concept of shared living spaces that were similar in Japan.


 Fortunately, this house is too big for one or two people to live in.


 If we make the bedrooms into private spaces and the living room and kitchen into communal spaces, we can live here with no problems.


 Fortunately, the money Lily paid for the house will be returned.


 Then there is no need to worry about who owns it.


 We can just use this house as a shared house.


 This is the compromise that I think they should both end up in.


 The two who listened to my story were pondering with serious faces.


 There was never any bad blood between them.


(Now it is up to them to come to a conclusion.)



 Judging that, I left my seat.



“Toru. Are you going somewhere?” (Esther)


“Yes. It is almost noon, so I thought I’d go shopping.”


“Then I will go with you.” (Esther)


“No, that is okay. I have some things I want to buy. Stay here and think about what I said.”



 While waving goodbye, I left the living room.


 After checking the kitchen, I quickly skipped to the market.



(Cooking! Cooking ♪)



 In Toru’s mind, there is already one thing filling it up: cooking.


 That should be it. Since visiting Eargard, I had only eaten soup meals.


 Even if it were not delicious, I would not say it was unpleasant, since I faithfully put up with it.


 Now that I have a house, I do not have to put up with bland food anymore.



(… I am going all out. I am going to cook with everything I have!)


“Kukkukku …”



 At my own will, I bought all the ingredients in the market.


 It does not matter how much I can carry. It does not matter how much I have, because I have [Inventory].


 I am going to have to go to the store where the kitchen equipment is located.


 I have a kitchen in my house, but no kitchen utensils.


 In order to cook, I have to buy a certain amount of utensils.



“Frying pan, pot, kitchen knife, cutting board … Kufufu”



 My eyes sparkle as I gaze at the many kitchen types of equipment.


 I should not just base on the looks.


 Whatever it is, I want to use the best tool.


 I received a large bounty from the guild when I helped in Finlis’ crisis.


 With that money, I bought all sorts of small and large first-class kitchen equipment.



“Fuha …!”



 This is also an amount that can never be carried by one person, but I have [Inventory].


  I am going to have to go back to the house in a hurry after stuffing my dream ingredients and utensils into the [Inventory], now full of ingredients and kitchen equipment.


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