Magic Swordsman Chapter 68: Training for the First Time in a Long Time

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 The fact that I can cook the food I have been waiting for so long has made me feel quite relieved.


 While cleaning up after the meal, I looked back at my own experiences and reflect on them.



“Oh … I have to temper myself a little.”



 I do not regret maxing my [Cooking] skill


 Rather, I have no regrets. I was eager to continue making delicious food with all my might.


 It is not about cooking, but about my current situation.


 I was so absorbed in my cooking that I missed some important information.


 If this had been a battlefield, I would have made an irreparable mistake.



“I’m not sure if techniques can really be maxed at level 10. So if an average person’s technique is level 5? Hmmm. I wonder if I should develop my skills a bit more.”



 Currently, my average technique level is at 5.


 If level 5 is the average of Eargard’s people. I, an “inferior” should improve my skills a little more.


 If I am inferior to the average person in Eargard, I should raise my skills’ level to ensure my survival.



“Fortunately, I had a lot more skill points ……. I mean, why are they increasing so much? I’ve only gone up one level.”



 I pondered while looking at the skill board.


 The monster that I defeated a while ago was a werewolf.


 The level has probably increased by 1 because I defeated the werewolf.


 However, the increase in skill points of about 500 for a level was a little strange.



“There was a sudden increase in points before. I’m sure there’s some condition that makes sense. But…… I don’t know about it at all”



 While thinking, I dried the dishes and stacked them on the shelves.


 I thought about it for a while,



“Well, I mean. If I gain a lot more, I’m grateful.”



 Even if I don’t know the conditions, I can use the points.


 I ignored my doubts and devoted my focus to cleaning up.





 Lily accepted my plan.


 From now on, we’ll be living in this house instead of the inn.


 I can freely do the things I wanted to do but were forbidden to do there.


 I immediately visited the garden of our house along with Esther.


 First is sword training with Esther.


 When we went out into the garden, our faces were amazed by the view.



“Wow, that’s amazing” (Esther)


“Oh. It’s just that no one has ever lived in it, and as expected, the garden is in shambles.”



 The vegetation is overgrown and the garden looks like a jungle.


 If only one side was trimmed, it will look like the forest of Finlis.


 Here in the garden, plants and trees were rustling even though there was no wind.


 I couldn’t see it, but I was sure of it. Something is lurking.


 The vegetation is overgrown, but it is large enough for training.


 However, I didn’t feel like training as it was.



“For now, let’s just do a quick cleanup.”


“That’s right” (Esther)


“Oh, wait a minute”



 Did she try to do the pruning? I held Esther back as she stepped forward with her sword drawn.



“First of all, I will roughly trim it with wind magic.”


“Oh, that’s right. I understand.” (Esther)



 After confirming that Esther had stepped back, I cast the [Air Cutter].


 I used wind magic to cut off only the overgrown weeds.


 I carefully adjusted the power so that it would not reach the hedge or the neighbors’ house even if I made a mistake.



“[Air cutter]”



 Five blades of wind, deployed over time, mowed down the overgrown weeds in the garden in an instant.


 From a bare tree, a small bird fled to the sky in a hurry.


 And a rough black something fled from the grass, darting to the shadow.


 The mowed weeds soared in the wind, fluttering slowly before falling to the ground.


 The transparent [Air Cutter] pruned the weeds in the garden.


 Since it wasn’t the lawn of an aristocrat’s mansion, and even if there were some rough patches after pruning.


 It would be no problem for everyday use.




“Oh, it’s quite wonderful.” (Esther)


“Thank you. Then, let’s collect the yard trimmings.”


“Okay.” (Esther)



 We gathered the branches and grass that had fallen to the ground in one place.


 As she was clearing the grass, Esther encountered a black something that was late to escape, and Esther screamed, “Hiii!”



(Esther, I guess bugs aren’t your thing.)



 I didn’t have an image of Esther as someone having a weakness for anything, so such a side to her was new to me.


 The number of weeds and branches that were trimmed off was considerable.


 A dense pile of trimmings was in the center of the garden.



“Does Finlis have a ban on burning trash within the city?”


“You’re not going to get arrested for burning trash.” (Esther)


“I see.”



 In Japan, due to environmental issues, burning garden waste is completely prohibited by the law.


 When I was a young boy, I used to collect fallen leaves and bake potatoes, but this is no longer possible in present Japan.


 However, Eargard does not have environmental problems from emissions caused by burning.


 Therefore, there is no law prohibiting burning.


 If I burn the mountain of trash with [Fireball], the entire pile will be burned in an instant.


 But Esther shook her head.



“I think it’s best not to burn as much trash as possible right now.” (Esther)




“Because there was just a big fire recently.” (Esther)


“Oh, that’s right.”



 In Finlis, during the monster stampede, a huge fire broke out.


 Many citizens lost their lives and homes to the great fire.


 The fire has already been extinguished and Finlis is starting to rebuild it’s way to recovery.


 But that does not mean that the wounds of the citizens have all been healed.


 A wildfire could cause residents to panic if they saw the smoke.


 Also, it is dangerous for me to use fire magic in the city.


 I have only been using magic for about a month.


 If the sparks fly and cause a fire somewhere, I don’t want to be responsible for such an act.



“Let’s stop with the burning.”


“It will be helpful if you do so” (Esther)


“Well, what should I do? I wonder if I can just put it in the corner.”



 The pile of plants and trees is quite a bit, but if you pull it to the corner of the garden, it won’t get in the way.


 However, it may become a breeding ground for creatures that are going to be pests.



(There were even some insects I’ve never seen before.)



 And if they are black, with lots of legs, and they run away fast and sometimes fly. If such a loathsome fellow were to breed here, I would be quite horrified.


 Also, some insects have poison.


 It would be better to have nothing that would be a breeding ground for insects.



“I think I’ll put it in my [Inventory] for the time being, and if I go out of Finlis, I’ll burn it there.”


“Oh, that’s a good idea.” (Esther)



 If that is the plan, all that is left is to store it in the [Inventory].


 I put my hand on top of the pile and stored the mountain of weeds in my [Inventory].



“Now, let’s do it!”



 When I finished storing everything, Esther held out a wooden sword to me.


 It’s an Agnisword to commemorate our training.


 Apparently, Esther has no intention of taking a break.


 So I received the Agnisword with a wry smile.


 We sparred with each other in the rugged garden that we have just mowed.


 I stepped on the ground to get used to it.


 My footwork was sure and the Agnisword was held squarely in front of me.


 At about the same time, Esther also got in position.



“Well, are you ready, Toru?” (Esther)




“Let’s go!” (Esther)



 The spirited voice sent a shiver down my spine.


 Finally, the day had come.


 We thought it would take a little longer, but we got the house sooner than we expected.


 From now on, we’re free.


 Free to train.


 I don’t have to care about anyone, and I don’t have to worry about anyone getting angry with me.


 I can do what I want, how I want when I want.


 I can train as hard as I want.



 That’s why I greeted Esther’s attack with a smile.



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