Magic Swordsman Chapter 7: Road to the Unknown

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 Before leaving the limestone cave, I recovered some of the fallen stalactites.


 I am wondering if it is possible to sell these at a reasonable price?



“I wish I could sell it at a reasonable price.”



 A small amount of money will stabilize my living expenses in the future.


 Whatever I do in the future I have to find stability first.


 While throwing the stalactites inside my [Inventory], I thought about the anomaly when I slashed at Clement and others.



“Why did the sword slip through them at that time?”



 I placed my finger against the blade.


 Then the sword passed through my finger.






 I was afraid that I had cut myself, but when I looked closely, I found no cut on my finger.



“…are humans unaffected by the blade?”



 There is a possibility.


 In the future, I should be careful when fighting with humans. It would be pitiful to only beg for forgiveness during such a bad situation.


 After collecting the stalactites. I gathered up Lid’s mementos and headed to another city far from the village.


 So I head towards a town of 10,000 people. In such a big city, there should be a place where I can work.


 As I walked through the woods towards the city, I encountered a group of wild dogs.



“Gururururu…” (Wild dogs)



 10 in total.


 A wild dog, which is larger than a Japanese dog and is covered in gray hair, bared its fangs.


 Even though I was threatened by 10 wild dogs, I didn’t feel any threat.


 If I had still been living in Japan, I would have soiled my pants.


 It doesn’t happen because [Intuition] tells me that it poses no threat at all, it is something as dangerous as a dog.



At the same time the desire to keep and pet the dog arises, but since the opponent is a wild dog it’s impossible.


 I don’t know the diseases it might carry, so it’s better to stay away.



“Should I practice my skills for a bit?”



 I’ve assigned skills on the skill board, but there are still techniques that I haven’t used properly at this point.


 I did my best and used one of them, [Intimidation].



(I wish I could stop the movement of the wild dog to some extent)



 I used [intimidation] to a group of wild dogs.


 The air in the forest changed completely.





“”””Hyayun!”””” (Wild Dogs)



 The wild dogs screamed all at once and fled into the woods.


 Like children who saw a ghost.






We were able to confirm the effect of [Intimidation].


 But my shoulder slumped



“They didn’t have to go and scram quickly…”



 I was not able to tame a wild dog.


 The escape of the frightened animals caused deep emotional damage to my animal-loving heart.


 After driving away, the wild dogs, I tried to activate magic while walking.


 But I still doesn’t know how, or if magic can be activated.






 I try to say usual spell names as a trial,






 But nothing happens.


 My voice just echoed in the forest.






 I’m embarrassed.


 I held my head in shame for a while.



“Well, I don’t know anything about magic. I can’t help but make mistakes. But how do I activate it? It’s said that a strong image can help people control mana.”



 Recalling the story of fantasy works that I often see in Japan, I search for mana and magic that circulates in my body.


 But I don’t feel anything.


 In the first place I don’t even know what mana is so how can I find it.






 Magic and “Jutsu” are similar so that might help somehow.


 After trying various things, I wasn’t able to use magic after all.


 I’ve never been able to do it by myself. But if I can’t then I can’t help it.



“I have to ask someone who seems to know magic… but before that.”



 Just in case, I summon the skill board.


 This is to confirm that I did apply skill points to [Magic Arts] after coming here.



“Oh, the level is pretty high.”



○ Status

Toru Minasuki

Level: 8→15

Race: Human Primary Job: Swordsman – Secondary Job: Mage

Rank: – Skill points: 70 → 290



 I leveled up seven times.


“I didn’t mean that I went up just by killing the wild dog… I just escaped with just a bit of “intimidation.” My experience level seems to be low, so I probably killed a lot of caterpillars in the collapse of the limestone cave. I wonder if that’s the number of skill points I have increased!


 The number of skill points acquired up to level 8 was 10 points per level.


 However, from that point, 220 points have been added during the 7 increase in level. When converted per level increase, it is about 31 points, which is very weird.



“Is there some pattern in gaining skill points. Is there any other condition to get more?”



 I’ll think about it for a while, but I can’t make a theory that fits perfectly.



“Hmm. Right, right.”



 There is no use in continuously thinking about things that you do not understand. I have to be positive that I was lucky enough to have the ability to survive.


 Suddenly, I waved my [Magic Sword].


The big tree that [Magic Sword] touched, tilted without sound and fell.


 Small tremors followed as…… the big tree fell into the forest floor.


 The birds, who were surprised by the sound, soared high in the sky.



“Is the tree cut normally? I wonder if only humans can’t be cut by it.”



 I am convinced that because the performance of the sword is insane, it may be restricted to not be used against people.


 However, what can to be cut and what cannot be cut needs further clarification.


 If the opponent’s attack slips through during the last minute of a fight, it could be fatal.



“Well, it’s best not to be in that kind of situation.”


 I cut down a large tree to test it once again.


 It worked the first time so it may be a fluke. But it worked again so it’s might not be a fluke. I should test it some more.


 After carefully checking the [Magic Sword] and bringing the fallen trees to the edge, I am satisfied, walked out of the forest.



 After the clearing. There will be four houses built in the forest and a mysterious space with vacant lots.


 At the end of the space, there were beautifully piled stacks of large trees.


 Is it a lumberjack’s joke or the sign of secret maneuvers of a county?


 Those who enter the forest will be worried when they see this space, but that is a while away.


 Through the forest, searching eyes caught a large grassland and a well-used dirt road.



“Is that a highway? What’s the name of the nearest town? Winris…No, Kinris…?”



 I managed to read traces of the memory left in my brain, but the name of the city was not there.


 When Lid was alive, he never remembered visiting the place, so he doesn’t remember it.


 He can only remember the road.


 So I go down the highway, relying on Lid’s memory.



“What kind of town is it?”



 What kind of place could it be? What kind of food is there? What kind of people are there…?


 Imagining a city, I have not yet seen anything and it made walking feels exciting.


 It was when I went down the highway for a while. My [Intuition] tells me about the strong blood-lust in front of me.


 When I focused my eyes further, I saw a lot of small figures on the way along the forest.


 The memory of Lid came to me all at once.



(“Enemy” “Weak” “Escape”)




 Lid’s memory was so fragmented that I was having a hard time judging.


 If it’s an “enemy” and they are “weak” it is better to defeat it. However, the word “escape” has also appeared.


 Should I fight or run away?


 While pondering my eyes caught sight of a human figure.


 There was one human in armor, surrounded by a group of “enemy”.






 The moment I saw that figure, the option to escape from my mind disappeared.


 I ran toward the group with all his might.


 At a speed that I have never felt before, I move forward.


 The flowing scenery was hazy, and it quickly flowed backward.


 As I approached the group, I could see the “enemy”.


 The “enemy” is scrawny with a height of about 1 meter, and the skin is green.


 It has the shape of a human child, but its face is ugly and does not appear to be very human.


 It doesn’t wear anything, but everyone has a weapon. From this, it can be seen that the “enemy” has a certain level of intelligence.


 The “enemy” that surrounds the person swung up the club he was holding towards the human in the center.


 There is no time to go.


 I instantly manifested [Magic Sword] and screamed.






 The screaming includes with a certain amount of [intimidation].


 My [Intimidation] froze the enemies.


 There was also an “enemy” who had fainted when hit by my [Intimidation].


 However, regardless of such a situation, I swung the [Magic Sword] with all my might.



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