Magic Swordsman Chapter 71: Eargard’s Sacred Treasures

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 I followed Lily’s teachings and activated magic bullet again.


 This time, he did not take a wait-and-see approach but went all out.


 A moment later,



“”…-tsu!”” (Esther & Lily)



 Esther and Lily took one-step away from me.



“So? I think I did fine.”


“” ……”” (Esther & Lily)



 When I asked them what they thought, they both looked away this time.


 I was confused thinking that there might be something wrong with them.


 There is definitely something wrong.



“Well, what happened?”



 When I move one-step closer,



“”…-tsu!”” (Esther & Lily)



 Quickly, this time they went back three steps.




“Toru. Um… that…” (Esther)




“—creepy” (Lily)



 I collapsed on my hands and knees, after hearing such a straightforward verbal punch.


 Apparently, the reason why they distanced themselves was that I activated an unnatural number of magic as if it were normal.


 Colorful magic bullets were stuck all over my body like colorful lights.


 I became a human Christmas tree. I was crushed by the creeped-out expression on Esther and Lily’s faces. I was sulking in the corner of the Garden.


 I have already voluntarily reduced the number of lights – or magic bullets – to just three.


 Still, the facial expression on both of them was still stiff.


 Unlike their earlier expression of disgust before, they were now holding back giggles instead.



“… *snort*”



 While they were teasing me, I summoned my [Magic Sword] and cut the irregularly cut grass in various ways.



“Toru. I want to know more about that.”



 Lily approached me as I was messing around.


 However, her steps were cautious.



(I wonder if I am acting differently…)



 I am not sure what is happening



“Is that weapon some kind of sacred treasure?”


“A sacred treasure…”



 I became confused because of the unfamiliar words that came out of Lily’s mouth.



“What is a sacred treasure?”


“It is a combination of sword and magic. It is said to have been created by the gods to defeat devils.” (Lily)





 For a moment, I believed that this [Magic Sword] was a sacred treasure. I do not believe it.


 However, the name on the skill board is [Magic Sword]. [Sacred treasure] is not displayed.



“I do not think it is a sacred treasure.”


“Where did you get it?” (Lily)





 I was a little unsure whether I should be honest or not.


 However, speaking of how I obtained the [Magic Sword], I must also disclose information on my skill board.


 I still do not know the whole truth about skill boards.


 I decided to avoid disclosing the truth because the explanation can lead to something troublesome.



“I just had it when I came to this world.”


“… Yes, then it is not a sacred treasure. You can get a sacred treasure by defeating the devil.” (Lily)


“Oh, that is right. -Hmm?”



 A sacred treasure trove is a weapon that defeats devils.


 Nevertheless, you have to defeat the devil to get the sacred treasure tool.






“By the way, a devil’s subjugation rank is S. Their level is estimated to be around 70.” (Lily)


“That is scary”



 My current level is just 31.


 In Eargard, it is said that if the level difference between an adventurer and monster is 10 or more, there is absolutely no chance of winning.


 I can boost my skills, so any monster with a level difference of about 15 can be defeated.



(Actually, I have defeated Rock Worms and Queen Rock Worms with a level difference of 15 or more)



 However, the level difference of about 40 is probably out of the question.


 There is absolutely be no chance of winning.


 I need a sacred treasure to defeat such an opponent, but I need to defeat a devil to get a sacred treasure.


 It is like a game that is impossible to win.



“… Hmm? By the way, knowing that you can get a sacred treasure by defeating devils means that you have defeated one before?”


“Yes” (Lily)


“Um, is it something that can be defeated without a sacred treasure?”


“No. The hero defeated one.” (Lily)


“It is the Hero of Eargard!” (Esther)



 Esther, who had been watching from the sidelines, enthusiastically joined the conversation.


 Her eyes are shining brightly as she leans forward.



“Is the hero’s deeds famous?”


“Oh. The story of the heroes who unified the continent of Eargard for humanity is the most famous story in the Kingdom of Yuster!” (Esther)



 According to her, Eargard was once a world where devils have overrun the land.


 In that world, there appeared heroes chosen by the gods from among the human race.


 The heroes joined forces to defeat the devils and obtain the sacred treasures.


 From that point on, humanity’s rapid progress began.



“–It is a story. Some people long for the hero and become adventurers.” (Esther)


“Hey. Is it the same with Esther?”


“No, I am … not.” (Esther)



 Esther had a slightly lonely look on her face.


 Nevertheless, it was soon hidden under a smile.



“Well, that is why the treasures that the heroes obtained by defeating the devil have been passed down to the present day. If a devil appears, use a sacred treasure to fight it off.” (Esther)


“So that is it.”


“In the Kingdom of Yuster, a devil descended 70 or 80 years ago, but it was subdued with a sacred treasure. The new sacred treasure obtained at that time was given to a knight who showed valor when they subdued the devil. That is the story.” (Esther)


“That is nice.”



 Listening to Esther’s story, I became fascinated by the sacred treasures.



(What kind of weapon is it? I want to see one! I want to get one!)



 Perhaps I was jealous of the sacred treasure, or an unpleasant aura is emanating from the [Magic Sword].



“By the way, all the sacred treasures have special powers, and it seems that if you release their powers, you will get enough power to overturn any battle. The power is so enormous, but there are disadvantages. For example, the one that the kingdom of Yuster obtained it in the previous battle. Their sacred treasure can kill the user if they use it.” (Esther)





 It is a high risk, high reward item.


 Even if I get one, I might never think of using it.



(I might have longed for having one, but I do not like the huge disadvantages included…)



 My longing for sacred treasures immediately cooled.


 Then, the unpleasant aura that [Magic Sword] was emitting disappeared.



“One more thing. I am worried about Toru’s skill composition.” (Lily)


“That is something I care about too!” (Esther)



 Esther backed up Lily’s comment.


 Why are you interested in the skill composition of Inferior people?


 I got a bit confused.





“Oh, yes. Toru has not yet had his skills measured in the temple, has he?” (Lily)


“Yeah, yeah. That is right.” (Esther)



 I have been thinking about it


 I exhaled a sigh of relief in my mind.


 If Esther did not say something, I might have inadvertently mentioned my skill composition.


 I should be unaware of my own skills.


 However, if I talked about my skill composition, it was going to sound strange to those who would hear it.



“… Yes, unfortunately.”


“I am sure Toru has a lot of skills that “grew”.” (Lily)


“’Got lucky’…?”


“Oh, that is a good place to start.” (Esther)




 Esther smiled and put her hand on her forehead as if she said something so obvious



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