Magic Swordsman Chapter 72: A New Friend

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“There are generally two types of skills. Passive skills and Techniques. Passives are something that you have by nature and you cannot “grow” them. Nevertheless, Techniques can grow through training. Anyone can grow if they trained.” (Esther)





 What Esther means by “grow” is that the Technique can sprout like a seed.


 So it became the common term for “grow”. [T/N: So they are discussing the terms and meaning of 生える/ haeru/ “grow” it is the first one it can be used to things that develop like animals undergoing metamorphosis or seeds germinating. The second one 芽が出る/ megaderu can mean grow like the first one or getting lucky.]



 Anyway, I just said, “That sounds good!”, and I made a mental guts pose.



“Anyone can grow if they continue training.” (Esther)



 In other words, there is a possibility that you can acquire skills without allocating skill points.


 If you can grow skills consciously, you can save on skill points.



“By the way, how long does it take until a skill grows?”


“It depends on whether or not you have ‘talent’, but it is said that it is about a year on average.” (Esther)



 –I take back my previous statement.


 It is faster to acquire new skills by leveling.


 Toru quickly gave up how to “grow” new skills intentionally.



“By the way, it takes a lot of time to raise the skill level. Generally, it takes a year for levels 1 to 2. 2 years for levels 2 to 3. It is said that level 3 to 4 takes at least 3 years.”



 My honest impression was that it was just like kendo.


 In kendo, there is a rule that you have to train more than one year to reach second dan from first dan.


 It seems that skills do not increase overnight.



“Well, that does not mean there is no way to quickly develop skills or raise skill levels.” (Esther)


“Oh! How do you do that?”


“If it is combat skills, warriors who fight against far superior enemies grow faster.” (Esther)





 Hearing Esther’s method, I froze.



“That is all?”


“Hmm. It is just like what Esther said. If you fight a strong opponent, it is easier to grow. Nevertheless, you will die most of the time. So it is better to quit before you begin.” (Lily)




 Lily neatly popped my hopes and dreams.



(Well, that is right, is not it?)



 In this world, there is always a return for every risk.


 There is no such thing as an easy way.





 After finishing the special training with Esther, I went out of the walls of Finlis and went to a pond.


 Now that I have a house, I can do the three things I wanted to do.



“Well, is that …?”



 As I stared at the pond, I found ripples on the shore of the pond that was different from the natural ones.



“Oh, there you are!”



 I immediately approached the ripples.


 On the shore of the pond, a transparent creature shaped like a steamed bun floated.


 -It is a slime.



“Nufufufufu …”



 I picked up the slime as if I was scooping it.


 The third thing I wanted to do was to find a pet.


 I have always loved small animals.


 Even in Japan, I had experience raising small dogs.


 Small animals are a source of healing.


 They make your life better.


 Therefore, I wanted to raise a pet when I got a house.



“I thought a Silver Wolf would be good, but it would be dangerous to leave one in town.”



 Silver Wolves have just attacked Finlis.


 Even if I find a Silver Wolf that does not attack humans, the inhabitants will feel uneasy seeing one.


 Therefore, a slime it is.


 Slimes are one of the few monsters that can coexist with humans.


 With a slime, there is no problem even if I keep one at home.


 I put the slime in my bag.



“Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~”



 I quickly returned to my house, while humming excitedly.


 I entered my room, took out the slime from my bag.



“This is your home from today onwards!”



 Can the slime see that this is not the place where he used to live? The slime was moving somewhat hesitantly.


 I took out the surplus chicken steak that I had put in the [Inventory].


 I placed it in front of the slime.


 The slime shook as if it was surprised by the appearance of the meat.



“You can eat it.”



 I said, Slime touched the steak gingerly.




 The whole body of slime trembled. Then the next moment.






 The slime spread out and swallowed the steak that was twice as big as its own size.


 The steak swallowed by slime is gradually being dissolved in its body.



“Oh, this is … interesting.”



 The steak loses its shape like iron melting on an acidic solution.


 I watched the steak until it disappeared completely.


 At Finlis, a slime is in charge of water purification and garbage disposal.


 Esther said that some households keep slimes for garbage disposal.


 Originally, it is a creature that decomposes kitchen waste.


 However, I did not feel like giving my slime garbage.


 No matter how used this slime is in eating leftover food, it is already family as long as it is my pet.


 I think that I should feed him the same food as my family.


 When the steak was fully dissolved, I gave it some steak again.


 Perhaps he would not be full; Slime had finished the steaks that I had put in my [Inventory].


 After finishing the meal, the slime flew with a Poyon and got on my lap.


 I guess giving him the steak made him think that “He is a good guy who going to give me good food”.


 I pat the slime’s top, which is a little cool; I cannot help but smile completely due to the slimes cuteness.



“You are Pino from today. Nice to meet you, Pino.”


“(Nyon!)” (Pino)



 Pino stretched its body vertically in response to my words.


 I was watching its movements and noticed a slight change in Pino.



“Hmm … has the color of your nucleus change?”



 When I caught the Pino, its nucleus had a bluish color.


 Now it is a little purple.



“Is it because of the meat? I wonder if the color changes depending on their food.”



 Pino lived in the pond. It was light blue because it was absorbing the water from the pond, and it turned purple because it ate meat. It seems to make sense when you think about it.


 Nevertheless, why did the meat cause it to turn purple?



“Meat … Oh, if you mix blue and red, it will turn purple, right?”



 The color of blood mixed in the meat combined with the original light blue nucleus made it light purple.



“That means, if I feed it various kinds of food in the future, the color will change and it might turn black?”



 A slime with a black nucleus.


 It seemed to be strong.


 Moreover, it looks very Chuuni.



 I made the skill board appear while thinking about Pino’s future.



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