Magic Swordsman Chapter 74: Nostalgic Flavors

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T/N: Small sections where the perspective switches from the first perspective of any character to the 3rd Person Perspective will be highlighted by Italicized texts. I will be applying this to all the series I am translating since It would be easier for me and the chapters would look more cohesive. Thanks!



 When it was time for dinner, Esther and Lily gathered in the living room without anyone calling them.


 They had been lured by the smell coming from the kitchen and had gathered there as if moths attracted to a light bulb.


 When Toru entered the living room, he was immediately met with a strong look of expectation from the two women.


 They waited in silence.


 Nevertheless, Toru could clearly hear the words they are not saying.



“We’ve been waiting for you!”


“Hurry up and serve the food.”



 If they asked me, I would not fail to respond.


 Therefore, I confidently pushed the cart and placed three plates on each seat.



“…Hmm?” (Lily)


“What is this …” (Esther)




 Esther and Lily looked disappointed in the dinner he lined up in front of them.


 I was unsure about what to do.



(Wow, I was hoping for a reaction like, “Wow, that is amazing!”)



 Nevertheless, I made Japanese food.


 It was a dish that the Eargard locals had never seen before, so of course, they are expected to make such a reaction.


 Another reason for their reaction was the color of the soup, which is not found in the food of Eargard.



“The soup is black…” (Lily)


“What is this whitish stuff?” (Esther)


“I will explain.”



 As if I was a waiter in a first-class restaurant, I bowed politely.



Today’s dinner will consist of Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce, Aasa Jiru, and Fresh Salad with Mayonnaise. [T/N: Aasa Jiru is a soup made with sea lettuce “Aosa”. A broth with tofu and sea lettuce.]


 The dishes that I made are Japanese, except for the salad.


 Deep-frying the leftover chicken from the lunchtime shopping and topping it with tartar sauce completed the famous Japanese dish, Chicken Nanban.


 Aasa Jiru is a classic Okinawan soup.


 When I went to the market, he discovered that sea lettuce was sold at the spice store.


 In Eargard, sea lettuce was used as a seasoning.


 Using the sea lettuce, I made Aasa Jiru.


 Since there is no tofu or soy sauce, it is almost similar to salt soup.


 However, just by adding sea lettuce, it becomes something like a Japanese soup.


 Salad is the only food that I have appreciated for its potential since arriving in Eargard.


 To bring out its potential, I served it with mayonnaise.



“The color is disturbing, is this okay? Oh, no, I do not doubt Toru’s skill… but this is a color I have never seen in food.” (Esther)


“Hmm…” (Lily)



 It cannot be helped that Esther and Lily are afraid.


 Different countries have different colors that increase or decrease appetite.


 The blue cakes often seen in foreign countries stimulates the appetite of foreigners, but it does the opposite on Japanese people.


 Even on the same planet, the colors that people think look good change when the country changes.


 This is even more so when the world changes.



“Well, just think you have been tricked and try it.”



 I urged the two of them to bring the food to their mouths, even if their expressions are filled with doubt and fear.


 The next moment.



“” — !? “” (Esther & Lily)



 The eyes of both Esther and Lily widen.



“…good” (Esther)


“…delicious” (Lily)


“What is this white sauce!? Ku! I cannot stop eating!” (Esther)


“I like the sauce” (Lily)


“The scent of black soup is wonderful!” (Esther)


“Meat is delicious” (Lily)



 The two of them exclaimed as they devour their meals.


 Perhaps it was because they were so excited that their cheeks had become flushed.


 As I watched them, I also took a bite of my food.



“… Yeah. Nostalgic.”



 The Chicken Nanban and Aasa Jiru had a nostalgic Japanese taste.



Of course, there is no problem with the dishes made with [Cooking ].


 Nevertheless, as Toru continued to eat, he could feel the food slowly turning a bit saltier.



“It is delicious … It is delicious …”



 Toru had grown up with the taste of Japan.


 No matter how much he had no desire to return to Japan, food was different.


 Japanese food entered the gap in Toru’s heart and warmed his heart.



“… By the way, Toru. What is that?” (Esther)



 Esther asked while looking at something beside me.


 Pino is floating on the soup bowl next to me, as I season my food with tears.



“I got a house and wanted a pet. So I brought it.”


“I brought it … Well, there are usually houses that keep slimes, but it is mostly for garbage disposal? Why are you feeding it with such a delicious dish?” (Esther)


“What a waste.” (Lily)



 Their eyes are on Pino.


 Did it sense some sort of crisis?


 Pino hurriedly swallowed the Chicken Nanban.



“Pets are my family. Pino is my family. It is normal for families to eat the same food, right?”


“Yes … no, I understand.” (Esther)



 Esther tried to argue, but closed her mouth and shook her head instead.



“What a waste…” (Lily)



 Lily keeps staring at the Pino with her spoon in her mouth.


 I gave her an extra chicken Nanban.



 Then Lily threw a sneak peek at Pino as she became obsessed with Chicken Nanban.



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