Magic Swordsman Chapter 76: Bumomo! Bumomo! Buhi! Bummo! Bummo!

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 My honest impression leaked out from my mouth.


 What appeared was a bipedal monster that was probably two meters (6.5 ft.) long.


 Its body was thick and covered with hair all over.


 At first glance, it looked might have looked like a brown bear, but its face was closer to that of a pig.



“–Bumo!?” (Orc)



 The monster noticed us and raised its voice.


 The squeal was exactly the same as that of a pig.



“Toru. That is an orc.” (Esther)


“No, no, is not it too big!?”



 Rock Worms of the same D-rank subjugation were smaller. I am sure they are considered huge as well, though…



“Is the orc really a D-rank subjugation target?”


“That is right” (Esther)


“Is that it?”


“Yeah. Orcs are not much of a threat if they are normal individuals. However, if a higher-ranked Orc is mixed in, the difficulty level jumps all the way up.” (Esther)


“Even if it looks like this … it is not considered a threat.”


“Maybe you are scared?” (Esther)





 As Esther said, I was certainly afraid.


 It is not the face of the orc, but the body of the orc looks just like a thick brown bear.


 I have never had the urge to fight one.


 However, Esther’s provocation inspired me.


 Fortunately, my [Intuition] is saying that it is weaker than the Queen Rock Worm is.



(I will give it my best shot and if that does not work, I will attack cautiously.)



 I am not going to wait and see.


 As soon as I readied myself, I silently held my sword in front of me.


 Perhaps it noticed my killing intent, the orc stopped walking.



“Fu …”



 I took a deep breath.


 Then I used [Muscle Enhancement].


 The orc stood its ground.


 The next moment.






 I made contact with the enemy.


 I swung the [magic sword] toward the side of the orc.


 The enemy does not react.


 As it is, it is done.



~Esther’s Perspective~


(He is not responding…?) (Esther)



 Did Toru make a mistake?


 I thought but he did not stop.


 Sweep in, three [Magic Sword] slashes, and dash out.



“… Is it done!?” (Esther)



 The next moment after Toru retreated.


 The orc fell to the ground in pieces, spewing red blood.


 When I saw the dismembered orc. I felt my face tensed up.


~Toru’s Perspective~


“Umm Toru. Is not it overkill?” (Esther)


“Yeah maybe, haha …”



 I laugh wryly.


 Indeed, as Esther says. It is probably overkill.


 However, a monster with a body like a brown bear appeared.


 I overestimated the power of the orcs because I remember the fact “brown bears are the strongest land beast in Japan”.


 I currently do not yet have the power to accurately measure the ability of the other party.


 It is foolish to underestimate your opponent and receive a counterattack, but it is just as foolish to overestimate your opponent and do an overkill.


 If I trash the monsters with overkill moves, I will not be able to get the materials I want.


 Accurately measuring an opponent’s ability and killing them efficiently.


 This is a necessary ability for any adventurer.



(I should adjust properly…)



 After that, we found another orc again.


 Since I defeated the last orc, Esther will fight this one.



“Sei!” (Esther)



 With a shout, Esther sliced off the orc’s head with a single stroke and it flew away.


 Blood spurted from the neck, but Esther has already withdrawn.


 A single drop of blood has not splashed her.


 Moreover, she made only the minimum number of attacks.



“Esther is truly impressive.”



 She is a D-ranker like me, but Esther has more experience and wisdom.


 The difference in experience is clearly shown in our subjugating method


 Slashed to pieces versus a single slash and barely damaged prey.


 It is easy for anyone to see which one is more experienced.


 At my second attempt, I am now able to hunt one that can be used for cooking


 The snouts are cut used as proof of subjugation. Then I store the bodies in my [Inventory]


(The first one was so mangled I did not want to bring it back.)


“So orcs, they are pretty safe to hunt.”


“That said, it is still a D-ranked monster, is not it? But it is certainly an opponent that can be defeated without using [Enhancement].” (Esther)


“If so, it is okay then.”


“…Hmm?” (Esther)



 Esther looked at me in confusion.


 Nevertheless, I just shrugged before continuing.



“No, wait, Toru. No way, what are you planning to do…?” (Esther)


“Bumobumo! Bumobumobumo!”



 I learned the orcs sound and I reproduced it using [Whistling] skill.


 Immediately, Esther’s face turns pale.



“Ah! Toru, you! You! You… ah!” (Esther)





 Esther pale in the face suddenly grabbed me before shaking me back and forth.


 She seems to be seriously shaking me.


 I cannot breathe due to her grip, but I cannot get out.



“Toru did forget what happened with the goblin!?” (Esther)


“Well, you were able to level up safely and efficiently… right?”


“That is true… but um…” (Esther)



 Esther suddenly looked weak and her legs gave out.


 Apparently, leveling using [Whistling] was quite traumatic for her.


 Nevertheless, I do not get it.


 For me, I was able to level up quickly and learn how to slash and not get drenched in blood.


 What does she hate it so much?


 However, while I was pondering.



“” “” “” “” “” Bumoo … “” “” “” (Orcs)


“Hiii!?” (Esther)



 All over the forest, the cries of orcs echoed.


 Esther’s shoulder has tensed and she is starting to get in the proper mindset.


 Esther from there on was quick.


 Immediately standing up and getting ready for battle.


 She also began chanting [Muscle Enhancement] so that it can be activated immediately.


 Nevertheless, her face still looked like she is crying.



“Bumobumobumo ~ ♪”



 As I whistled relentlessly, 10 orcs appeared from the depths of the forest.


 The orcs that appeared had all of their fangs removed.


 They looked like young yakuza who had been mocked by their boss.



(Maybe I am saying something that sounds offensive in orc.)



“Bumo ~ ♪”


“Bumo!” “Bumo Mo!” “Buhi!” “Bumo! Bumo!” (Orcs)



 Do orcs have a language, unlike goblins? The orcs are responding to my whistle all at once.


 The expression on their faces was truly menacing and angry. They were in a state of rage.


 As for me who was oblivious to the glare of the orcs,



(Oh, I did it! I got a new orc call!)



 I was delighted to hear the new orc call.



“Toru. You will be in trouble if they get behind you!” (Esther)


“That is right. Then–“



 I channeled my magic power and immediately activated an earth magic spell.






 The ground roared all at once from every direction.


 The cause of the sound is the earth magic [Rock Needle].


 Thirty centimeters in diameter. It was a simple but effective way to make sure that orcs could not get through.


 It is simple, but a barricade is complete.


 It would take time to break this barricade, and even if it was broken, it could be repaired by using the [Rock Needle] right away.


  In addition, the barricade was placed to lure the orcs from the front, but even if they were cornered, Esther and I would be able to slip through the barricade.


 Unless we are surrounded by a large horde, can attack or flee as we please.



“Then Esther, let’s go!”


“After all that, this is what happens …”



 Esther seemed to be upset, but I just cannot get why.


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