Magic Swordsman Chapter 77: The Ultimate Meat

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 At the counter of the less than popular Adventurer’s Guild.


 Marie, the receptionist, was sighing and organizing the documents.



 Recently, the adventurer’s guild has been hit very hard.


 It is also because of the scheming guild staff.


 The fact that the Adventurers’ Guild had been unable to make any kind of presence in the crisis in Finlis was also a major factor.


 The adventurer’s guild used to be so busy. People used to compete for requests every day, but now all we hear are the echoing of a deserted guild.



“I am free …” (Marie)



 Marie voluntarily began organizing the documents. However, she has been organizing the document shelves twice in the past week.


 This is the third time.


 Other than doing that, there is nothing else for her to do.



“Huh…” (Marie)



 She began to sigh again.


 Then the door of the Adventurer’s Guild opened with a bang.


 An adventurer rushed inside the guild towards Marie.



“That is hard! An Orc… an Orc King came!” (Adventurer)


“What was that!?” (Marie)



 Marie was so surprised she immediately stood up.


 Almost at the same time, the staff members who were also free started to move all at once.


 The Orc King is a monster that reigns at the top of the Orc species.


 Its subjugation level is very high, “Conditional B-rank”.


 If it is the Orc King alone, the subjugation level will drop to C-rank.


 However, the scariest thing about Orc Kings is that they lead an army of lower rank orcs.


 By the time an adventurer comes to blow with an Orc King, they would have to fight at least 100 lesser orcs.


 Number is power.


 No matter how elite the team is, it will be overwhelmed by the violence of numbers.


 Its body has a thick layer of fat, making it difficult for attacks to reach vulnerable areas.


 In addition, the King is in command of the army.


 The D-ranked monsters, organized by the King, rush in with planned assault.



 This is the reason for the subjugation level of the “Conditional B-rank”.



“Then, please tell us the position and situation with the King.” (Marie)


“Oh, oh. They are currently in the northern part of Finlis Forest. The scale is–” (Adventurer)



 Guild officials were already poised to subdue the Orc King.


 After that, Marie began to wonder if there would be enough adventurers to subdue the Orc King…



(This seems like it is going to be a pain.) (Marie)



 Looking around inside the guild, where there are few adventurers, Marie gently sighed.



 (–I almost forgot.) (Marie)



 Marie remembered something and she gasped for breath.


 This morning, there was a party of adventurers who accepted the request to subdue orcs.


 The party is–.



(Toru… They are in danger!) (Marie)






~Toru’s Perspective~


“Bumobumo, buhibuhi ♪”



 When I whistle, the orcs gather in an interesting fashion.


 Is my whistling imitating their calls a very unpleasant word to Orcs? The Orcs that gathered all came at me with bloodshot eyes.


 I carefully disposed of the orcs one by one.






 In the beginning, Esther was wielding her sword while screaming and complaining, but now she has become very quiet.


 She was like an artisan putting a platter of sashimi on a conveyor belt, slashing away at the orcs with a dead-eyed look in her eyes.


 She was able to defeat the orcs with the minimum of force, without making wasteful moves.


 I am also now able to defeat the orcs with almost no effort.


 At first, he totally botched in killing the first five orcs, but now they are reaping their lives in an instant without damaging the orcs.


 At first, they often failed to instantly kill the mixed in fairly muscular individuals.


 Now, however, I am able to make slight adjustments, and no longer fail to kill due to individual differences.


 The reason for my improvement in killing Orcs is that I learned how to get around them by “mimicking” Esther while observing her fighting style.


 Moreover, my movements became lighter.



(I think I leveled up a lot.)



 My lighter movement is probably due to me leveling up.


 However, at present, I do not have time to check the skill board.



(I am looking forward to seeing how much it went up later)



“Boohee, buhibuhibuhi ♪”


“Bumoo!” “Buhhh! Buhhhhh!” (Orcs)


“…” (Esther)



 The orcs went wild as soon as I whistle.


 Esther looks at me with apathy, but I do not care.


 Right now, leveling up is my priority.


 –And meat!



 Defeat the orcs and store the copses in the [Inventory].


 I can store them once they are dead, but I cannot store the living ones.


[Inventory] was effective in confirming if the orcs were dead or not.



(How many days’ worth of meat is this?)



 When Toru was defeating the orcs with excitement, [Intuition] suddenly caught a strong presence.





“Ah!” (Esther)



 Did Esther feel that presence?


 Her dead-fish eyes were now glaring at the depths of the forest. Her eyes were now sharp and focused.



 Still, our bodies keep moving.


 If we do not move, we are going to be crushed by orcs.


 After defeating the orcs, a huge orc appeared from the depths of the forest.



“The leader? Do you know about it, Esther?”


“No, I do not know about it either.” (Esther)



 If Esther does not know it, then it is a rare variant.



 -Rare and strong variants are a treasure trove of experience points!



 My spine shivered.



“Okay, let’s beat that!”


“No. Toru, I understand how you feel, but first, we should do something about the orcs in front of it.” (Esther)



 In front of the huge orc, ordinary orcs are in front defending it.


 Even if we are continuously defeating them, there is no sign that they are decreasing.



“Oh, that is fine”



 Therefore, I changed the form of [Magic Sword].


 Pulling the string of the magic bow and release it.


 Half a second later.


 An arrow flew from the bow.


 The next moment.



 –*saku~tsu*! [T/N: A piercing/cracking sound.]



 An arrow is now piercing the huge orc’s forehead.


 Next to the huge orc, an ordinary orc looked at the huge orc and stared at it.


 The huge orc slowly falls back.






 The sound of a large orc falling echoes in the woods.


 Not a single orc was moving, even though all were in combat position.


 It was as if we were in the eye of a storm.



“Okay, we have more meat!”




 My joyful cry broke the silence.

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