Magic Swordsman Chapter 78: Team Recruitment & Disbanding

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~3rd Person Perspective~


 Before nightfall, the Adventurer’s Guild was filled with an uneasy atmosphere.


 Inside the building, many adventurers had gathered for the first time in a long time.


 The adventurers who had gathered there were not there to accept requests or to report on the completion of their quests.


 They were called together by the guild staff through their network.



 Thirty-one adventurers have gathered.


 An Orc King Subjugation unit consisting of seven parties have been established.



 When the sun goes down, the Finlis gate will be closed off.


 Therefore, tomorrow will be the start of the subjugation quest.


 However, before that, a proper strategy meeting must be held.


 As long as there is a king, the orcs will cooperate. If a plan cannot be finalized, the adventurers will suffer the consequences.



(I wonder if the Orc King will be in the same place tomorrow…)



 Marie was worried about that fact.


 Of course, she is worried that the adventurer will be hurt during the battle with the Orc King.


 The adventurers who are capable of defeating the Orc King are an important part of the Finlis Adventurers Guild.


 They are an asset that they do not want to lose.


 The gathered adventurers may get hurt and retire from being an adventurer.


 The adventurers alone should be able to defeat normal orcs, but they may not be able to defeat the King in single combat.



 (… but maybe, maybe.) (Marie)


 In Marie’s mind, thoughts are brewing.



(I did not realize how painful deciding would be…) (Marie)



 Marie currently has no direct boss.


 The receptionist chief has been vacant since his former boss, Philip, retired.


 Currently, Marie is acting as the deputy chief, and it is the first time for her to command people.


 Originally, the guild master should have dealt with this situation.


 However, the Guild Master is absent since he is heading towards the royal capital.


 There is no guild master.


 There is no chief with authority and practical experience.


 Currently, only Marie has the authority to move people in the guild.


 There was also the option of not making a move and wait until the guild master returns.


 However, after hearing the news of an Orc King’s appearance, Marie could not help but soldier on.


 The Adventurer’s Guild is an organization that deals with situations where knights and guards cannot move.


 They are an independent force that quickly responds to situations where it takes time for other public and private forces to move.


 If there is a disaster-class monster, the Orc King in front of them, and no one can immediately respond, it is the duty of the adventurer’s guild.



(If something goes wrong, I have to take responsibility. Oh, I wonder if there is a rich and kind man who would hire me somewhere and pamper me…) (Marie)



 It was at this moment that Marie, unable to bear the stress of leading thirty-one adventurers, retreated into her delusions.


 Then two adventurers entered the guild’s entrance.



(–Toru-san!) (Marie)



 The adventurers who entered were Toru and Esther, both had headed out to subjugate orcs since morning.



(I am glad … he is alive.) (Marie)



 Marie is relieved.


 Toru walked towards the counter with a cheerful stride.


 Esther following behind him, have dead-fish-eyes.


 Marie guessed what could have happened.


 –Toru did something outrageous again.


 Previously, Toru and company. For a week, they continued to subjugate a huge number of goblins.


 They hunted 100 to 150 monsters a day, which is far from an ordinary adventurer who hunts 1-2 monsters a day.


 It is about 100 times more than normal.


 It is no wonder Esther’s spirit has departed from her body.



“You are pretty busy.”


“Thank you for your hard work, Toru-san and Esther-san. Yes. We are going through a problematic situation.” (Marie)





 Toru began to look uneasy.



“Maybe I should report the completion of the request later?”


“No, we will confirm it. I am sorry; can another staff member take charge for a bit?” (Marie)



 Originally, Marie wanted to be the one confirming the request.


 Confirmation of requests is the only opportunity to engage with an adventurer. What was the point of working as a receptionist if she was going to miss out on the company of promising adventurers?


 Now Marie has to explain the situation to the adventurers of the Orc King Subjugation team.


 Unfortunately, she did not have the time to talk to Toru.



“Well, do you buy orc meat in the guild?”


“Yes, we do. I have heard that orc meat is very tasty. However, orc meat is famous for its limited edible parts. If you need meat, it would be better to just dismantle it.” (Marie)


“Oh, that is okay. We have secured a lot.”



 Toru laughed so carefreely; it seemed that he was truly happy.


 Marie’s heart is enamored by his smile.



 However, a thought immediately dawned on her.



“…a lot?” (Marie)



 It is a line that if it came out from an ordinary adventurer nobody would think it is strange.


 However, Toru has a horrible record.



(That sack of ears still appears in my dreams…)



 Marie’s spine crawled as she remembered the bag of goblin ears splatted with blood all over.



 If he had defeated “a lot” of orcs…



“Marie, where should I get this confirmed?”


“I will do it!” (Marie)




“I will do it! Please, all subjugation parties wait a moment!” (Marie)



 Marie is getting a bad feeling from this.


 Marie followed her intuition and invited Toru to the counter.



“Is this okay?”


“–!!” (Marie)



 The ear sack all over again.


 This time, not the ears, but snouts. It was a terrifying jute bag that looked exactly the same as before was placed on the counter.


 The jute bag was bulging like a meat bun.


 Marie was reluctant just looking at the sack, but she knew she had to look inside.



“He-hey!?” (Marie)



 Snouts, snouts and many snouts.


 The jute bag was packed with countless orc snouts.


 At the top of it is a huge snout, which is clearly different from the common snouts.



“Ah…” (Marie)



 The moment she saw it, Marie froze.



(This is an Orc King’s snout…) (Marie)



 At a glance, Marie realized that it was an Orc King’s snout.


 However Marie…



(I gathered a subjugation unit… what should I do…?) (Marie)




 She was tearfully holding back her tears.

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