Magic Swordsman Chapter 79: Meat Get!

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~3rd Person Perspective~


 As it turned out during the assessment of the snouts, it seems that Toru and his party had unknowingly defeated a B-rank monster.


 However, Toru does not really feel that he has defeated a strong monster.


 It was the same with Esther.



“Did Esther-san know about Orc Kings?” (Marie)


“I knew about them, but I have not seen one, so I do not think that one was could be in the middle of our hunting.” (Esther)



 A thick layer of fat protects Orcs.


 Like a Rock Worm, it is a monster with high defense.


 When Orc Kings are leading a group of orcs.


 They will block escape routes or enclose them with impenetrable meat shields.


 For any normal adventurer, they will be killed if they do not receive any help.


 This is because innately, orcs have a high defense and cannot be defeated unless multiple adventurers attack them.


 Many adventurers will be needed to deal with a horde of orcs.


 However, Toru and Esther. Both had extremely sharp weapons.


 Two swords that slice through the thick fat of orcs.


[Magic sword] and Esther’s special mithril sword.


 Both weapons are able to slice through an orc’s strength.


 Toru can even shoot an arrow that pierces the thick skull of an Orc King.


 Toru was also capable of barricading them with [Rock Needle].


 They barricaded their surroundings so they would not be attacked from all directions. They just focus on attacking from a single entrance.




 Because of that, the Orc King’s strategies are rendered useless.


 Toru was the natural enemy to the orcs.


 It must have been a nightmare, to monsters who could not even use their armor of fat and renders their strategy useless.


 However, for Toru, the orcs were good prey.


 The appearance of this orc and the orc king caused an uproar in the guild. Toru learned about this from Marie.


 After the completion report, Marie was in tears.



(I am so happy the Orc King is subdued.) (Marie)



 After leaving her crying, Toru and his party visited the Dismantling Room.


 This was the first guild facility they had entered since becoming adventurers.



~Toru’s Perspective~


“This is where they dismantle your monsters, and this is also where they buy the materials from you after they dismantle them.” (Esther)





 I curiously looked at the room of the dismantling division.


 Huge saws, chisel, and mallets are hanging on the wall.


 If I did not know anything, I would have thought this is a carpenter’s workroom.


 Others may mistake it for a torture room because of the faint smell of blood lingering.



“Oh, you need dismantling?” (Guild Staff)



 As I was looking at the room, a middle-aged guild staff wearing an apron appeared.


 The guild staff looks strong. He has thick arms that look like he could kill people by strangling them.



“Yes, please dismantle some orcs.”


“Okay…. Where is the orc?” (Guild Staff)


“Oh, can I take it out?”


“Take it out… oh; you are the one with [Inventory]!” (Guild Staff)



 The staff, who had wrinkles between his eyebrows before, suddenly his expression brightened.



“I was really saved at that time. I cannot speak for everybody in Finlis but I am an example of the people who are grateful to you.” (Guild Staff)


“No. When people are in trouble, we have to help each other.”



 The staff said “that time” was after the attack on Finlis.


 The day after the attack, the reconstruction of Finlis began.


 The first step is to remove the debris.


 Anyone can help in this job.


 Whether you are craftsmen, tradesmen, adventurers, or merchants, all of them were soot-covered and worked hard to remove the debris.


 Meanwhile, I quickly removed the debris using [Inventory].


 Originally, I did not want to use [Inventory] in public.


 However, seeing everyone sweating and covered with soot, I did not feel like hiding [Inventory] anymore.


 If I kept hiding my skill, an essential part of my humanity would be lost.


 Therefore, I used [Inventory] to remove the debris.


 Thanks to that



“If you need anything, tell me right away. I will help you no matter what since you might not be physically strong.” (Guild Staff)


“Thank you.”



 –The number of people who are looking at me in a positive light has increased.


 I came to Eargard and felt gratitude from the people I have met. Something that did not happen to me in Tokyo.



(Lid. The number of people who will be on our side has increased by a lot…)



 I felt a bit sad, but then I remembered what I had to do.



“Then, please dismantle the orcs.”


“Okay.” (Guild Staff)



 With that said, I took out the orcs from my [Inventory] one after another.



“Oh, hey … how many of you hunted!?” (Guild Staff)


“Um, 217 in total?”


“Huh!?” (Guild Staff)



 My words seem to have surprised the guild staff.


 There is no doubt that the number of hunted monsters is equal to the number of snouts that Marie checked in the sack.



“Toru. To be exact, we hunted two hundred and twenty orcs. But around three orcs got mangled.” (Esther)


“Oh, that is right …”



 I am now able to defeat the orcs efficiently, but at first, it was a series of overkills.


 As long as I have a snout that can serve as proof, the guild can then count the number of subjugated monsters. However, some orc’s carcasses were completely destroyed that even their snouts could not be taken.


 -That amounted to three.



“What the… How many did you bring?” (Guild Staff)


“I hunted 220 orcs, but some of them have been ruined, so it is already less than 220. Um… about 150 can be used for meat, I guess?”


“…….” (Guild Staff)



 The expression disappeared from the staff’s face.


 His gaze became unfocused. He began to stare at an empty space.



“Somehow, you can protect yourself enough even if I do not offer you my help.” (Guild Staff)


“No, there are things I cannot do.”


“After all you have done for me, what can I do for you…” (Guild Staff)





 I contemplated for a while.


 I did not know what I could and could not do, even though I have lived for 32 years.


 Even if I think I am not good at it, sometimes things work out unexpectedly when I try somethings.


 Moreover, so is the reverse.


 I cannot really know anything without trying it.



“So, is it okay to put take out all the orcs?”


“Yeah. Yeah, I think we can just about make it. I will gather the other bastards and dismantle it with them, but it will not be done today. You can pick up the magic stones and meat the day after tomorrow.” (Guild Staff)


“Okay, but can you give me a chunk of meat for now?”


“Sure.” (Guild Staff)




 The staff were dismantling the orc.


 His handiwork was nothing short of brilliant. I blinked once, the skin was already peeled off, and the meat was immediately being removed from the bones.


 Watching the dismantling was enough to kill time.


 While watching, the staff brought out a chunk of meat wrapped in paper.


 It is been less than 5 minutes. It is a pretty quick job.


 However, not all have been dismantled.


 He dismantled only the “chunk of meat” that I asked for.



“I kept you waiting.” (Guild Staff)


“No problem, thank you. See you tomorrow.”


“Sure.” (Guild Staff)



 I took the meat, threw it into my [Inventory], and headed home with Esther. 

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