Magic Swordsman Chapter 8: Goblin Cleaning

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“I’m your opponent!”



 I shouted to get the attention of the “enemy”.


The “enemy” was shocked by my appearance when I suddenly appeared.


 Then I slashed at the “enemies” bisecting multiple of them at once.


 A squelching sound echoed and the remaining “enemies” started targeting me.



“Gega Ga!!” (“Enemy”)



The “enemies” view me as the enemy with the highest priority to subdue. The flock of the “enemies” murmur amongst themselves.



“Ki, you…” (adventurer)



 I heard a high pitched voice from behind.


 When I turned around, a swordsman holding a long sword was looking at me was on guard.


 It is no surprise she’s vigilant especially when someone came swinging their weapon.


 I think about it and spoke with a gentle voice.



“Can you protect yourself?”


“Oh, yeah” (adventurer)


“I will defeat as much as I can, so please fight “enemy” over there.”


“Wait, wait! You are–” (adventurer)



 I did not get to finish what the swordsman said, but instead headed straight to the “enemies”.


 From the feeling that I had to escape these “enemies” earlier, I found that I was never going to lose to the “enemy.”


 As Lid remembered, “weakest”.


 Then, is that why can I fight against a crowd of them?


 How good is my strength?


 With that thought in mind, I swung the [Magic Sword] with all my might.






 [Magic Sword] soundlessly cut through the body of the “enemy”.


 The blood from the “enemy” spurted through the air.


 The blown blood that was mixed in the air had turned into a drizzle of red.


 You can’t stop by just cutting one.


 I cut two. And then three, and then more “enemies” beyond that.


 Splash. Warm “something” kept splashing over me.


 Without confirming anything, I kept swinging my [Magic Sword].


 Did the “enemies” think that I was too dangerous? The “enemies” change their target to the other swordsman.


 The “enemies” started to pass through me.






 Once again I used [Intimidation].


 I interfered with the actions of the “enemy”.


 Slashing, thrusting, Cutting, and kicking.


 Avoiding, counter-attacks, and severing.


 As I quickly slashed at the nearest “enemy”. Then I kicked the pebbles on the ground targeting the farther ones.


 The “enemies” hit by the pebbles rolled all-over the place with a pain-filled grimace.


 My body moved in accordance to my thoughts and even performed beyond my imagination.


 Only with my will to fight, my quick responding body defeats the “enemy”.


 When I swung the [Magic Sword] to the enemy on the right side, another enemy was flanking me.


 My body responds calmly to the attack.


 Looking at the moment when I swung, I grabbed my “enemy’s” hand with my free hand.


 I am not putting much effort into it, but the hands of the “enemies” suddenly stop.


 The attack never gained momentum and can be thwarted by little force. I was able to judge the best timing only because of [Intuition].


I turn around without waiting for the “enemy” to react. Then I cut off the neck with the [Magic Sword].


 My body feels like it’s burning hot.






 I began to laugh during the battle.


 It was fun and unbelievable that my body could move as I wished.


 I am using my own hands to take another creature’s life.


 However, there was no aversion or pity.


 This is another world, Eargard.


Surrounded by a group of “enemy”, my own life is more important. My life will be lost if I fool around.


 Now it’s either to take their life or have my own be deprived.


 Slash, poke, kick.


 I take life one after another.



“Ha ha ha ha!!”



 Breaking through the limits of concentration.


 Adrenaline creates pleasure.



 (More and more)



 I laughed.


 While laughing, I kept defeating the “enemy”.




~3rd Person Perspective~


 Surrounded by a horde of goblins, the adventurer Esther didn’t know if she can believe the sight in front of her.


 In front of her, an unfamiliar boy is fighting against a horde of goblins.


 The boy’s ability was overwhelming.


 If it’s a goblin, it’s going to be killed. Kill every goblin insight.


 The request Esther received at the Adventurer’s Guild this time was a goblin subjugation within the forest.


 It is a standard request for E-ranks that can be cleared by defeating 5 targets.


 Among the subjugation requests received by the Adventurer’s Guild, Goblins are low-ranked for the lowest and second-lowest ranks of an adventurer.


 It may be called the weakest monster, but it is also a monster that becomes a hurdle for those who experience subjugation for the first time.


 goblins have the habit of forming a horde and are a little bit more intelligent.


 Although it is smaller than humans, it can fight back.


 Nonetheless, Esther has some abilities.


 She was capable enough to defeat a few goblins.


 However, something unexpected happened this time.


 At the request, it only said to “subdue 5 goblins along the highway,” but when she came to the location, countless goblins occupied the highway.


 She came across a horde, but she is not going down without a fight. Esther searches for an escape route while cutting down a goblin that approached carelessly with her sword.


 However, some goblins threw rocks at her.



“Kuh…” (Esther)



 The thrown stone hit her body, and Esther moaned in pain.


 Although the damage was small, it was powerful enough to chip away her physical strength.


 Esther’s chance of escaping steadily dwindled, and she was surrounded before she reached the city.


 As she was surrounded by goblins, she has begun to realize that she would never live after this.


 Esther is an adventurer. She knows she can lose her life. Though she is thinking of fighting until the moment when her life is exhausted.


 However, her body still trembled with fear.


 The goblin lifted the club in its hand.


 But the next moment.


 A boy who suddenly appeared and cuts off several goblins in an instant.



―― What happened!?



 You can usually defeat a small group of goblins when you are an E-rank adventurer. However, if you want to subdue this much alone, you must have at least D-rank.


 However, Esther didn’t remember a D-rank adventurer who could do so much.



“This boy is…” (Esther)



 His movement when swinging a sword is beautiful in a word. He is swinging his sword as if he was dancing.


 There is no sign of a goblin landing a hit. It looks impossible for goblins to land one, especially for a low intelligence goblin.


 Esther has the pride of being a swordsman.


 But even Esther couldn’t imagine a future she could fight him.


 Similar to his skill, the sword he holds is also strange.


 The curved black and white blade with a red pattern is quite rare in this area.


 The sword boasted extraordinary sharpness.


 When the long sword was swung, it cut the goblin’s body silently.


 On the other hand, Esther’s sword always produces a sound when slashing.


 That’s because Esther’s sword is a type of weapon that hacks.


 Even with the same “slash”, the results were different between Esther and the boy.



“Wow!?-Wow!” (Esther)



 Not when she is fascinated by his skill. Esther slashed and pushed away from the goblin that had inadvertently sneaked up to her.


 The cross-section of the goblin cut by Esther is crushed. This is a normal wound.


 On the other hand, the boy’s sword cuts so beautifully that the bisected parts are like puzzle pieces.



“…Wow” (Esther)



 Was the only word that came out of Esther’s mouth?


 She couldn’t find any other words to describe him.




~Toru’s Perspective~


 When the last “enemy” who was trying to escape into the forest was cut and died, my concentration was back to normal.






 When I took a deep breath, my breath quickly adjusted. Thanks to the skill [Natural Recovery].


 I have always been able to keep fighting with all my strength because the [Natural Recovery] skill was able to recover my declining physical strength continuously.


 Without this, I would have been out of breath and had been crushed by the hordes of “enemy”.


I fought and was surrounded by the “enemy”, but I didn’t even get a scratch.


 This is because [Intuition] keeps track of the position of “enemy” and [Thought Acceleration] that quickly processes the obtained information.



“I was only trying out the skill after acquiring, but after acquiring it was the correct choice.”



 There was a sea of blood.


 Blood and offal are mixed and there is no place not soaked by blood.


 When the wind blew, the smell of blood and offal scattered.


 The word “grotesque” is appropriate, but since I was like this after winning, I don’t mind.


 I erase the [Magic Sword] and wipe the blood of the “enemy” plastered on my face.


 Then I remembered something.



“Speaking of which, there was someone here.”



 Because I was so concentrated fighting, I completely forgot that there was someone I needed to help.



“Are you okay?” 



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