Magic Swordsman Chapter 80: Compensation for Good Food

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 When we got home, I froze when I saw the changes in the living room.



“…Welcome back” (Lily)


“I am home?”



 Lily was sitting on a chair in the middle of the living room.


 A lot of paper was scattered around her.


 I am not sure what to do. There is no place to step on.


 Of course, Lily was the cause.


 While I was looking on in amazement, Lily was drawing something on the paper with her brush.


 When it was finished, Lily dropped the paper on the floor.



“… What are you doing?”


“I am making a magic scroll.” (Lily)





 I see I thought.


 Lily is the manager of a magic scroll store.


 All her merchandise at her magic scroll store was lost in the big fire the other day.


 Lily is currently making new scrolls to stock up her store.


 I felt a small amount of magical power in Lily’s hand.


 By drawing symbols and patterns with magical power, it becomes a magic scroll like Toru used.


 As I watched her work for a short while, Lily suddenly sank to the table.


 At the same time, a sound echoed from Lily’s stomach.



“… I am hungry.” (Lily)


“Have you not have any lunch yet?”


“I ate… a little.” (Lily)



 Lily glances at the sofa.


 A half-eaten meat skewer was precariously placed there.


 It is a meat skewer sold in one of the food stalls in the city.



“… It was not delicious.” (Lily)



 When she said that, she glared at me.


 I do not remember doing anything wrong.


 I am innocent. I raises my hand and shook my head.



“I now have an extravagant palate…” (Lily)


“Ah, haha”



 Apparently, the food yesterday and this morning made Lily’s taste a little extravagant.


 Certainly, if you have an extravagant palate, you cannot eat this meat skewer.


 I strongly agreed with Lily.



“Lily. We all share this house. People should be able to walk around.”


“Mu” (Lily)


“Lily, if you eat rice there, it will get dirty. Please clean it up while I am cooking food.”


“Hmm, since you asked.” (Lily)


“Yes, I asked.”



 I asked, and I nodded smiling at Lily, who looks like a petulant child.


 Esther’s cheeks slightly swelled while I was talking to Lily.


 Was something bothering her?


 I pondered, but I cannot think of anything.


 For the time being, I shelved the question in the back of my mind, and I went to the kitchen to make us supper.


 By the time I finished cooking and preparing the food, the living room had returned to the same tidy state as this morning.


 Esther and Lily, who were waiting for dinner, directed shining eyes towards me.


 Next to that, Pino jumps over and over as if he were saying, “I am here too!”


 Pino like a dog welcomed him back home and found out that I was cooking, so he also went to the living room. Smart.


 I placed a plate in front of each of them, smiling brilliantly at Pino’s cuteness.



“Today’s dish is steak.”


“”Oh!”” (Esther & Lily)


“(Poyonpoyon!)” (Pino)



 I grilled the orc meat with finesse.


 The seasoning is simply salt and pepper.


 It is like an A5 rank, Chateaubriand. [T/N: So A5 Chateaubriand is similar to a Filet Mignon. The A5 ranking means that it is high class and cannot be found in ordinary stores but in special high-class stores.]


 Because of the high-fat content of the meat, it was heavily seasoned to make it taste best.


 I took a seat and put my hands together.



“Itadaki–” [T/N: Itadakimasu literally meaning, “I humbly receive” is like a prayer or a saying Japanese people say before meals. Like thanks or blessing for the meal. Similar to bon a petit or thanks for the food.]


“Wait a moment.” (Esther)



 Esther interrupted my words with a serious tone.


 She got up from her seat and picked up Lily’s plate.


 Lily, who was about to eat steak, raised her eyes.



“…fight?” (Lily)



 Lily’s whole body became filled with magical power.


 Due to her strong magical power, the knife and fork began to deform.



“Why did Lily think she could eat steak?” (Esther)


“…What do you mean?” (Lily)


“This is the orc that I and Toru hunted. I think Lily, who has not hunted orc with me and has not helped, can have steak for free at no cost.” (Esther)


“Esther. I am not–“


“Shut up Toru” (Esther)


“Huh, right.” (Lily)



 For me, I am willing to offer Lily food without a cost.


 However, Esther glared at me, and I hurriedly conceded.


 It is not a very peaceful atmosphere.



“The house we promised to share, but not the meals.” (Esther)


“…” (Lily)


“And Lily-san is an adventurer. I think you know how important the idea of price is to an adventurer.” (Esther)



 Adventurers are neither doing charity nor working for their citizens as public servants.


 There is always a price and every adventurer works due to that.


 If they start working without compensation, it will become commonplace for them to work without compensation.


 Because of such a small number of individuals, “all legitimate adventurers” who move for a price will be seen as “greedy adventurers”.


 To prevent that, adventurers value the price of work.


 They do not demand money, but they demand compensation.


 Lily’s gaze went to the floor.


 There were a few tears in her eyes.



“Lily-san. That–”


“…!” (Lily)



 I wanted to say something, but before I could, Lily stood up vigorously and ran out of the living room.






 Did she get angry?


 My heart grew cold due to the horrible atmosphere.



“Toru. Did you understand what I was saying?” (Esther)


“… No. Esther is not wrong.”



 Lily is not family. Not even a companion.


 She is just a housemate in a shared living space.


 It is only natural that I give her food and asks for compensation.



“If we do not solve this first, it will become a bigger problem later.” (Esther)





 That is true.


 The more you put up with it, the more resentment could pile up.


 As much as I do not want to, I will ask for compensation.


 It is normal for every person living here.


 That said, I still did not like this kind of atmosphere.


 I want to live without hurting anyone if possible.


 For that reason, I just have to put up with it. On the other hand, I might suffer a disadvantage in the long run.


 It is many times better than facing the consequence.



(Would she want to eat steak? No … in this state, she will not be able to eat it with gusto… huh…)



 As soon as my shoulders dropped in resignation, footsteps approached from the outside of the living room.


 The door opened, and Lily, who had a slightly teary face, appeared.


 She was holding a black cloth between her hands.


 As she approached me, Lily offered the cloth.



“This…” (Lily)




“I will give this…. I get a meal.” (Lily)



 Apparently, Lily brought the compensation Esther said because she wanted to eat the steak.


 I received it and spread it.



“…a coat?”



 It looks like a trench coat.


 However, the fabric is thinner than a coat.



“Sage’s robe. Excellent defense.” (Lily)




“While wearing it, it will become familiar with the magical power of the owner. The more you use it, the stronger it will become.” (Lily)


“Wow! Did Lily make this?”


“Hmm. I got it from my master. Wear it as your magic grows.” (Lily)


“Well, is not it bad if you give it away?”



 I do not know who Lily’s master is.


 However, I do not think it is a good idea to casually give it away.



“It is fine. It does not suit me.” (Lily)





 So I checked and I realized she was telling the truth.


 For Lily, who looks like a girl, the green robe she is currently wearing looks better than the black one.


 Also, this robe is too big for Lily’s body.


 It is light and it is also the perfect size for me.


 Unfortunately, Lily did not seem to be growing much.



“So can I eat?” (Lily)





 Lily’s voice was terribly soft.


 She sounds afraid that she would be turned down.



(Do you want to eat my food so much …?)



 I glanced at Esther, a little confused by Lily’s attitude.


 I got nothing. Esther did not give anything away.



“I was imagining how much meal I would give as compensation. Well, if this okay with you, it is okay with me.”


“I have not given anything to Esther, is that okay?” (Lily)


“Oh. It is Toru who cooks.” (Esther)


“I see.” (Lily)



 However, I felt it was a little too much.



“I will use this robe properly. Lily-san, you can eat all the dishes I make for free.”


“Really!?” (Lily)



 Lily’s expression became brighter.


 Esther screamed a little, “Hey,” but immediately shook her head.


 She probably also realized that the robe was worth it.


 When everyone sat down in the chair, I took the lead again and started on my steak.


 Everyone ate the steak and silently ate.


 We all wanted to eat steak rather than say a word.



 The taste of meat was better than I thought.

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