Magic Swordsman Chapter 81: Aaron’s Return

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~3rd Person Perspective~


   Dilmut, the guild master of the Finlis Adventurer’s Guild, returns to his office with a bitter smile at Marie, who keeps bowing in front of him.



“Master. I am very sorry.” (Marie)


“No, it is okay, come on raise your head.” (Aaron)



 The reason why Marie is bowing is because of the way she handled things while Aron was away.


 Aaron was on a business trip to the royal capital.


 Meanwhile, an Orc King was discovered in the northern part of the Finlis Forest.


 An Orc King is a B-rank monster.


 The Orc King’s high defensive power and commanding ability can make it difficult for even the Silver Wing Knights to protect the royal capital.


 If the orcs left the forest and approached the city of Finlis, an unimaginable amount of damage was to be expected.


 Therefore, Marie, who moved in anticipation of an emergency, is not wrong.


 Rather, the quickness of her decision is commendable.


 To defend the city, in the absence of a Guild Master, Aaron. It is not possible for an average employee to make such a hard decision.


 Knights under the umbrella of national and local aristocrats are properly armed. However, it will take time to move once the incident occurs.


 On the other hand, the adventurer’s guild has a different fighting force including their hierarchy, but their initial action is usually quick.


 Therefore, regarding the defense of Finlis, the adventurer’s guild is required to play the role of defenders until the Knights can move.


 In other words, as a staff member of the Adventurer’s Guild, Marie fulfilled her role perfectly.


 Even if the Orc King had been subdued before the subjugation unit moved.



“I am just out of luck this time, and you did not do anything wrong. Rather you should be proud.” (Aaron)


“But I have spent the guild’s money at my own discretion.” (Marie)



 In the end, she did not deploy the adventurers she gathered, but she still paid some rewards when she dispersed them.


 However, that is also a necessary expense, Aaron thought.



“No problem. Rather, the Adventurer’s Guild is an organization dedicated to defending Finlis, so I think it makes sense to let them know.” (Aaron)



 What you should never do when you are on the defense is to assume a future where nothing will happen.


 Defense is not about keeping damage small.


 It is for “not receiving any damage”.


 A future where there was no damage is the best form of defense they should aim for.


 In that respect, Marie’s actions are perfectly in line.


 Perhaps it was just after the Finlis attack that these actions were taken despite the absence of Guild Master Aaron.


 On the contrary, it was Aaron’s responsibility.


 The Reception Department Chief was left vacant.


 The chief of the reception department has practically the same power as the sub-guild master.


 This is because the Chief Receptionist manages and undertakes all administrative procedures.



(The guild system should be stabilized immediately) (Aaron)



 Fortunately, Philip’s successor has been decided.


 Marie is the person who showed a glimpse of his talent in an emergency.


 He is still a little worried about her practical experience, but that will come naturally to her if she works for the guild. The important thing is to have a good eye for information and the courage to make important decisions.


 The Finlis guild still has talented people.


 Just knowing that Aaron believed he could run the guild with confidence.



“I have been having a tough time myself, you know. I was squeezed hard at the guild headquarters in the Royal Capital. I have been berated at the guild headquarters in King’s Landing for not managing the guild well enough, for not being aware enough despite being a master. I was scolded endlessly. I am not sure what to do anymore.” (Aaron)


“Huh …” (Marie)


“Oh yeah. I bought a souvenir from the royal capital, so give it to everyone.” (Aaron)


“… haa” (Marie)



 Marie looked confused when she was given sweets sold in the royal capital.


 What kind of face should she make while giving out souvenirs from someone who was not in the guild during an emergency? This is what Marie should be thinking, Aaron thought.


 However, it is the responsibility of the boss to work for everyone and to be resented by everyone.


 Aaron pushed the cookies against Marie with a smile.



“After a long sermon at the guild, I got a request. Next week, the order of succession to the throne will finally be announced.” (Aaron)


“–!” (Marie)



 It sounded so casual to Marie as if she is receiving a request.


 The announcement of the successor to the throne is a major event for the Kingdom of Yuster.


 There are currently three princes in the kingdom.


 Since the king is still young, there is a possibility that the number of princes will still continue to increase.


 Announcement of the successor to the throne at this time does not simply decide on which prince will succeed. It is also a declaration that any prince born after will not be chosen as a successor.


 It is an announcement that will determine the future of the kingdom.


 It will be a big one, raising the country.



“It is a request from the Silver Wing Knights, who are in charge of guarding the royal capital, but they want adventurers to be in charge of patrolling the royal capital.” (Aaron)


“In other words, we will send people from Finlis guild.” (Marie)


“Exactly.” (Aaron)


“How many people do we need?” (Marie)



 As fast as Aaron snapping his finger, he decided.


 It is a good thing both of them are quick thinkers, because of that, they can plan faster.



“Just two.” (Marie)



 Aaron did not miss Marie’s sigh of relief.


 The current Finlis Guild is overwhelmingly understaffed.


 Many adventurers have been taking requests to help in Finlis recovery.


 The Guild is currently silent not just because of trust issues.


 But also, many adventurers are involved in requests with long-term contracts.


 Escorting materials, construction, and maintenance.


 Now the guild is in dire need of helping hands.


 If many adventurers are sent to the royal capital, the guild will have trouble supplementing the requests needed for the recovery of Finlis.


 Marie was relieved that they did not have to dispatch a lot of people.


 In fact, the Guild Headquarters told Aaron to send out many adventurers.


 However, He explained that Finlis in quite a dire situation and negotiated on sending only a small number of adventurers.


 The result is two people.


 Suddenly, Marie opened her mouth.



“… Have those two adventurers already been decided?” (Marie)



 It looks as if she noticed something.


 She does have sharp senses.


 Aaron pulled out a piece of paper from the drawer, smiling with satisfaction.



“It is a nomination request from the guild. Give this to the two of them.” (Aaron)


“… Is it okay? There are many other talented people.” (Marie)


“Of course.” (Aaron)



 By the time he heard this request, Aaron had already decided on his candidates.


 So far, the duo has solved many situations.


 All of these problems would have led Finlis on a road to destruction if left unsolved.


 Then there is the Orc King’s subjugation.


 It is as if they have received God’s blessing.



 (――No, he has probably already received it … God’s blessing.) (Aaron)



 Then, the answer has been decided.


 With God’s blessing, any problem can be solved.


 Because they were chosen by God…


 However, this time it is an escort mission in the royal capital.


 Besides, the Silver Wing Knights also provide strict security.




“Ability is not really important. Since there are the Silver Wing Knights. It is unlikely that a big event will happen. The guild is not required to send a hero class adventurer.” (Aaron)

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