Magic Swordsman Chapter 82: Nominated Request

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 The next day. After training in the morning and having breakfast, Esther and I visited the guild.


 The dismantling of the orcs will be completed tomorrow.


 I visited the guild today to receive a new request.



“We made a bit of a mistake yesterday, so we will have to be a bit more efficient today.”



 I hunted 220 orcs the other day, but only five were needed to complete the request.


 Beyond that, the others were irrelevant to the fulfillment of a request.


 Unlike a permanent request, a normal request is finished once it is completed.


 If the requirement is to kill five targets, it does not matter if you hunt ten or a hundred, it only counts as one.



“Are you thinking of putting just enough effort for subjugation requests?” (Esther)





 I am an “Inferior” person.


 As long as I am an “Inferior”, I must accumulate more experience points than others must.


 Furthermore, I have a theory that “leveling should be done with high efficiency.”


 Fortunately, the battle against the Orcs is one in which accidents such as injury or loss of life do not occur.


 If there is no danger of death, I would like to aim to level up with the highest efficiency.


 By leveling yesterday when he defeated 220 animals, my level increased by two.


○ Status

Toru Minasuki

Level: 33

Race: Human Primary Job: Swordsman – Secondary Job: Mage

Rank: III Skill Points: 516 → 536



 I was pleased with this result because it was difficult to raise my level even when I defeated many goblins.



(If we do our best leveling up for a week, I will probably be able to reach level 40.)



 The higher my level, the lower my risk of dying.


 In addition, since the skill points increase, it becomes easier to acquire skills to keep my life safer.


 They should level up as much as they can whenever they can.


 It was a shame that most of the orcs I defeated became pointless in clearing the quest.


 If possible, I want to clear multiple requests while leveling up.


 While I was looking at the bulletin board looking for such a request,



“Toru-san, Esther-san. Good morning.”




 Marie, the receptionist, called out to us.




“Marie-san. Good morning.”


“Good morning, Marie” (Esther)


“Do you two, do both of you have some time to talk?” (Marie)


“”???”” (Esther & Toru)



 (――What is going on.)


 Esther and I looked at each other.



“Actually, I have a request for both of you.” (Marie)


“A nominated request!” (Esther)



 Esther suddenly smiles.



“A nominated request?”


“A nominated request is a request for a specific adventurer. I have heard that nominated requests are only given to the best, but I never thought I’d get one so soon!” (Esther)





 Seeing Esther rejoicing, I think it might be similar to “getting recruited for professional baseball.”


 If it is similar, it is no wonder that she is happy to be nominated.



“Is not Toru happy? We were both nominated you know?” (Esther)





 If I say I am not happy, I would be lying.


 However, I had something else to worry about.



“What is the content of the request?”



 If a nominated request is only given to strong individuals, can we handle the request?


 I am an “inferior” person.


 Would not an “inferior” person be lacking ability?


 I became anxious.



“This is what the nominated request contains; it is a patrol mission at the royal capital, Yuster.” (Marie)


“Oh, the royal capital!”


“At the royal capital…” (Esther)



 Since coming to Eargard, I have only seen Finlis so far.


 If Finlis is considered a big and developed city, what kind of city will the royal capital be? First and foremost, I can already expect it to be larger than Finlis.



(I have to go sightseeing!)



 I was delighted.


 However, unlike me, enthusiasm drained from Esther.



“This request is from the Silver Wing Knights. The ceremony to announce the succession to the throne will be held, and the adventurer’s guild has requested that we send someone to patrol.

 As for the security content, it is confidential in nature. I am sorry; it is not something that can be easily divulged to the guild.” (Marie)


“Silver Wing Knights?”


“The Order of the Silver Wings is a knight unit that protects the royal capital of Yuster. It is a different size, but think of them as the guardians of Finlis.” (Marie)


“I see. So, is the patrol mission a job that can be performed by D-rank adventurers?”



 That is what I care the most about.


 I am glad that we were nominated. However, if it is not a job suitable for us, even if we accept it, we will just fail.



“Please be assured. Being a patrolman can be done by D-rank adventurers.” (Marie)


“Then, everything looks okay… Esther?”



 Esther puts her hand on her chin and seems to be thinking about something…


 “Is there something to worry about?” I asked Esther.




“We can accept this request, right?” (Esther)


“… D-rankers are already considered as veterans, so yes.” (Marie)




 After muttering, Esther raised her face as if she had discarded a weight off her shoulders.



“Let’s accept the request.” (Esther)


“Thank you.” (Marie)



 Therefore, it was decided that we would head to the royal capital.


 A horse-drawn carriage can reach the royal capital, Yuster, after two days. It is for four days when on foot.


 The patrol mission is on a fairly tight schedule, it will start after four days.


 The guild suggested us to travel in a carriage, but I declined and decided to walk.


 The reason was simply that the carriage was very expensive.


 For me, five silver coins just to reach the royal capital seemed very expensive.


 Five silver coins – If I have 50,000 yen, I can have an enjoyable trip when going to Okinawa.


 50,000 yen is too expensive for a one-way ticket to the royal capital.



“Toru. What if we do not make it in time…?” (Esther)


“It is okay. We will be on time.”



 The moving speed of the carriage is said to be about 6 to 11 km/h.


 Faster than walking, but slower than marathon runners.


 If our physical ability improved by us leveling up, we will not have any trouble in continuously running at an average of 11 km/h.


 Therefore, we get ready for our trip to the royal capital and greeted Lily.


When Lily found out that her personal chef, me, would be out of town for a while, she held us back for a while with a teary-eyed expression.)



 Early morning the next day after accepting the nominated request.


 Esther and I passed through the north gate towards the royal capital.



“If we go straight on this road, we will eventually reach the royal capital.” (Esther)


“Then, let’s go.”



 After passing through the gate, we began to walk outside.


 Fortunately, we both have [Inventory].


 We have all the necessary items for camping, but all of them can be stored in our [Inventory].


 Thanks to that, we were able to run without any baggage weighing us down.


 At first, we check your physical conditions.


 Soon we began accelerating.



“Esther, can you still go faster?”


“Of course! But can Toru catch up to me?” (Esther)


“Oh, is that so?”



 While laughing, we dashed over the road to the royal capital, as if we were racing against each other.


 Compared to when we first met, our physical abilities have improved dramatically.


 Even if I run with all my might, I do not feel short of breath.


 After running at top speed for a while, the two of us eventually settled at a speed that could be maintained for a longer time.


 As long as we are running at this speed, we can continuously keep running.


 It is not painful, but it is still not that easy because we are still running.



(To just do this for hours…)



 I do not know how many kilometers per hour we are currently running, but we will be running for more than a day.


 Moreover, I am tired of looking at the endless fields.



(What do marathon runners think about while they are running? Is not it quite boring to run for a long time?)



 If I had a smartphone with me, I could be running while browsing the internet.


 I had that much time to waste.


 Similar to the ancient Greeks, when the body has some leeway, one works his mind.


 Because of working my mind, I came up with an idea.




 ――A method that will allow me to move more easily and train efficiently.

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