Magic Swordsman Chapter 84: What I Want in the Royal Capital

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“… Hmm, what is it?”



 I felt a little uncomfortable when I passed through the gates of the royal capital.


 It was like breaking through a thin film.



“What is wrong, Toru?” (Esther)


“Nothing. When I entered the capital, I felt a strange sensation.”


“Oh … it must be the royal capital’s barrier.” (Esther)





 I was confused by Esther’s words.



“There are several barriers that surround the capital and it protects the royal castle. Perhaps Toru felt one of them, the Magic Stone Poison Barrier. When a strong monster enters, it gets affected. Poison accumulates in the magic stone of the monster, and their movements become limited.” (Esther)


“Hmm. There is such a barrier. Oh, but how does Esther know the barrier of the royal capital?”



 Would not that information require a very high-security clearance especially about a barrier that protects the royal capital?


 Esther shakes her head to my question.



“Only this barrier is within the public’s knowledge because some races have magic stones in them.” (Esther)


“I see.”



 If the information is not disclosed, races with magic stones who came to sightsee might die without knowing the reason.



“Also, it does not react to the magic stones of weak monsters.” (Esther)


“Why? Would not it be bad if a monster like a Silver Wolf gets in?”


“Yes, But slimes are bred in the royal capital.” (Esther)


“Oh, when you say that… I see.”



 Slimes are useful for human life.


 That is why, if slimes are affected by the Monster Stone Poison Barrier, they will not be able to treat sewage and leftover food in the royal capital.



“I think it is well thought out…”



 While muttering, we stepped into the royal capital.


 Yuster, the capital of the Kingdom of Yuster, was a huge city that surpassed Finlis in everything.


 Yuster is a complex city consisting of five towns.


 It has more than 200,000 inhabitants and is over 10 kilometers in size and diameter.


 As I passed through the city gates, I could see a huge structure in the distance.


 It was the Royal Castle, the symbol of the Kingdom of Yuster.






 I sighed in admiration when I saw the huge royal castle.


 It looks big even from a distance. If we approach, we would be reduced to the size of a grain of rice relative to the castle’s size.



 The streets of the royal capital were more magnificent than Finlis.


 Every visible part of the main street was made of stone.



 Even the white walls and red roofs fascinated me, who was used to living in Finlis.



“The wooden houses are nice and tasteful, but the stone houses are also nice.”



 I walked along, careful not to be left behind by Esther.


 This feeling of awe is the same as the day I first visited Eargard.



 It has only been less than a month, but it feels like a long time ago.


 That is how much time I had spent in the city of Finlis.



“Esther, where are we heading now?”


“First of all, I am thinking of securing an inn.” (Esther)


“I see.”



 Esther walks along the road of the royal capital without hesitation.


 Her steps are very certain.



 After walking for a while, we arrived at an inn.


 It was a fairly large and fine inn.



“Excuse me. Is there any vacant room?” (Esther)


“Welcome. We will check it now, so please be patient.” (Inn Receptionist)



 The reception is quite accommodating.


 It seems to be a very high-class inn.



 Will the money be enough?


 I was quite worried.



 Contrary to my worries, the accommodation fee was one silver coin per night.


 It is expensive compared to the inn that I used I he got the house, but it is not expensive for an inn in the royal capital.



 Securing two single rooms and we both head to our own rooms immediately.


 Entering the room, I took out my luggage from my [Inventory].



 It was at that time.






 The pocket on my waist vibrated slightly.


 Strangely, I turn it upside down.






“… Pino?!”



 Pino with his purple core popped out of my pocket.



 I should have left Pino in our house in Finlis.


 I remember seeing Pino swaying in my room, it looks sad, “Are you going to be fine?”  It made me a bit lonely.



 Pino should be in my room back in Finlis.


 After I confirmed that, we left home.


 Nothing should have come out, but for some reason, Pino came out of the pocket.



“What the heck …”


“(Puru Puru)” (Pino)



 My chest constricted after I realize that Pino followed me.


 I already wanted to forgive him and hug him, but things are different.



“I told you to wait in the room, and you cannot follow me, right?”


“(Furu Furu)” (Pino)


“Hmm, were you lonely?



 When it acted cutely, it had already become difficult for me to be mad.



 I was worried for a while, but in the end, I forgave and accepted everything in the name of the lovely swaying figure of Pino.





 At dinnertime, we went to the dining room at one time.


 Meeting with Esther and we had a meal together.



 The food is about the same as the Finlis inn where I was staying previously. It is edible.


 Has our palate become extravagant in the last few days? Esther just ate half of the steak and poked it around, and there is no sign of her planning to finish it.



 I also ate half of the steak and drank only water.


 As for Pino, he swallowed the whole steak but escaped into my pocket as if it had eaten something rotten.


 –It seems that it was not delicious for the slime either.



“I never thought that Pino would come with you.” (Esther)


“Yeah… I will try not to let him interfere with the request; can I take him with us?”



 We cannot really leave Pino in the inn.


 If the inn staff find him, he might be taken away.



(Pino may be thrown into the waste bin of the inn…!)



 It is unclear if he can really be sent in the kitchen waste bin, but he might be thrown outside or crushed like a bug. Either way, there does not seem to be any good scenarios.



“Is not it okay? This time it is not a subjugation request, but a patrol request. If it does not attack people, it is okay to have it stay with us.” (Esther)


“Oh, thank you.”



 Esther accepts Pino as a companion, and I am immediately relieved.



“By the way, what are we planning on doing tomorrow? Is there any place you want to go?” (Esther)


“Hmm? We are going to the headquarters of the Silver Wing Knights, right?”


“I am going to go, but the promised date is the day after tomorrow. We arrived earlier than I expected, and we still have a day left.” (Esther)


“Why do not we go there first and take care of the registration?”


“The Silver Wing Knights do not have time to waste. It is just a nuisance if you ask at an unscheduled time.” (Esther)



 I think that it is highly probable.


 Suddenly looking at my feet, she then looks at me.



“Then, do you want to look for shoes?” (Esther)




“Yeah. It seems that they have finally been quite worn down.” (Esther)



 With that said, I smiled bitterly.



 The shoes that I am wearing have already been used by Lid for quite some time.


 As he was a hunter, Lid’s shoes were solid, unlike his clothes.



 Even so, the soles of his shoes had begun to peel off, unable to withstand the abuse I might have dealt it.


 The toes of his shoes were so thin that it is a miracle that there are no holes.



 It was also because of the repeated hit and run battles with monsters.


 It is not that I was using them badly (I would like to think so).



“Are Toru’s shoes made for combat?” (Esther)


“No, I do not think…”


“Then it is no wonder they are ruined.” (Esther)



 Esther smiled wryly.


 Apparently, the way I used shoes was not bad.


 I felt quite the relief.



“My own is for combat use, but it has been three years since I bought it. It is time to replace it with a better one…” (Esther)



 Esther crossed her arms and tightened her expression as if she had made up her mind.



“That is right… That is probably just what I need?” (Esther)


“What is wrong?”


“No, it is nothing. I “happen” to know a store that sells combat shoes. I am going to pay them a visit tomorrow.” (Esther)


“Yeah, see you tomorrow.”



 With that said, we went to our separate rooms.


 On the plates left on the table, lonely steaks that were half-eaten were left all alone.


T/N: Poor steak. You did not deserve this.

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