Magic Swordsman Chapter 89: Patrol Mission

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~Themis’ Perspective~


“This is why the announcement of the successors to the throne is so important for the kingdom. You may not get a lot of excitement in this job, but I thank you for your cooperation.” (Themis)



 For me, the patrol mission is a routine task.


 It was not interesting when the patrolmen called it “lax”.



 This is the most important thing for the people in the city to live in peace.


 When I was told that patrol work was “lax”, I felt like talking about how our patrolling was contributing to Yuster.



 Nevertheless, I swallowed that feeling.



 They were the ones that the adventurer’s guild master in Finlis had described as “promising”.



(The guild master of Finlis is a man of great talent.) (Themis)



 Speaking of Finlis Guild Master, he is a famous person and a former A-rank adventurer.


 He is an adventurer suitably named “God’s Eye”.


 I expected that they would not be just any other people.



 In fact, I was surprised to see them.


 First of all, there was Esther, the female adventurer, whose demeanor gave him a strong impression of her abilities.


 The way she moved her feet, the way she shifted her center of gravity, her gaze. Everything was polished as a swordsman.



 A common knight would be no match for her.


 A squad leader should be able to compete with her though.



 I certainly felt the possibility of her succeeding well in the future.



 The problem was the other, a boy named Toru.


 He looks like a teenager in his later years, but his face still has some innocence.



 Perhaps it is his first time to come to the royal capital, he looks around while his eyes are shining with interest.



 In making this request, the Silver Wing Knights had the guild prepare a brief background report on the adventurer for this request.


 The purpose of this is to check if the adventurer is working with any suspicious groups.



 In the background report, Toru was described as a “lost” person.


 No way, was he a “lost” person.



 Themis had heard rumors of “lost” people many times before.


 I also know that their existence deserves to be called an “inferior person”.



 Being in a party with Esther, I was wondering, “Is he a baggage carrier?”


 This is because even “inferior people” can play such a role.



 However, he is a monster.



 The way he shifts his center of gravity is that of a swordsman with a fairly high level of skill, but techniques that even I do not know are emanating from him.


 Besides, despite his swordsman-like demeanor, Toru always exudes a strong amount of magic power.



(Is he really an inferior person?)



 I cannot see the bottom of Toru’s abilities.


 I did not know which to believe, the report, or my intuition.



 I had fulfilled my duties for many years in the Silver Wing Knights that protected the royal capital.


 I had been appointed as the vice commander of the order because of my abilities.



 Still, I could not even measure Toru’s ability.



 If this was my misunderstanding on the report, how strong is he…


 As a test, I tried to release a small amount of killing intent.



 The more it blended in with the crowd, the thinner it was.





“–Hmm? Did something happen? Themis-san”



 He noticed the killing intent that was released from his blind spot, and knew that it came from me!



“No, no. Toru-san, I was wondering if this was your first time in the royal capital.” (Themis)


“Yes. I came here for the first time. It is a very good city.”


“Thank you.” (Themis)



 I was frightened inside, while I fixed my expression.


 Moreover, I resented Aaron Dilmut who sent this “thing” to the royal capital.



“The corresponding person should be more than strong enough for the vice commander. He is an important adventurer in the Finlis Adventurer’s Guild, after all.” (Aaron)



 It is indeed too much for a common knight to handle Toru and Esther.


 If a common soldier had handled them, the knight’s hair would have turned white by the end of the request.



 I wanted to scream.



(How could such a monster come from “Inferior” people?) (Themis)



 I felt as if I was being punished for stroking a dragon that I did not know where its scales were.


 The thought of it biting me at any moment made all the hair on my head felt ready to fall out.



 If possible, I wanted someone to take over.


 However, without revealing such a raging inner turmoil, I lead them through the patrol mission.



 I could not help but pray that the mission would go off without a hitch.




~Toru’s Perspective~



 On the first day of the mission, we spent about an hour walking around the city while learning about the patrol procedures.


 The main event was the next day’s ceremony to announce the order of succession to the throne.



 On the day of the ceremony, the king himself would appear in front of the masses.


 That said, it is just on the balcony of the royal castle.


 He would not step out of the royal castle, and commoners cannot even enter the royal castle grounds.



 Even if they look at the nearest place, they can only see the king as a grain of rice.


 Still, the magically enhanced voice would reach all over the royal capital, Themis-san said.



 I was interested in what kind of ceremony it was.


 However, there is a patrol mission on that day.



 It seems that there is no choice but to imagine the ceremony while listening to the king’s voice that can be heard from a distance.



 The next day, we met Themis-san at the designated place.


 As it was the day of the ceremony to announce the order of succession to the throne, the city was very crowded.



 In contrast to the previous day, the streets were lined with stalls, and there were many people dressed in traveling costumes.


 It was as if the whole country was celebrating.



 I walked towards Themis-san while looking at the stalls with interest.



“It is an amazing crowd. Is there ever a festival with this many people?”


“It happens once every few years or so. The coronation is going to be even bigger. It goes on like this for about a week.” (Themis)




“Our country is under the grace of Forcels, the God of Justice. At the coronation ceremony, the god Forcels will descend on the bodies of the high priests and bless them. People come from all over the country just to see that.” (Themis)





 I have heard that story from Esther before.


 I also want to see at a glance the advent of a god.



(Unlike “that”, I wonder if he is a decent god.)



 I began to think of Nesis, with who I had shared several conversations.


 He must be stronger than her because he is justice.



 As I walk down the road, I often pass by knights with adventurers.


 It is unclear how many adventurers have been called in this time, but with all this, it is hard to commit a crime.



 The patrol was uneventful, except for a dispute between a stall owner and a customer.


 The patrol mission was going smoothly.



 While doing so, I heard the sound of musical instruments from a distance.





“I can hear the music.” (Esther)


“It looks like it is started.” (Themis)



 Themis-san turned in the direction of the royal castle.


 The music came from there.



 It is quite a distance from the royal castle, but the music is so loud that it seems to be playing right here.


 They are apparently using magic to transmit sound far away.



 When the music was over, the Chancellor began his speech.


 It was a long, brilliantly written speech.



 After that, I heard the king’s voice.



“Everyone. We have gathered here today. My name is Felipe Samson Yuster.” (King)



 As soon as I heard that voice, the hustle and bustle disappeared.


 As if by magic, all the people in Yuster were listening to the king’s voice.



(It is a very dignified voice…)



 It is no wonder they fell silent when they heard his voice.


 That is how powerful the king’s voice was.



 I am not sure if it is a skill like the king’s dignity.


 The voice of the king was so great that I wanted to prostrate.



“At this time, I will announce the order of succession to the throne. The first in line of succession to the throne will inherit our kingdom of Yuster is—” (King)



 It was at that time.



 When suddenly, the royal capital, Yuster, roared.


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