Magic Swordsman Chapter 9: A woman named Esther

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I knew by intuition that the other person wasn’t hurt. But just in case, I asked.



“Okay, okay. Uh, are you alright?”


“I’m fine. Oh no…” (Esther)



 I saw her begin to relax then frown.



“Something wrong?”


“The blood doesn’t look like it can be washed off.” (Esther)



It’s not just the blood of the enemy. Body fluids and internal organs were sticking to her body, giving off a very bad odor.


 It may not be possible to remove the odor no matter how much you wash your clothes.


 The swordsman smiled at me who frowned.


“I will pay for my clothes. Thank you so much.” (Esther)


 The swordsman bowed her head in beautiful motion. It was a graceful bow that you would rarely see in Japan.


 I was slightly surprised when her face rose.


 I didn’t notice it because the breastplate covered her chest, but the swordsman was a woman.


 I observed the other person but tries not to look rude.


 Long golden hair is tied together in the back of the head.


 Nine of the ten people will turn their heads after she passes-by.


 This is the first time I saw a woman dressed as a swordsman other than cosplay. However, I don’t feel the disconnected atmosphere like in cosplay.


 The sword and armor had a good feel and were well suited to her body.



“I’m Esther” (Esther)


“I’m Toru. Minasuki Toru. Or you can call me Toru Minasuki?”


“Toru Minasuki, I’m an adventurer in Finlis, but I’m sorry to say that I haven’t seen your face. Which guild are you from? (Esther)




“Hmm?” (Esther)


“Nothing just thinking.”



 I shake my head. Adventurers are a classic fantasy profession. In the story, the adventurer guild deals with various tasks from chores to the subjugation of monsters.


 Is this world the same?



“I’m not an adventurer”


“You’re not an adventurer? (Esther)



 Esther, who had always thought of him being a renowned adventurer, was surprised by Toru’s words.


 Then is Toru a knight?


 Even if he said he is a knight in some territory, he is quite the mysterious man.


 Toru opened his mouth before Esther asked again.



“I’m just an average person,”


“eh?” (Esther)





 If my ability to easily wipe out goblins is at an ordinary level. Monsters should have been exterminated from this world.


 Is this a situation where I can’t say who I am?


 Then Esther cautiously spoke her next words.



“Are you an ordinary person…?” (Esther)


“Yes, I suppose. Should an ordinary person defeating this much enemy, he could be charged with murder!”


“Heh?” (Esther)




(I thought I would get charged with murder for killing…)



 From the reaction of the Esther, it seems unlikely.


 I feel that the story is not complete, but I do not understand the cause.


 For now, if I am not guilty of defeating a human-looking “enemy”, that’s fine.


 I switched to another topic.



“Is Esther-san from the Finlis town?”


“Esther is fine” (Esther)


“No, as expected…”



 Lid was 16 years old. Her mental age is younger than 32, but compared to Lid’s age, Esther seems to be older.


 I thought it was rude that I didn’t attach -san.


 But Esther shakes her head.



“It’s just that I speak informally. I don’t have an aristocratic position. I’m just an adventurer. I want you to talk more casually.” (Esther)



 Is this one of the cultures in this world? For the time being, I should follow her towards the town. Toru decided to follow her words.



“Okay… I see. I want you to call me Toru too.”


“Oh, I understand. I’m from another place, but I’m currently working in Finlis.” (Esther)


“That’s right. Well then, can you take me to Finlis? I just came to this country so I didn’t know the way.”


“Of course! You defeated all these goblins.” (Esther)


“Wow. This is a goblin.”



 I know the name, but this is the first time to see the real thing.


 I frowned at the former goblins scattered on the ground.



“No way, did you kill it without knowing it?” (Esther)


“Yeah, because I thought it was an enemy.”


“It’s the right decision.” (Esther)



 Esther nodded with a smile.



“In return, I’ll get the reward from the guild for the defeated Goblins. Then I’ll give it to you… No, Toru. Please come with to Finlis.” (Esther)


“You don’t have to give it to me.”


“No! I was surrounded by goblins and I could have died. I have to do something to show my gratitude.” (Esther)


“Is that so?”


(It would be enough just taking me to Finlis…)



 I thought so, but I decided to accept her words.


 After all, it’s been less than a day since I came to this world. People who can give reliable information are valuable.


 Esther has been cutting off the goblins’ ear as proof to the guild then throwing it into the bag.


 After cutting off all the ears, they threw the goblin corpses into the woods. This is because if left unattended on the highway, monsters that prey on goblins may get attracted.



“Even this kind of creature can be eaten.”


“Oh, you can’t eat most monsters, but there are some that I can eat. Well, I think it’s okay because it’s a monster that’s not in a shallow forest, but it’s a problem with something.” (Esther)



 While talking to Esther, I carry the goblin to the forest.


 With my current strength, I can easily carry multiple goblins.


 However, because of the stink of the blood and other fluids I don’t feel like holding a lot.


 Esther looked shocked watching me. I was throwing a goblin into the woods while avoiding body contact with the corpse.



(No matter if it’s a monster, wasn’t it bad to handle a corpse roughly?)



 Esther was stunned, but I do not blame her. Then, passing through the surprised Esther, I threw corpses one after another into the forest.


 If I can’t afford it, I can just throw it away in the opening of the forest. However, it has a bad odor.


 Furthermore, I am concerned about infectious diseases.


I added some points into [Resistance Enhancement], but I don’t know the effect it has.


 I completed the process as quickly as possible without touching blood or offal.


 The sun had already been dyed orange due to the long cleanup time.


 I was fascinated for a while because of the big sunset that I could not see in Japanese cities.



“Hey, Esther. How long does it take to walk to Finlis?”


“It takes about an hour… but Finlis’ main gate is closed when the sun goes down.” (Esther)


“We have to be inside before the main gate closes, Right?”


“That’s right. If we run, we may be in time. Toru, I’m sorry, can we hurry a little?” (Esther)


“Okay, then please lead the way.”


“Leave it to me” (Esther)



 After saying that, Esther started running.


 She is an adventurer. I get ready because she may be faster than me. However, contrary to my imagination, Esther’s speed was similar to a light jog.



(This is a good pace. I can follow this)



 Looking at the swaying ponytail, I ran closely behind Esther.



“Hey, Esther. Can anyone become an adventurer?”


“Ah. Anyone can be an adventurer as long as they have not committed any sin.”



 I was confused by the word sin. Maybe I have committed one after Clement and the other two fell off the cliff.



(I think it’s alright…)



 It hasn’t been found by anyone yet, but if it doesn’t work, I can find another way.


 I think positively, thinking that there are many ways to work if I can’t become an adventurer.


 To live in the future, I have to have a job on hand.


 If I can’t become an adventurer, I can rely on my [blacksmith] skills and become a blacksmith.


 If that doesn’t work, there is a skill board at hand. No matter what kind of work I do, if I improve my skills, I should be able to work better than starting from nothing.


 Esther was in quite a hurry while I was thinking about my future.



(Toru has a lot of physical strength.) (Esther)




 At first, Esther was running without leaving Toru behind. However, because Toru had plenty of room, Esther increased her running speed.


 Now she is running at full strength.


 Still, Toru was running with such a relaxed face that he might even start humming.


 Esther couldn’t believe he was an ordinary person.


 Esther initially thought that he was a knight who is wearing a disguise.


 But her conversation with him made her think differently.


 No matter how new a knight is, everyone knows what a goblin is. Let alone make a misunderstanding that “the general public must not defeat a goblin.”



(Really, who is Toru?)



 Esther rushed to Finlis, breathlessly, and trying to figure out Toru’s identity.



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