Magic Swordsman Chapter 95: Love is Burning Quietly and Passionately in the Depths of the Mind

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~Esther’s Perspective~



 After Toru chases after Themis, Esther slumps down on the roof alone.


 The moment she saw the monster that appeared in the center of the room, Esther lost all control of her body.



 There had been many times when I had felt that the enemy was terrifying.


 I had already been surrounded by hordes of goblins. There had been a time when I had been attacked by rock worms, and that time when I had witnessed seen a Queen Rock Worm for the first time.



 Especially when I saw the Queen Rock Worm, I fell into despair.


 I even thought I would never go home alive.


 But this time around, even the Queen Rock Worm feels weak.





 That creature seemed to be death itself, swallowing all life.



 Would the slightest movement make me a target?


 Thinking about this, I could not even move my body.



 My body trembled and I can’t even breathe properly.



 Esther isn’t the only one who’s scared.


 Adventurers approaching the center along the roof and all members of the Silver Wing Knights are frozen just like Esther.


 This is normal.


 Human beings in the face of overwhelming power can be suppressed by despair.




(Even if I can’t move, nothing can be done…) (Esther)



 ――So why is Toru moving?



 The question came to Esther’s mind, while on the verge of giving up.



 It is no wonder Themis-san is able to move in this situation.


 He is the vice-commander of the elite knights protecting the royal capital.



 His birth, upbringing, and abilities are different from mine.



 So what about Toru?



 Toru is a lost person who recently came from another world.


 Toru’s world was neither a war-torn world, nor was it overrun by monsters.


 I heard that it was quite peaceful. [T/N: Well for the developed countries I guess.]


 However, Toru was moving.



(How can Toru move…?) (Esther)



 Toru is moving, but I can’t.


 I ground my teeth in frustration.



“Move. Move!” (Esther)



 Esther pounds on her thighs.


 However, her legs do not move. She can’t even stand up.


 She was so frustrated and miserable, and tears began to flow.



 It was when Esther was desperately beating her thigh.






 One of the buildings in the center of the city collapsed.



“Toru!?” (Esther)



 Toru was blown away by the devil.



 He’s dead, isn’t he?


 Anxiety fills my chest.


 Then I saw a store.



 It was a store next to the collapsed building. The one that collapsed when Toru crashed into it.


 It was the biggest armor store in the royal capital of Yuster, one Esther knew very well.



(At this rate, that shop will also…) (Esther)



 Imagining the future of destruction, Esther found herself on her feet.


 Her legs, which had been unable to lift her no matter how much she pounded on them, moved by themselves.



 This is Esther, no longer Esther Regulus, just an adventurer.


 On paper, the parent-child relationship had disappeared.


 But her heart that cares for the memories remains unchanged.


 It was her feelings for his father that pushed Esther to act.



 I pulled out my longsword and ran on the roof.



(I will not let you lay one finger on my father’s store!!) (Esther)



 As I was running, and Toru jumped out of the collapsed building.



(Toru! You are alive… Thank the gods!) (Esther)



 Esther was inwardly relieved.



 The Toru and the enemy was evenly matched.


 At first, the man seemed to dominate, but Toru quickly responded to the man’s movements.


 In this state, even if Esther assisted, she would only get in the way.



“Something… There should be something I can do…!?” (Esther)



 As I was thinking, Toru swung his sword and tore through the man’s neck.



  It looked to Esther as if he had slashed the man’s neck.



 But in reality the man was unharmed.



 The winning blow missed, leaving Thor defenseless.


 Then, the man struck a blow.








 Plant debris appeared around the man.


 I was familiar with those plants.



“… Is that the yard trimmings after he cleaned the lawn at home?”



 I wondered why he still had it.


 You should just throw those away…



 However, at the same time, she beats slapped her knees, saying, “That’s some quick thinking.” [T/N: Well ain’t that a coincidence, or it could be fate. On the other hand, a really good cover for plot armor but it’s good enough for me.]



 The opponent is a fire magician.


 Blinding him with flammable materials not only obstructs his view, but also stops him from casting magic.


 As I watched, I suddenly saw Toru holding a bow.


 Looking at Toru for just a second.


 I nodded.



 Esther jumped at once, casting [Muscle Enhancement] all over her body.



 She raised her longsword high in the air.


 As Esther began to fall, Toru fired three arrows from his bow.


 The man deflected the arrows that Toru shot at her.



 On the man’s back, Esther delivered an all-out attack.



“Gaha!!” (Sarnus)


(I did it !!) (Esther)



 I gave myself a mental pat on the shoulder.


 My cooperation with Toru worked better than I had imagined.



 However, I immediately focused my mind.


My attack from the roof that gained momentum using [Muscle Enhancement] was not fatal.


 The level of this man and his skill in enhancement magic quite high.



 The man noticed Esther’s the attacked so he swung his great sword.


 Esther is in midair, which made her unable to dodge.



 However, Esther did not panic and poured magical power into her shoes.


 Esther’s shoes are a magical tool that she received from Regulus Trading Company the other day.



“How you use its ability to levitate will be a testament to your skill as an adventurer.” (Jack)



 I stepped through the lump of wind created by the shoes.


 I jumped backwards in the air.


 Thanks to that, I was able to avoid the great sword.



 He would not have expected his current attack to be dodged.


 The man’s posture collapsed.



 That moment,



“–Toru!!” (Esther)



 I shouted.



 Behind the man who lost his balance.



 Toru, with the jet-black sword and flames, pierced the ground.


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