Otherworld Company Chapter 104: Let’s Start By Listening To What They Have To Say

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



We moved a short distance away from the main road to a small plaza that was hidden in a blind spot by the food stalls.


Amidst the loud cheers, the sound of a lighter being lit could be heard louder than usual.


I put my lips close to the light and took a puff, lighting the cigarette.



“Party disbanding…” (Jiro)



I first thought about it when I heard Kanzaki’s words.


It’s good to be of help, but I don’t feel like I could give good advice here as I’ve been ignoring and not communicating and doing the bare minimum.


To be honest, I just want to give hre a simple reply: think for yourself.



“Why did you think of that?” (Jiro)



Honorifics are unnecessary, for the time being, I should ask what she wants to talk about.


If she can’t talk about it, you’ll hit me to do something on your own.



“Do you know that our party is a women’s only party?” (Megumi)


“Yeah, it’s hard not to know.” (Jiro)



It’s one of the few female tester parties in our class.


Even when I was solo, I heard rumors from Suela and other employees.


Her performance is a little above average, not outstanding but stable.


Because the party members look good, testers often apply for joint parties.


Since they seem dangerous to associate with, I’ve been keeping my distance from her, but I never thought I’d see the day when I’d come in contact with her like this.



“…I don’t know if it’s because of that, but recently we’ve been getting so many solicitations from other testers that one of our members said she’s quitting this job because of it. I told her not to worry about it…” (Megumi)


“And it got worse, the member was more stressed out than she thought, right?” (Jiro)


“Yes, and the mood in the party got so bad that now we are a little behind in the dungeon capture.” (Megumi)




Hearing this, I understood.


In short, it was a troublesome intimacy problem.


And Kanzaki, as the leader of the group, is looking for a solution.



“Before we start to identify the problems, you should hang out with me for a little while.” (Jiro)


“Huh? Where are you going?” (Megumi)


“You’ve got such a terrible look on your face that even if I told you the solution, you’d take it negatively. You need a change of scenery.” (Jiro)


“I don’t have time for that.” (Megumi)


“You don’t have time for this, you make it. You’re the one who wants to quit.” (Jiro)


“How-!?” (Megumi)


“Did you think I didn’t notice that you, in a roundabout way, went out of your way to come to me, a stranger, for advice about a stranger? …well, I could add more.” (Jiro)


“…” (Megumi)


“You’re going to have to do something about those dark circles you’re hiding under your makeup before you tell me.” (Jiro)



When I was pointed it out, she showed a gesture of putting her hands under her eyes, it was like she affirmed that she was telling a lie.



“I would say that if you want to quit, you can quit. But you have your own reasons for not quitting. But you can’t tell your friends about it. That’s why you came to me for advice. Am I right?” (Jiro)


“…you’re not wrong.” (Megumi)



Kanzaki, who had decided that she couldn’t hide it any longer, started to walk following me.



“Here.” (Jiro)


“Thank you.” (Megumi)



I bought a bottle of juice at a stall on the way and gave it to Kanzaki.


I asked her what was going on as we walked without stopping.



“You can talk as much as you want, just talk.” (Jiro)



I am grateful for my enhanced status at a time like this.


The reason is that my hearing has been enhanced to the point that I can listen to what she is saying while looking ahead.



“Actually……” (Megumi)



I listened to the very little things she said.


Still, I understand most of what she said.



“Oh, so that’s what it is.” (Jiro)



In the meantime, I kept walking.


Passing by the side of the food stalls, I continue down a straight road.


The destination is the arena.


Kanzaki understands this, too, and she follows along without saying a word.



“I understand your circumstances… I do understand, but there are things I might not understand. So, why did you consult me? Normally, it would have been better to have someone like Suela who is of the same sex.” (Jiro)


“I talked to her, and the section chief said I should talk to you.” (Megumi)


“Suela~” (Jiro)



I feel a headache from her behavior that passed me, a man, about the worries of a woman of my age.


No, let’s just say that she thought that I, an earthling and having a woman in my party, was more suitable for the job than Suella, someone from another world whose common sense is at odds with Kanzaki.


Then I summarize Kanzaki’s situation.


Kanzaki’s party was originally made up of strangers, but she was reluctant to work with a man and was afraid to fight alone.


The relationship between them was more like business associates and less like friends.


As it turns out, Kanzaki is the leader, but she doesn’t have that much power, and at most she just decides the tactics.


However, she is often forced to do odd jobs, and there are few cases in which the others help out.


And the male testers have been favoring her for some time now, and it is starting to develop a rift with the members who are jealous of her.


If all the conditions are met, she would move to the stage of her quitting her job.




“…Is the part where you will have difficulty earning a living?” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Megumi)



Kanzaki is a struggling student, and she has been forced by her parents to move to Tokyo to attend college.


Under the conditions at that time, she was told to earn her own living expenses.


I don’t know what to say, but there is no other company that offers more flexible hours and better pay than this company.


If I manage my money and risks properly, my life is much better.


So even if I wanted to quit, I couldn’t.



“I could let you join my party, but that wouldn’t solve the problem in this case. It would just add fuel to the fire.” (Jiro)



It is troublesome that simply switching parties would not solve the problem.


Suppose I invited Kanzaki to my party like Kitamiya.


If that happens, that would sully Kanzaki’s relationship with the party she left behind and shift the target of the trouble caused by the other testers’ relationships to my party.


It is not even putting out the fire.


If I’m not smart, it will get even worse.



“It would have been easier to talk about it if you had done everything in your power to beat them up like how Kitamiya did.” (Jiro)


“What are you talking about?” (Megumi)


“No, I’m talking about this.” (Jiro)



I recall the sight of Hizumi missing every thing he is told, while dismissing the arrangements being laid out as nonsense.


And then, I’m looking for a solution based on a situation different from that time.


There are two issues that need to be resolved: improving their work division and dealing with the male testers.



“…can that be done?” (Megumi)



There was one exceptional event scheduled in the schedule of events, I believe.


Hopefully that will solve the problem for me and her in one fell swoop.



“Kanzaki.” (Jiro)


“What?” (Megumi)


“I understand your situation. However, for the time being, You can enjoy the event for the time being.” (Jiro)


“……all right.” (Megumi)


“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything.” (Jiro)



Now, it is necessary to do some groundwork.


I gave wry smile at Kanzaki, who was looking suspiciously at me, and I kept my cigarette but in my portable ashtray.


I parted ways with her in front of the arena.


She goes straight into the gate and I go into the other entrance myself.


I can feel the tremors of someone fighting even now.



“Oh, I’m already here.” (Jiro)



I enter a room, catching sight of a tester fighting a moving magical beast out of the corner of my eye.



“Is Kaley here?” (Jiro)


“Yahoo~ Jiro, did you get tired of Suela and targeted another woman?” (Kaley)


“Are you having fun bullying your best friend?” (Jiro)


“Yeah, it’s the best!!” (Kaley)


“I don’t know but you might receive a pile of papers later.” (Jiro)


“Uh-well?! Jiro, what I just said, please promise it’s between you and me!” (Kaley)


“If you’re going to break out in a cold sweat, you shouldn’t have said anything.” (Jiro)



I knew from the schedule that Kaley, who was in charge of the actual place, was taking a break, and I seemed to have come at just the right time.


I smiled at her, who was more excited than usual, perhaps still reeling from the excitement of the match commentary, and sat down directly across from her.



“So what’s up? What can I do for you? I’m sure your schedule is pretty tight.” (Kaley)


“I’m not worried about that. I’m not worried about your side, it’s more about the demonstration. Aren’t the instructors all hyped up?” (Jiro)


“Ah, that that… you’re being pretty reckless, too. I think it’s a good balm, but you were able to persuade the Demon King.” (Kaley)


“It was surprisingly easy to convince the president. Because this festival needs a flashy event. I thought people with top-class abilities should show off what their abilities are. I thought it was necessary to see the ability of those at the peak.” (Jiro)


“You say that a lot. You’re going to sift through the testers here, aren’t you?” (Evia)



Kaley just gave a smile, and I simply replied with a wry smile.


When I was planning this event, the supervisor gave me one complaint.



“The testers have been slacking lately. This is a good opportunity for you to straighten them up.” (Evia)



In fact, more and more testers continue to challenge the same level of any dungeon.


The supervisor asked me to organize an event to rectify this situation, so I went to the dungeon of Instructor Kio, the Ogre King, and Instructor Fusio, the Undying King, along with the testers.



“But I didn’t expect you to pull in the Tree King and the Titan King, though I could understand how you got the Ogre King and the Undying King.” (Kaley)



We planned a two-on-two mock battle against the duo of the Tree King, Lunaria, and the Titan King, Worlock.


The ability of those at the top is something that we have to cross someday.


The battle would be a very stimulating reminder for those testers who are content to stay and stagnate.


This event will also include the company’s assessment of the testers.


They decided that this would be a good time to do this, now that they have a better grasp on the arrangements for the second batch of testers.


And I am the only tester who knows about it.


I didn’t tell Kaido and the others either.



“thought it was necessary.” (Jiro)


“You can say a lot with your mouth, but… you also want to gather the information from above?” (Kaley)


“I’ll leave that to your imagination.” (Jiro)


“Uh~, you are treating others roughly like Suela~” (Kaley)


“I’m at work.” (Jiro)



Well, I’m not too worried.


They are not the only ones who have forgotten their ambition.


They participated actively in this event and demonstrated their abilities without regret.


I don’t think it will affect their winter bonus assessments.


The testers who are feeling like guests will turn pale at this point.


As I was responding to Kaley’s attempts at pointing fingers at my face, I was able to avoid her fingers, and her fingers stopped suddenly.



“So? I’m about to finish my break too, can we get down to business?” (Kaley)


“I thought it would be better to pay the reward in advance.” (Jiro)


“You’re right, you didn’t let me tease you at all.” (Kaley)


“I’m just saying, you should leave your teasing to the men in your life.” (Jiro)


“You’re not cute.” (Kaley)


“Because I’m an adult man, well I’ll be quick, I’d like to ask you to adjust the schedule a little, Ms. Kaley.” (Jiro)


“Okay, but this isn’t official, is it?” (Kaley)



Play time is over.


While appreciating that I cut to the main subject from the other side.


She hid a smile on her face.



“Sure, just a minute.” (Kaley)



After seeing that expression, Kaley began talking with Suela,


She was like a demon smiling like she came up with something wicked.



“It’s a surprise.” (Kaley)



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


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