Otherworld Company Chapter 106: Keep It Known to All

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



“Phew.” (Jiro)



Well, the supervisor said so, but I’m going to have a smoke first.


I had been exposed to such a battle.


I have to suppress my excitement to deal with things calmly.


I can’t stop the smile that curves my lips.


What was that battle?


It was like a natural disaster itself.


A battle between people with equal but different power was different from the Evo Eater and our training sessions.


Oh, how it makes me so excited.


The excitement finally subsides as I inhale and exhale the purple smoke that permeates my lungs, but it doesn’t completely subside.



“Haa, well, I can’t just think about fun things, there’s still work, well, they are nice and simple to do.” (Jiro)



Even though I regret calming the excitement, I am is a company drone.


I know that if I delay my work, I won’t be able to accomplish anything.


I should check my schedule in my head to see what I need to do, and then go ahead and do it.



“But first, I have to get a few things done.” (Jiro)



I’ve been sent to the dungeon myself for this race, but I haven’t gotten off to a good start yet.


After all, if you don’t set up a handicap to someone having twice or more outstanding stats, the others can’t even win a match.



“You know? Don’t you think so too?” (Jiro)


“Grrrr.” (Monster)



I call out to the yet-to-be-named monster with a head like a wolf, a body like a bear, and a tail like a snake that has a different will from its head, which has been growling low for a while ago.


And judging by the fact that it is in a bad mood because I implicitly called it a small fry as soon as I met it, it is not unintelligent.


I knew there was a monster at the transfer destination, but the supervisor seems to have bought into me quite a bit.


The lab told me that this monster was the one that was going to be placed in the deepest part of the dungeon.


I think they said it was just the thing to crush me.


On top of that, even if I defeated this guy, there would be no shortcut.


If I’m pushed into the deepest part of the dungeon, and I can’t start without defeating this guy, I wonder how far I’ll be behind.



“Well, it doesn’t matter. All I can keep are my savings and knowledge. Let’s just get the job done.” (Jiro)



I have a job to do in addition to participating in the race.


If I don’t finish that, I won’t be able to finish the race.


If I keep taking time to do one job, I’ll never finish anything.



“Hey, come on.” (Jiro)



I thought I might get an answer, but that didn’t happen.


It lowered its posture and made a leaping stance.


While feeling a little disappointed, I took the handle of the Mineral Tree and beckoned to it, provokingly, and it became the catalyst for the fight, and the monster attacked.



“Hmm~ Well, its speed is not bad, and Kaido would just barely avoid it or not at all.” (Jiro)


“Grraaaa!!!” (Monster)



The monster quickly jumped at me and opened its big mouth to bite me, but I just took one step to the side to avoid it.


I was able to get a rough idea of its power just from that one moment our attacks crossed.



“So, you look like you have a lot of strength, huh?” (Jiro)



I calculated the power based on the speed of the earlier step and the speed from the moment it jumped at me to the moment we crossed paths.


I looked away from the opponent with focused eyes, and I turned around on the spot with one foot on one axis.


I positioned myself so that I could catch the opponent at the end of my line of sight, which I adjusted to face it.


The opponent, however, did not let the momentum of its leap fade away, and as soon as it landed, it forcibly changed its posture and leaped at me.



“That’s a technique that can only be done by beasts. If you’re a human, you’ll hurt your back.” (Jiro)



While admiring its flexibility, I dared to take the monster’s attack with the Mineral Tree in order to check its offensive power.


The sound of the fangs scraping against the Mineral Tree is heard, and the power of the attack can be roughly gauged by the feeling of my feet scraping against the ground.



“It could be a little stronger, but it would be more effective with a special ability.” (Jiro)



The weight of the body adds up to a certain amount of weight to the arm, but it is possible to blow it away just by winging out the Mineral Tree with one hand.


If there was an electric shock added to it, I would have to change my response, so I made a note in the corner of my head to write that down in my report.


And then, with a sigh, I pushed my opponent’s body away from me and drew a single slash.


I don’t intend to hit him, but if I do, it will be a lucky slash.



“The reaction is good. It seems to have good offensive ability. And it has wisdom, too.” (Jiro)



The beast’s intuition must have sensed this because it leaped back on its paws and ducked.


The beast’s responsiveness is quite impressive, and its fighting spirit is also very high.


Fearlessly, it pounced again, this time with a combination of sharp claws.



“A little more varied attack patterns would be troublesome, wouldn’t it?” (Jiro)



I took a drag of my cigarette and, with a puff of purple smoke, stomped on the tail of the snake that had attacked me under the shadow of my swinging arm, preventing it from attacking me and giving a nonchalant assessment.


Is it worthy of guarding the dungeon?


I have to file a report later, so I can’t cut corners.



“Next is the defensive side, but it looks like it’s going to be a one-hit kill.” (Jiro)


“Gaaa!” (Monster)



The fur itself seems to be harder than steel, but it is only as hard as steel.


I can easily cut it.


They can add more to it, but a wounded beast is always a nuisance.


I’m going to try to finish it off now.



“The overall assessment is that they are troublesome when they are in numbers, but as individuals, they are just below the top of the list. It’s quite fast on the attack, but its defense is nothing to talk about.” (Jiro)



The monster attacked me, and this time, I intercepted it without missing, and for a moment, I moved and explosively channeled magic power.


I take one step and swing the Mineral Tree to the side, and then the opponent flows behind me by the law of inertia.


That was the end.


The unnamed monster’s body slips to the side behind me, and a heavy thud echoes around the area, signaling the end.



“Well, I’m late, but how long was it?” (Jiro)



After taking one look at the motionless monster, I put the Mineral Tree back on my back, checking the condition of my legs, and start running through the dungeon.


I ran all the way through the cave, but…



“What the–” (Jiro)



I immediately stopped.


Even though it is a dungeon, the structure of the dungeon is completely different from what I have seen before.


There are precipitous cliffs, valleys with no bottom in sight, swamps that make you hesitate to enter, and ivy hanging down like a curtain, making it a kind of obstacle race.


This race was also a test of the new dungeon structure.


We are looking for a structure that can be effectively obstructed and is suitable for defense…



“It seems like a shot in the dark with flight magic.” (Jiro)



We avoid the occasional falling things as I attack the obstacles.


Although it is in a cave, it is a vast space.


All of its obstacles can be cleared by me flying in the air.


I can’t help but be intrigued by that.


I think it would be more effective to make it a pure labyrinth.



“Wait, is this area cleared?” (Jiro)



I look back at the area I cleared using only my legs and discover an uphill cave ahead.


It took me less than the usual time to run through to the next floor.


Including the time spent in the first battle, it took us about three hours.



“We are now releasing some monsters.” (Kaley)



“Well, it would be easier if it was like that guy a while ago…” (Jiro)



I had expected that it was time to release the monsters, but some sound seemed to coincide with the timing.


I regretted turning around and looking for where it was coming from.


Something appeared from the depths of the dungeon.


I looked at it intently and as soon as I saw what it was, I ran as fast as I could.



“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, that isn’t fair!!!” (Jiro)


“Gyoooouuuuuu!!!” (Monster)



The apex predator, having found its prey, cries and moves its legs.


Yes, I should run as fast as I can, even throwing down the cigarette I was smoking, something that I had just lit a moment ago.


What a waste.


Well my life is more important!


I’ve dealt with all kinds of monsters, from golems to goblins, zombies, and even the odd insect, but that supervisor has done it.


I had been led to believe that I was the only one who had been informed of this event, but there was no way that demon would be that kind.


It was a question of whether or not to attack it.


It was wrong to choose to fight that thing.



“Why are you sending a dragon!!” (Jiro)



The supervisor probably heard my frustrated shout.


My instincts sounded the loudest alarm at the sight of the wingless but mighty, black-iron-scaled, quadrupedal creature that would become synonymous with every fantasy world.


As I have work to do after this, the only choice I have here is to retreat.


The magical power I sense from behind me is not as strong as that of the instructors, but it tells me that this is not an opponent I can win against in a proper fight.



“Don’t underestimate me!! I’m the first one to master the art of running away!!!” (Jiro)



I see, this will not be a sloppy race.


Just like in a relay race, if the testers are not related, once the running starts, the testers who fall behind will be trampled by that dragon.


In addition,



“Kicking off the other testers would buy them time!” (Jiro)



I try to run through the dungeon as fast as possible, avoiding obstacles and choosing the shortest distance, but the distance between me and the dragon behind me never seems to widen.


I sensed that dragon’s intentions is a search and destroy focusing on testers only.



“Does that demon want to give me additional work!?” (Jiro)



I swore unintentionally at the devil who had offered me a overly strong presence, but my tension dropped a little as I immediately imagined the demoness’s mocking smile, as if to say that such a thing did not matter.


This would ruin my plan to create a sense of solidarity by working behind the scenes.



“Damn it!!” (Jiro)



Complaining won’t change the situation.


So the key to overcoming the current situation is how to come up with a brilliant plan and execute it.



“Tsk!” (Jiro)



I felt a surge of magical power behind me, and without looking behind, I let my intuition take over.


I quickly avoid an oversized breath that comes flying at me by sliding into the shadow of a rock.


I overcomed the heat I felt in my back and start to run again.


It’s a long way still, but it’s only a matter of time before I catch up if I keep going.


But now I just have to run.


One floor, two floors, three floors, and many floors are spent just earnestly escaping.


When I started to think that the game of tag, which was repeating at a speed faster than the car, would continue to the exit, I finally caught the tail of the other testers.



“No, that can’t be.” (Jiro)



My enhanced eyes caught sight of a figure far ahead, but it was not the tail.



“Are these all the testers!?” (Jiro)



All the testers except me were stuck in a plaza reminiscent of the arena we had just been in.


I saw a number of testers standing in front of the sturdy barricades that seemed to be the exit from the direction I was going, and I imagined what was going to happen next.


If things continue as they are, the dragon behind us will reach the plaza in a few minutes, or at the latest in a dozen minutes.


If this happens, there is only one thing that can happen if we encounter the monster in the plaza where the passage is blocked off.


The apex predator, the dragon, will rapidly devour everyone.



“Huh? Forced combat? Ah!! That’s what it is!! F*cking sh*t!! That demon overturned the very foundation of the festival!” (Jiro)



I understand what the supervisor is trying to do.


This race itself was a setup.


The moment I was made to understand this, I realized that I myself had been deceived.


I realize that I have been dancing in the palm of the supervisor’s hand from the beginning, and I want to let out a sigh.


This time, the tester’s challenge is not a race.


The challenge is…



“Sh*t!! You planned to have us work together to defeat this dragon! Right!? Supervisor!!” (Jiro)



It’s a subjugation event.


The dragon chasing behind me is probably set at a level of strength that would allow the testers to defeat it if they worked together.


And the intention behind hiding this and ordering only me to work behind the scenes was



“On top of that, you’ve forced me to do some troublesome work! Are you saying that I should organize the testers?!” (Jiro)



If we go on like this, we will be wiped out.


This was the moment when I realized that the event I had planned to improve the testers’ poor coordination as much as possible had been replaced by something else entirely.



“Oh!! Sh*t!! I’ll do it I’ll f*cking do it!!” (Jiro)



With my rebellious spirit in full swing, I will do my best to think about how to carry out the events that will follow in order to take a swing at the demon who had hijacked this event.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


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