Otherworld Company Chapter 108: If No One Else Can Move, I Will

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



I became a demon who gives orders without a moment’s pause to regain their composure.



“Magicians, formation! For the disruption, archers and thieves must act in pairs! Those who can fight as vanguards, follow me! Let’s cut through!” (Jiro)



We have never had good feelings for each other, but we put them aside for now.


It’s not about that, it’s about getting out of the current situation.


The most efficient way to deal with those guys who don’t know what to do is to give them a role to play.


Even if they are confused, if you give them high priority instructions, people can move accordingly to some extent.


But don’t let the thought of “impossible” get in the way.


“Impossible” is nothing but the will to reject something.


And once people start thinking about it, they will not be able to move.


To prevent this from happening, I do not stop giving instructions in order to be faster to contain dissenting voices.



“If you don’t want to die, move your limbs! Hizumi! You, over here! The healer, get behind the rear guards and back them up!” (Jiro)



With Kaido as the only vanguard, my party had little time to gain.


I shouted in my head, “Hurry up, hurry up,” but at the same time, I told myself not to panic.


I waited until the testers, who were moving around from Job Title to Job Title, had finished their activities.


There are a little more than 30 testers in total.


Separated by Job Title, they were finally ready to fight.



“We’re finally ready!” (Jiro)



I watched as nods and replies came back from all over the place, and when I looked at the face of Hizumi behind me, I could see a hint of nervousness on his proportional face.


No, I could see the color of nervousness in most of the testers.


After all, they were about to fight a powerful enemy with whom they had never fought before.


And they are going to do it together with companions they have never worked together with.


Worrying factors must be flying around in their minds.


Even so, the testers who showed a fighting attitude made others believe that they could do it if they tried.



“Let’s go!!” (Jiro)



I smile first in front of them.


It is a smile that is ferocious and looks like it is about to fight, but a smile has the effect of easing tension.


Above all, it gives a sense of security.


My energetic voice draws the attention of the testers to me.


Some of the testers were still hesitant about whether they were really going to fight in a situation that they had no idea how to handle.


I would do my best to eliminate any anxiety.



“Finally, everyone, it’s time to hunt for the Earth Dragons!!” (Jiro)



I present the first thing to do.


I say it simply, as if the thing that we are about to do is not a big deal.



“It’s not something to be that nervous about. Just one other person and I were able to keep them at bay until a few minutes ago. I’m sure there’s plenty of room for us if we’re bolder.” (Jiro)



The old me would not have acted in such a conspicuous manner.


And I wouldn’t have bluffed like this.


According to my estimation, the opponent’s strength was only slightly less than the total strength of our testers.


I could see the supervisor’s calculating mind.


But it is also true that we can beat them if we act boldly.



“Oh, um, are you sure we can win?” (Tester)


“Yeah, with strength to spare.” (Jiro)



I answered without hesitation to tester’s worried question and turned back.


Kaido and my party will soon reach their limit.


The dragons are now held back by Kaido and Amelia’s maneuverability and Kitamiya’s magic, but that won’t last long either.


We must be ready by then.


I heard a loud thump, and when I turned my gaze for a moment, I saw the Earth Dragon violently swinging its legs and attacking Kaido.


I look at the testers to shake off the urge to go help.



“Look! What we’re going to do is simple! I’m going to explain it to you right now, and I want you to carve it in your mind! If you do that, you can win!!” (Jiro)



I quickly explained the plan for hunting the Earth Dragons, which I had thought up in just a few minutes.


This made the strategy simple, but on the contrary, the simpler the better, given the current situation.


And when the odds are in your favor, the timid attitude will gradually fade away.


In turn, the motivation in their eyes becomes more and more intense.


Some people begin to have high expectations for the big job they are about to do.


The group that had been disorganized until a few moments ago began to unify.



“You now understand the plan! Let’s go!” (Jiro)


“”””Yeah!!”””” (Testers)



He succeeded in rounding up the testers with a general scheme of letting the tension flow.



“The thief squad will flank them and order Kaido and the others to retreat! Once they’re out, get into position!” (Jiro)


“””Yes!!””” (Testers)



Leave the messenger to the mixed male-female bandit squad.


I watch them stick along the walls, running far enough to avoid being detected by the Earth Dragons.


I instructed the thief squad to basically watch their surroundings, give out messages, and put up a smoke screen as a distraction when the situation calls for it.



“When Kaido and the others start to retreat, the first magician squad is to sweep in with magic! You don’t have to defeat them, just get those guys away from Kaido and the others!” (Jiro)


“””Yes!!””” (Testers)


“Meanwhile, the second squad prepares spells for maximum firepower!” (Jiro)


“”””Yeah!!””” (Testers)



Then the magician team, which makes up the majority of the testers, is split in half into controller and attacker.


The testers who are good at fine magic with high efficiency are assigned to the control unit, while the personnel who are good at less efficient but more powerful magic are assigned to the strike unit.



“The archer team get ready for sniping! Aim at their heads only! Turn their attention to us!” (Jiro)


“””Yes!!””” (Testers)



The archers focused on impeding the opponent’s attack.


Although the small number of archers means that we can’t expect much in the way of offensive power, they concentrate their attacks on the head, which is what the opponent dislikes most.


Even the toughest of dragons, with their strong bodies, still have vulnerable eyes.



“Healer squad protect Kaido and the others! As soon as they are healed, have them join their units! The healers assigned to each unit will deal with them as needed, and don’t neglect to keep track of your magical power!!” (Jiro)


“””Yes!!””” (Testers)



Some of the healers formed a squad and the rest accompanied their respective units.


In addition to healing, the personnel who accompanied the magician squads were also given the task of adjusting the pace of the attack.


This was to avoid shooting too much magic, causing them to run out of magical power and losing the ability to attack.



“The dragon is coming this way!! Those who were fighting before are running!!” (Jiro)



It began.


The bandit squad’s message must have gone well.


I can see Kaido and the others running toward us at full speed.


They were told that they could run away in the middle of fighting an opponent they couldn’t defeat.


Kaido, of course, is showing a brilliant sprinter’s style that even Kitamiya, a magician, admires.


Let’s start the fight, starting with everyone disengaging.



“All right! First magician squad, prepare to attack! Ready!” (Jiro)



What we are going to do is quite simple.


We will strike thoroughly with magic.


To do so, the other personnel will go around to stop the earth dragon.


When the dragon is weakened, I will deliver the deciding blow.


Simple is best.


In other words, this is the only strategy I could come up with.



“Here’s to our supervisor, she’s going to prepare additional dragons to compensate for the time these dragons wasted! So, we’re going to kill these guys as fast as we can. Let’s get fired up!!!” (Jiro)


“”””YEAH!”””” (Testers)



But there is no time for hesitation.


In this forced battle, there is no doubt that it was the supervisor who acted behind the scenes.


Then it is not a good idea to take too much time here.


If I am wrong, she is likely to throw in more dragons with a smile on her face.


I must go all out to avoid that.


The first magician squad straightened their backs in response to my fierceness.


That is how much the testers share the same impression of the supervisor.


According to them, that supervisor would do it.


One magical rain after another.


Even though I find it annoying with my strengthened vision, I can still see the Earth Dragons starting to push forward with their movements slowing down a little.



“Archers ready your attacks! Next, the second magician squad start preparing your magic!”


“““!!!””” (Testers)



As soon as I judged that the effect was weak, I ordered a archers to attack.


The distance is a little over 200 meters, a distance that a normal bow would not be able to reach even from a mountain, but this is a fantasy world.


Ignoring the law of inertia, the arrow travels straight at an unbelievable speed and hits the face of the earth dragons.


The target is large, and the harassment is effective.


The speed of the dragons, whose vision is targeted by the arrows flying through the magic’s gap and unable to move forward properly, is much slower than before.



“Haa!! I thought I was going to die!!” (Kaido)


“Hahahahaha, it’s true.” (Masaru)


“Isn’t that a losing flag, that it is?” (Minami)


“You were just being pulled along by me!” (Karen)


“Ugh~ My hands are numb. Why are they that hard?” (Amelia)


(Because they are dragons. Moreover, Earth Dragons gained a reputation from the hardness of their scales.) (Mike)



Kaido and the others join us from the gap created.


They all relaxed as they joined us.


Their appearance tells how hard they fought.



“Good job, you’re all exhausted, but after you take a break, you’ll have to fight one more time, so please be prepared for that.” (Jiro)


“””Are you a demon, (that you are)!?””” (Jiro’s Party)


“Unfortunately, I’m still human. Don’t waste your time talking and get some rest. Second magician squad attack as soon as you are ready. Be careful of the amount of magic you use!!!” (Jiro)



Even so, we don’t have the strength right now to rest.


I let Kaido and the others recover, and then I look to the next side of the room.



“Now, Hizumi. Are you ready?” (Jiro)


“Hahahaha, are we really going to do it?” (Toru)


“Of course.” (Jiro)



A good-looking man is a good-looking man even if he is pale.


Even if it comes to a full-scale magic battle, the scales of the earth dragon cannot be pierced.


Damage is done, but it is slight.


It has stopped moving completely, but it is also difficult to pass damage because of its defensive posture.


A decisive blow is needed.


That role would be played by me, Hizumi, and Kaido.



“Well, even if you fail, I’ll cover it. Take it easy, and do as I’ll tell you, got it?” (Jiro)


“What?” (Toru)


“It’s been said that men should always dress up in front of women.” (Jiro)



I’m going to need some serious skills if I’m going to defeat the earth dragon.


Even more so if I’m going to defeat two of them at once.


So, I need the two of them to nail down the two Earth Dragons.


But if I go on like this, there is a greater chance of failure.



“Look behind you.” (Jiro)



I tapped Hizumi, who was tense and stiff, on the shoulder and pointed behind him, and he could see his partner looking at him worriedly every so often.


Seeing this, Hazumi’s face changes.



“Good, you look right, get fired up.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Toru)



After watching this, I also start to get ready.


The Mineral Tree has already taken root in my arms and is also ready for battle.


The high-speed circulation of magic power has also begun.



“Kaido, one more job. Can you go?” (Jiro)


“Uh-fine. Recently, I felt like I’m getting used to senpai’s unreasonable actions.” (Kaido)


“Isn’t that the way it’s been for a long time?” (Jiro)


“That’s right.” (Kaido)



When I call out to Kaido, who has finished recovering, I see him follow me with a wry smile, I think I am saved.


Now, the preparation for the assault is over.



“Now then, let’s go hunt some dragons.” (Jiro)


“Let’s go.” (Toru)


“Yeah.” (Kaido)



As convincing myself with a nod, I put my strength into my feet.


We’ve decided.


With determination and determination, we run.


The magic bombarding will not stop.


If they stop, the dragons will go berserk.


The closer we get, the more we weave through a rain of spell that explodes in the center.



“They’re on to us! Acceleration!” (Jiro)


““!!!”” (Kaido & Toru)



And the magic carpet bombing also served to hide us.


We move to get as close as possible and catch them by surprise, was defeated  by the amazing senses of the Earth Dragons.


But still.



“Get in time!!” (Jiro)



From my point of view, I could say that I had gained enough distance to get in between.


I stomped on the ground and jumped up, like wishing to reach the ceiling, and held the Mineral Tree pulsating, high-speed circulating magic in the upper position.


You will be cut.


As I sharpen my senses, I see two dragons with their mouths wide open, exposed to the magic, trying to spew out their breath to resist my blow.


I am now controlling my magic so as not to dissipate its power, so I cannot take any action other than swinging down the Mineral Tree.


There is no way to avoid the breath as I let myself fall into free fall.


If I keep going like this, I will surely be blown away.


Yes, if I keep going like this.



“Haa!!” (Toru)


“There is a gap!!” (Kaido)



The two who hid behind the shadow of the magic bombardment and my magic power ran up the huge body of the Earth Dragons and thrust their respective swords into the eyes of those huge bodies.



“Graaaa!?” (Earth Dragon)


“Gyraaa!?” (Earth Dragon)



The Earth Dragons rampaged from the sudden pain, and I confirm that the two of them are leaving.


I struck the best blow I could.



“Finish it!!!” (Jiro)



I swung, and with a solid response, the heads of those two bodies,



Boom, boom.



I cut both heads off.



“““““YEAAAAAAH!!!””” (Testers)



As soon as they fell, the testers let out a roar when they saw the Earth Dragons collapsing in front of them, I answer, lifting the Mineral Tree.



“We did it!” (Jiro)



It was a spur-of-the-moment, unrehearsed plan.


There are many ways to say this, but I am relieved to see that it all worked out.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

If I have no choice but to do it, I will do it.



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