Otherworld Company Chapter 109.2: Sharing Hardships and Joys, It’s Important, But…

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“…Kaley, I need to get out of here.” (Jiro)



The first thing to do is get out of the race.


I knew this was not the time to do this, so ask for advise for the best course of action.



“I knew you would say that, so I asked Lady Evia, but unfortunately there is no escape gate in the dungeon there. It’s a dungeon that has been downsized for the race, and it’s backfiring on us. The rules are so fixed that there is no flexibility. The only way out of there is through a normal exit. I’m sure the supervisor would be able to do that, but unfortunately, you’re on your own right now.” (Kaley)


“What?!” (Jiro)



But things don’t always work out conveniently.


I wanted to shout that it was impossible that there was nothing they could do, but if the supervisor who coordinated this dungeon says so, then I guess there is no way to escape except by the route that has been set up.



“If that were the case.” (Jiro)


“Yes, the shortest way out is to run. There are no forks in the road, just run in a straight line.” (Kaley)



There is only one thing to do.


I placed the Mineral Tree in my back and assumed a crouching start position.


Even if her life is not in danger, there is no time for a leisurely escape from the dungeon once I hear that Suela has collapsed.


I’m going to increase the circulation of magic power so that I can maximize my specs immediately.



“Understood… wait for me, Suela!” (Jiro)



Calming my breathing, turning my attention to the magical power in my body, and I slowly speed up the flow.


The flow becomes a muddy stream in turn and begins to run through the magic crest.


I was conscious of clearing it up, and the moment the circulating, rising, and violent magic stabilized, I put all my strength into my right leg and started running with all my might.


I don’t care if the ground beneath my feet is shattered or scattered behind me.


All I can think about now is moving forward.


Faster, faster, faster, faster.


I break through walls of wind and smudged color.


Even when the visual information that my brain cannot process loses color and becomes black and white, I do not slow down, but instead give priority to identifying objects and run through them while avoiding obstacles.


I run past running testers and ignore all kinds of traps and obstacles with the help of my leg strength.


If there is a cliff, ignore gravity.


If there is a valley, run through it as if I was running through the sky.


If there is a trap, I am already gone by the time it is triggered.


I just focus on getting to her.



“……” (Jiro)



Each time I do this, I speed up the circulation of magic power and strengthen it without regard to whether my body creaks or not.


While confirming the limits of my body to go one more step and another step, I feel the sensation of my nerves communicating while exploring the boundary between whether I will break or not.


It was a moment when I realized that I was taking such a reckless action and that I cared so deeply for Suela, but when I realized that I didn’t want her to see me this way, I smiled wryly for a moment, but immediately closed my mouth.


Running through the falling rocks before they fall.


Kicking and shattering the spears that were approaching.


I pull off the net of magic power that covers the entire surface with my own momentum.



“Suela, wait!! I’m coming for you!” (Jiro)



Move your feet faster and wave your hands more forcefully.


Don’t think about the rest.


Think only of getting to her.


I quickly pull out the Mineral Tree on my back and slice the golem that stands in my way, like a gatekeeper within a split-second of our meeting.


I regained my momentum, which had slowed down slightly due to that action, and I start to run again.


Kaido, who was already in the lead, was now far behind.


From the distance he ran, I must have already entered the second half of the course.


The obstacles were becoming more and more complicated as if to remind him of this.


Even so, the obstacles were only slowing down his running speed at best.


Rather, my magical resources that had been used for accelerating have returned, allowing for a more flexible response.


I fill my impatience with thoughts of dealing with the obstacles in front of me, and the moment I finally see the dungeon exit in front of me, I quickly shift into top gear for the final acceleration.


I jumped into the light with no thought of slowing down, creating an explosion and a gust of wind.



“The one who came out at the top was Jiro Tanaka! He showed off his furious overtaking from the very back of the pack! He’s at the finish line! Wait the scores! Where are you going?” (Announcer)



I can hear a dark elf woman, different from Kaley, talking about the situation, but I ignore her.


I leave even the dungeon’s event hall without regard for the goal.


Drifting on the soles of my feet, I slip into the gate that leads back to the office, and when I finally get back to the office, I head straight for the infirmary.


The distance to the desired location is at hand, yet each step is an annoyance.


I yearn for a faster and much faster speed, but the distance remains the same.


Even if I try to go faster, my body is reaching its limits from the latter half of the journey, as the physical strengthening I’ve done up to this point is starting to take its toll on me.


Although I still have magical power, I am not able to circulate it beautifully.


The speed range, which is far from the fastest, is making me irritated.



“Kuh!” (Jiro)



Still, I grit my teeth and run through the last spurt, braking suddenly in front of the infirmary.


My boots scrape against the tiles, and my body slides sideways as I brake sharply with a high-pitched screech.


Before my inertia could stop me, I reached for the door and forced myself to stop.


I don’t know how long it took me to get here.


I only know that it took longer and slower.





“Suela!” (Jiro)



I take my next step faster.



“Jiro? What’s wrong? You’re in such a hurry, and you’re supposed to be working.” (Suela)



With that thought in mind, I gathered my last bit of strength and entered the doctor’s office to find a healthy-looking Suela leisurely eating an apple on the bed.


Next to her is Memoria, who is holding a plate of peeled apples.


Both of them look at me with blinking eyes as if startled by my sudden appearance.



“Suela? You collapsed.” (Jiro)



My head was having a hard time comprehending this peaceful scene.



“I just fell down because I got a little sick, that’s all. It’s nothing to make such a big deal about.” (Suela)


“Is that so? I’m glad to hear that.” (Jiro)



Suela collapsed and was brought to the infirmary.


I wonder what happened to the me before who ran all the way here in a hurry just because of that information.


Suela says it was not a big deal once I asked what she was hiding.



“*Sigh*, I know it’s hard for you to say, Suela, but he’ll find out sooner or later. He’s here now, so it’s only fitting.” (Memoria)


“Yes, but…” (Suela)


“If it’s hard to say, should I say it on your behalf?” (Memoria)


“…” (Suela)


“I knew there was something!!!” (Jiro)



But it seems that the secret was heavy, and Suela intentionally said that there was nothing in it.


Then comes Memoria, who knows the situation.


I forced myself up and faced Suela with a serious expression.



“Actually…” (Suela)



I stood up to get closer to her. Based on her tone, I was wondering if something had happened to her, which I don’t usually hear form her.



“What happened?” (Jiro)


“……” (Suela)



As it is, I gently take her hand and look into her eyes.


I held Suela’s hand gently and firmly trying to convey my determination to support her no matter what, and I stared deeply into her eyes.


After a few seconds of her silence,



“We made one.” (Suela)



She said something outrageous.



“Made one?” (Jiro)


“Yes, your and my child.” (Suela)


“…whaaaaaaat!!!” (Jiro)



It took me a few seconds to understand.


In my astonished feelings, I had a vision of Kaley smiling devilishly from her successful prank behind my back.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

There is also something in this world that blows everything away.



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