Otherworld Company Chapter 111: There is An Obligation to Report…

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



“Haa, Senpai is finally getting married. I thought he was going to get married somehow, but he got married earlier than I thought, Minami.” (Kaido)


“I can only say that it was inevitable, that it was. From my point of view in the countdown stage, that it is. Marriage is said to be the graveyard of life, though, that it is not applicable to Leader, that it is.” (Minami)



Kaido and Minami are having a conversation behind my back while peeking at me as I silently complete the necessary documents for marriage.


The marriage of Suela and I spread throughout the company in the blink of an eye because of the location where I proposed.


This was despite the fact that it was during an event.


It is often said that you can’t put words in people’s mouths.


The day after I proposed, every employee I passed congratulated me, made fun of me, or were acting jealous of me.


We have a company tradition of gossiping for amusement, but when you are a part of the gossip, you realize how annoying it can be.


And it is still the same even now, a week later, and the two people behind me are no exception.



“You guys, you’ve been smiling and happily talking about me since a while ago. If you’re going to celebrate, pull that teasing look off your face, or else you’re asking to have a mock fight with me?” (Jiro)


“”Sir, no sir!!”” (Kaido & Minami)



If it was yesterday, I would have just smiled and let it go, but as expected, I was getting fed up with the way they were treating me after all those moments.


So, I just had to nail them with a smile and a sharp tone, just like the Instructors would have.


I checked their straight and rigid salute with a sideways glance and returned to my paperwork.


Marriage with a person from another world requires more work than an international marriage.


They have a family register over here, and in order to marry, I can’t just pray to God and be done with it, as if it were a single paragraph in a novel.


I have to work on various aspects, and the amount of documents prepared is several times larger than the number of reports I usually complete.


To put it bluntly, there are not many documents related to marriage.


In addition, even if I marry Suela and Memoria, my status in Japan will remain that of a bachelor’s.


If I report my marriage to them on official documents, the government will not be silent.


Because of my race.


Or in this case, species?


So naturally, most of the insurance procedures are to deal with any problems that may arise.


This is how the company is proudly set up, but the management of the dungeon is top secret among top secrets, and it would be dangerous if it was found out.


The rest of the documents are for screening whether or not I can invite my relatives and acquaintances for implied procedures when I invite them to a wedding or some other occasion.


The more people I invite, the more documents I have to fill out, which forces me to think about the number of people I want to invite.


Since Suela and Memoria are on the other side of the world, there are few such documents, so these are the ones I have to make.


I could do it in my room, but it is more convenient to do it here in the party room in case of emergencies or when I have to move around.


So even though I’m getting tangled up with a bunch of bored people like this, my hands never stop working on the paperwork.



“You guys are idiots too. There’s no way you can make fun of Mr. Jiro without getting anything back.” (Karen)


“Personally, I want to congratulate my senior who became a riajuu, but I’m just as envious of my senior who became a riajuu!” (Kaido)


“That’s right, that I am! It has nothing to do with men or women! Single people are jealous, but they have an obligation to accept it, that they do! ” (Minami)


“That’s a complete loser’s statement, isn’t it? You guys are talking about losers who like you don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends of their own.” (Karen)


““Gaaah!?”” (Kaido & Minami)



In the party room where people gather like this even on days when they are not going to the dungeon, Kitamiya, who is reading a fashion magazine on the newly placed sofa, warns Kaidou and Minami who were looking dumbfounded, but it brought a brilliant critical hit and the two sank on the floor like balloons losing air.


But soon after, the two also returned to the floor as if they were zombies getting up.



“…Kitamiya shouldn’t even say that you know?! Kitamiya saying that is very unlikeable! You probably have too high ideals and you just can’t find a man you like!?” (Kaido)


“…That’s right, that I am! It’s not that I can’t have a boyfriend, it’s just that I don’t have one, that I don’t. I’ve never been dumped, unlike Kitamiya and Senior Kaido, I have never been dumped, that I am! I’m undefeated, while Senior Kaido is on a losing streak, so please don’t treat us like we are the same, that you shouldn’t!” (Minami)


“Minami!?” (Kaido)


“You guys just said something to me that you shouldn’t have said. Especially you, Minami! You are going to need to thoroughly ice your face after I take care of Kaido!!” (Karen)


“Kitamiya, why are you treating me so badly!?” (Kaido)


“Pipe it down, all of you.” (Jiro)



Minami went ahead and stepped on the tiger’s tail.


Minami casually abuses friendly fire, but since it’s always the case, I nailed the rambunctious trio appropriately and use their voices as background music for my paperwork.


Making use of the magic crest’s full power doesn’t cause any damage to the room, and sometimes I deal with the occasional cushion that comes flying at me by catching it without looking and throwing it back at the person who threw it.


With this, after these guys rampage around, I understand the part where I join.


It won’t be the worst-case scenario.


Normally, Masaru and Amelia would intervene, but unfortunately, they are at school.


So it would be troublesome to subdue them by force, so I’ll leave them alone.


I run my pen over the paper.



“This document seems correct.” (Jiro)



Just as I was about to check the attached document to see if the contents were in the other document, my cell phone rang.



“Hey. Who is this?” (Jiro)



If it was someone from within the company, such as Suela or Memoria, it would come as a telepathic message.


I don’t remember giving my personal cell phone to any of the other testers.


Masaru and Amelia were supposed to be in class at this time.


I thought it was someone I knew who was busy, but when I saw the number on the phone’s display, my body reacted with a jerk.



“Yes, hello.” (Jiro)



Still, I can’t help but go out.



“What’s up, Mom? Why di you call?” (Jiro)



I was a little concerned, especially since the caller was my mother.


I put the phone to my ear, trying to be normal, wondering if it was a coincidence that she called me at this time, even though she is usually a come-what-may kind of person.



“It’s been a long time, Jiro, I heard that you’ve found a wife. I called you immediately, you’re old enough for that. So how are you doing? Am I someone who will be seeing her grandchildren soon?” (Mrs. Tanaka)


“…” (Jiro)



My mother on the other end of the phone, giggling cheerfully and exuberantly, cut to the heart of the matter so precisely that I could not tell her that she already has a grandchild on the way, and I had no choice but to be quiet.


I can’t help but be stunned by the mother’s statement, which makes me think that she has grasped the information so accurately that even a stalker would pale in comparison, but this is all intuition, which is why I can’t handle it.


It’s always been that way.


She says it’s all in her gut, but if she said it is supposed to rain, it will rain that afternoon, even though the weather forecast says there is no chance of rain and it’s sunny.


If I was driving a car, then she thought that the road would be crowded during weekday hours, when I detoured, it was really congested.


I basically couldn’t hide anything.


Like, she would just randomly put answers on a test, and she would guess them all correctly.


When I was a child, I thought that my mother’s intuition had reached the level of predicting the future.



“Haa, another of your usual intuition again? I mean, did you go back to Japan when you called me with this number, mother?” (Jiro)



Mother’s job as a bodyguard for my father, a photographer who traveled around the world, was something far removed from being a housewife.


Thanks to this, she is almost never in Japan, and the only time she can be reached reliably is when she contacts me from the other side or during the one-week return home period at the end of the year and New Year holiday.


As a photographer of uncharted territories, my mother’s intuition is a lifeline for father.


When my parents returned from overseas during high school, they told me that they had dodged a sniper’s bullet, I wondered what they were doing, but at the same time I was determined to get a regular job, no matter how famous they would become and how much money they would make.



“If you don’t deny it, it means that my intuition wasn’t wrong. I’m glad I didn’t waste my plane ticket.” (Mrs. Tanaka)



There was no way I would be able to contact my parents using the usual means of communication, a phone call.


Thanks to this, I had put off contacting them about the marriage, but it seems that my mother did not get the message.


Mother, giggling cheerfully, was convinced and told me that I couldn’t hide anything from her anymore.


I thought she should have at least asked about the airfare, but she was not the type of mother who would stop at such bitter words.


She is the kind of mother who would throw a bank book and let me live alone without my them when I had just started high school, believing that I would be fine.


Thanks to her, my housekeeping skills have improved, but she is so neglectful that it would not be surprising if I had taken one or two steps off the right path during my youth.


I think I disciplined myself well.


Well, there is a reason that I couldn’t spend the money in the bank book because it was a terrible amount of money.


The reason why I didn’t lose my self-control was not only on my birthday they would come but also because they would come back home at the right time for school events, such as parent meetings, even though I didn’t tell them about those events.



“Ah, that’s right. I was going to introduce you to each other, but mother usually only comes home at the beginning of the year. I didn’t think I would be able to contact you otherwise, so I didn’t. I mean, if mother is in Japan, is father back, too?” (Jiro)


“He’s back. You are our only son, after all. Ichirou even cut short a shoot deep in the Guiana Highlands when I told him I thought you had a wife-to-be.” (Mrs. Tanaka)



This time would be no different.


I can picture the scene deep in the jungle when his mother suddenly looked up at the sky and spoke of her intuition.


Parents who can act on such a hunch alone are parents, too. As a result, I have recently been reminded that I have the blood of both of them.


After all, I’m currently working a job that I can’t even say is normal.


At that stage, I think we are really parent and child.



“So? Where are you now? At the airport?” (Jiro)


“No, I was thinking of going to your house, but is it MAO Corporation? Then, I thought as I saw this building and thought you were here. I’m at the coffee shop near there. Did you move on from your old company?” (Mrs. Tanaka)


“Huh!?” (Jiro)



With a clatter, I get up from my chair.


And I learned that this mother’s intuition could even break through the boundaries of cognitive inhibition.


It’s an exchange that makes me wonder about my own mother’s abilities.



“What? Did I do something wrong?” (Mrs. Tanaka)


“Oh, I don’t think so.” (Jiro)



It was a foolish question to ask my mother how she knew, given her supernatural intuition, and it was against the rules to talk to outsiders about magic and information about this company.


That’s why it’s so frustrating that I can’t tell how my mother has busted through the cloaking magic to find out where I am.


Mom, you didn’t actually play a hero when you were young, did you?


I’m confident that I would believe her if she told me that she had actually saved the world.



“For the time being, it’s convenient for me too. I guess I’ll be free for a while anyway. I’ll make arrangements, so give me a minute. You’ve got a hotel, right?” (Jiro)


“We’ve canceled work in anticipation. We’ll manage to get a hotel. We’ll be in Japan for two weeks, so show us your wife during that time. Well, she’s the girl that caught your eye. I’m sure she’s not a bad girl.” (Mrs. Tanaka)



I’m sorry, Mother.


Not a girl.


They’re girls.


I didn’t think I could get past my mother’s intuition in this way, but it was more important to adjust my schedule now.


I was looking forward to it, so my mother’s voice, which sounded excited until the end. I then hung up the phone.



“I was naïve.” (Jiro)


“Se-senior, what’s wrong? You suddenly raised your voice.” (Kaido)


“My mother is back.” (Jiro)


“What? Your mother came back? Is it because Senior is getting married?” (Kaido)


“Oh, I heard from the person herself. She said she came home because she somehow had a feeling that I was going to get married. She even tracked down my whereabouts.” (Jiro)


“Eh!? This company has a barrier, right?” (Kaido)


“Yeah, it should be.” (Jiro)


“…Senior’s mother is still the same.” (Kaido)


“She’s too unbelievable, even for my own mother.” (Jiro)



Kaido, who has met my mother, knows my mother’s non-standard behavior.


So, if I say that my mother is back, he can understand the story.


Minami and Kitamiya have question marks over their heads as to what I’m talking about, but I don’t have time to explain.


In addition to the documents I am making now, I have to make the documents for the visitation.


I also have to inform Suela and Memoria.


I don’t know if the timing is good or bad, but it’s my parents.


There is no way this will end quietly.


If I’m wrong, if they find out that there is another world, especially my father, they might say they want to go there.


If my mother found out that I was going to visit Suela and Memoria’s parents, they will take advantage of the opportunity and accompany me.



“Well, I guess it saved me the trouble.” (Jiro)



For the time being, I couldn’t sit still.


I’ll just do what I have to do.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

Who can predict that it will come from the other side, after skipping my obligation on reporting?


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