Otherworld Company Chapter 114.2: I Don’t Give A Damn!

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“It’s my mother.” (Jiro)



Sure enough, the incoming call is from my mother.


I wondered why the timing was so perfect, but perhaps it was the best timing for her.


I don’t think any decision is wrong, but I can’t ignore it even though I want to delay it a little more, and when I turn my face to Suela and Memoria’s parents, their eyes urge me to go ahead.



“Excuse me for a moment… Hello.” (Jiro)



I take advantage of the gesture and press the call button.



“Oh! It connected; it’s connected. I thought you’d ignore me, but I guess my intuition has gone weaker.” (Mrs. Tanaka)



I knew from the display that it was my mother on the other end of the line.



“Don’t worry, it’s far from weakening, it’s getting better. You called me at this time. You’re my mother, so I’m sure you’ll say something about coming over here right now.” (Jiro)


“As expected of my son, you know what I’m talking about! I was going to look for a hotel after I finished calling you, but I felt like I had to be there, now. Well, it was worth killing time by making Ichiro eat a bucket parfait!” (Mrs. Tanaka)


“Father.” (Jiro)



If I remember correctly, my dad wasn’t that good with sweets.


And yet, this mother of mine seemed to have followed her instincts and ordered something that took a long time to wait inside the restaurant, even though I had told her I would meet them later.


However, it seems she wasn’t the one who ate it.


I always have to take my hat off to her energy, but when I heard the facts of what she did, I felt sorry for my dad.


And this is a good thing, if it turns out like this, my mother won’t change her opinion even with anything I do or say.


If it has come this far, I have no choice but to be ready.



“*Sigh*, wait for 30 minutes. I’ll pick you up at the front door of the office around that time.” (Jiro)



In that case, I thought it would be better to get everyone together, so I let out a sigh and hung up the phone.


Well then.


When I turn around, gazes in the store, not narrow and not very wide, gathered on me.



“I’m sorry to bother you on such short notice, but I’m off to pick up my parents.” (Jiro)



I stifle a sigh, wondering if I should get down on my knees to the supervisor before I do so.


Oh, Suela and Memoria, I’ll give you enough time to prepare, so don’t panic and use your time.


I bade farewell to my girlfriends, who suddenly took out a compact mirror, and left Memoria’s store.





“Oh, I noticed you’ve become more splendid in the short time I’ve not seen you.” (Mrs. Tanaka)


“Is it my imagination or does it seem like you’ve joined a strange company?” (Mrs. Tanaka)


“You know what I mean.” (Mrs. Tanaka)


“How many years do you think you’ve been my son?” (Mrs. Tanaka)



I went to the supervisor with the determination to risk my life and somehow managed to get my parents in front of me inside the company.


My mother is the one patting me on the back and checking my muscles.


Kirika Tanaka, black hair cut short at the shoulder, eyes as narrow as mine.


She is one head shorter than me, but she’s powerful enough to make her seem taller than she looks.


It is my mother who makes me want to call her Big Sis unintentionally.


She is also a warrior who was able to pass through this company’s wards without any magical tools being handed over to her.


I’m sure that if I were to measure her magical aptitude, it would come up with an extraordinary number.



“And Ichiro, don’t go too far away from me. This place seems to be more special than I thought.” (Mrs. Tanaka => Kirika)



When she let go of my hand, she grabbed my father by the collar to keep him from wandering off, and my mother looked around with widening eyes.


For me, it’s an ordinary day, but from my mother’s point of view, it’s an extraordinary day at an extraordinary company.


Just by looking around a little, my mom puts a wry smile on her face.



“Jiro, you are definitely my son. What’s with this fun atmosphere in the company?” (Kirika)


“From my mother’s point of view, you’ll probably find it fun. I expected it, and I’m relieved that I wasn’t a bit wrong. Hey, Father, that place is off limits.” (Jiro)


“I know, but Jiro. This is a great discovery! There really is another world! I can’t stop getting excited! Hey, Jiro, can I take just a few pictures?” (Ichiro)



And I hate to say it, but this middle-aged man with gray hair and glasses who has a twinkle in his eye like a child is my father.


Ichiro Tanaka, in his usual tone of voice, is quite weak, but when it comes to his interests, he is quite outspoken.


His body is so strong that he has walked all over the world in uncharted lands, without regard for the dangers.


His body is well-trained and trimmed of any unnecessary flab.


However, there is a magical device around my neck that serves as a passport.


Judging from the fact that his perception was blocked by the company’s barrier, it seems that my father has no magical aptitude.



“Negative, father, please calm down.” (Jiro)



Father can’t hide his excitement at the sight of a passing orc, while Mother is warrier.


I respect my parents’ ability to adapt, but I would like them to be a little quieter now if possible.


I can feel pain from my co-worker’s gaze from earlier.



“*Sigh*, this way.” (Jiro)



I’m not exactly in pins and needles, but I feel uncomfortable and start walking with the two of them.


I was not allowed to let outsiders into the underground facility, even though they were my relatives.


We were headed not to the underground facility, but to the room where I was interviewed.


The room is for external use and is soundproofed.


It was also convenient for this conversation.


I called Suela and Memoria, and their family should be there as well.



“Jiro, what kind of girl is this one you’ve been seeing? You should tell your mother.” (Kirika)


“You’ll have to wait until you see them.” (Jiro)


“What, is she someone you can’t tell me?” (Kirika)


“Not exactly. I just want you to meet them without any prior information.” (Jiro)


“Oh, so you want me to judge her with my own eyes, huh? I guess you have that much confidence in me. My son seems to have gotten a pretty good girl.” (Kirika)


“Half right, half wrong, the only thing I can tell you is that my girlfriend is not human, as this company’s appearance would suggest.” (Jiro)


“What do you mean?” (Kirika)


“You’ll see. And I am reminding you again, mother, don’t let go of Father’s hand. If we get separated and he ends up in a strange place, it will be a disaster.” (Jiro)



The dungeon is a long way from here, but it’s not surprising that Father could get lost and end up in the dungeon if we let his eyes wander.


If that happens, it’s going to be quite troublesome, so I’m always catching my father with a sigh.



“Uhuh, I know. Look, Ichiro, it’s not that way, it’s this way.” (Kirika)


“Oh! The unknown!!!” (Ichiro)



On the way there, my mother starts to tease me, but I let her off the hook.


After all, I was about to reveal to her that I was two-timing.


My mother might have guessed, but I kept the information to the best I can.


Then, the short journey comes to an end.



“Is it here? There seems to be a lot of presence, she has a big family with her?” (Kirika)


“You’ll know when you get in.” (Jiro)



My heart is beating wildly at the prospect of finally having the parents together.


Slowly, I knock on the door.



“Come in.” (Suela)



I heard Suella’s voice and slowly opened the door.




Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

If you’ve come this far, keep going!


T/N: Good for you Jiro. I hope Kirika beats her harem-bastard son. I still want him to date the ogre princess—but I still want him to get punched. Hard.



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