Otherworld Company Chapter 115.1: Spice-Filled Drink-Communication, It Is Universal

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior



Suela’s voice invited me to open the door and enter, and I stepped aside to let my mother and father in.



“Nice to meet you, my name is Suela Handelberg.” (Suela)


“Nice to meet you, my name is Memoria Tris.” (Memoria)


“…Ahahahaha!! Jiro, that’s how it is. I never would have guessed that you would bring two brides with you!” (Kirika)



 After opening the door, Suela and Memoria stand side by side and bow my mother.


 After a few seconds of silence at their gesture, my mother understood everything and started slapping me on the back cackling loudly.


 Looking at my father, when he sees Suella and the rest of the Handelberg family, he makes a clenched fist in his right hand and is looking delighted and impressed that they are elves.


 Technically, they are Dark Elves, but I’m not going to go into that now.



“Well, I didn’t expect the girl you will bring to be normal because of the unusual company I walked through, but I didn’t expect this. My son is a big fish. With this, I’m sure I’ll be able to see my grandchildren’s faces sooner rather than later.” (Kirika)



 My mother did not particularly blame me for the two-timing, but rather nodded her head in agreement.


 She looked a little relieved, but I hoped that relief would come a little later.



“I have a head start with that one.” (Jiro)



 After all, I’m going to report that I already am already waiting for a child in addition to two-timing.


 I move between Suela and Memoria from my mother’s side, and when I pat Suela on the shoulder, Suela blushes crimson and gently puts her hand on her stomach.



“What, really, is today the day to surprise me? I’ve been surprised since a little while ago. I hope you’re not joking, Jiro, if what you’re saying is true, got it?” (Kirika)



 My mother’s face, which I usually consider somewhat unpredictable, honestly expresses that she is surprised in a way she has never been before.


 Then, as if swallowing her surprise, her expression changes and a serious look appears on her face.


 Seeing the look on her face, I think I’ve done it, but I can’t tell a lie from this point on.


 Finally, I can say these words.



“Yes, I know. Mother, I’m going to marry both of them.” (Jiro)


“I see, then I have nothing to say. I wish you happiness.” (Kirika)



 We may not talk much as mother and son, but that’s enough between us.


 My mother’s face became relax and gentle.



“Well! So, enough of the serious stuff! I’ve got a daughter, even if it’s only through marriage. We’ll have a drink, Jiro! Would you like to join us?” (Kirika)



 In an instant, her expression returned to her usual face.


 Then she made a gesture as if she was going to pour a glass of wine by hand, and it was obvious what she was indicating.



“Oh~, that’s nice~!” (Merle)


“Oh, my goodness, it’s a very auspicious occasion, and it might be a good way for the parents to deepen their friendship with each other.” (Sumirasta)



 I thought it would be the men who would be the first to speak, but to my surprise, the women were the first to respond.


 I was relieved to see that, and then I felt a quiet feeling of relief when I saw the men’s happy expressions.


 And then there’s my mother, who once she starts to talk, never listens.


 The next one to come out is…



“Jiro! Is there a place where we can drink?” (Kirika)


“I knew you would say that…” (Jiro)



 It’s easy to imagine.


 But I was wondering what to do.


 I have not been given permission to enter the underground facility.


 This conference room is also a company facility, so I am not allowed to host a drinking party.


 However, inviting them to my room, where I live alone, would be too cramped if I were to invite only my mother and the other members of my family.


 I thought the party room would be too small, but I was wondering what to do.



“Well, I have a good place in mind.” (Suela)



 Suela smiled at me as she had the answer to my problem.





 I thought drinking was a universal communication tool.


 I have seen many people who drink for such pretexts, and now I can understand them a little.


 The conversation started out with an out-of-the-blue comment from my mother, who was just going with the flow and momentum, but Suela and Memoria’s parents agreed with her, and the conversation went surprisingly smoothly.


 Laughter echoed in the prepared room, various dishes and drinks were spread on the table, and a small banquet was held in the living room.


 The smiles on the faces of the participants were clear that they were enjoying themselves.



“I didn’t know such a place existed.” (Jiro)


“Yes, originally it was a room for families, but since none of the testers are married, all of the rooms are empty. It’s easy to get permission because it’s in the dormitory.” (Suela)


“I see. And thank you, Memoria, for getting the furniture and such ready in such a short time.” (Jiro)


“I’m glad I could help.” (Memoria)


“Hey son-in-law! You could talk with this old man, instead of only taking care of your wives!” (Muir)


“Keep your voice down, father! Mr. Gray, Mr. Ichiro, I’m sorry my father’s making so much noise.” (Might)


“It’s fine.” (Gray)


“No, I don’t mind either.” (Ichiro)



 In the spacious living room of about 10 tatami mats, which is unthinkable for a private room, a table is set, and each person is eating and drinking as he or she likes.



“Here is a stir-fried mushroom dish that is commonly eaten in our village. Please pass them out there too.” (Sumirasta)


“The meat dish I just had was delicious, but this one is also very tasty, with the flavor of the ingredients coming through.” (Kirika)


“Thank you~ I haven’t had dark elf food in a long time, and it’s still delicious~” (Merle)



 Unlike the men who were just eating and drinking, the mothers took turns in the kitchen.


 The first thing they do is divide up the dishes and send them out all at once, and then they finish the dishes with a glass of alcohol in hand.


 They are so efficient that even if you notice them leaving the table for a moment, they immediately return to join the conversation.



“I think I’ve been summoned. I’m going out for a while.” (Jiro)


“Yes, I’ll be talking to my fellow mothers-in-law.” (Kirika)


“Oh, yes, yes! Let’s talk about women’s secrets!” (Merle)


“Mother, please take it easy, I’m sorry, my mothers-in-law, please take care of my mother.” (Jiro)


“Okay~” (Merle)


“Yes, we’ll take care of her.” (Sumirasta)



 As we were the main guests, Suela prepared the venue, but we didn’t help with any of the other arrangements for food and drinks.


 So, I was leisurely going back and forth between the mothers and fathers like this.



“Come on, come on, come on! Here, son-in-law, first, I’ll pour you a drink.” (Muir)


“Thank you.” (Jiro)



 Suela’s grandfather, who does not look like an old man, welcomes me again with a smile and offers me a drink.


 He pours me a cup, which is lower in strength than the liquor I drank with the instructors, and I sip it gently.


 I can say that the cheerful atmosphere of this person also helped in the preparation of this banquet.


 As soon as the banquet started, he patted me on the back and said,



“You’ve really done it, son-in-law! Now the Handelberg family will be safe and sound!” (Muir)



 I was praised for helping Suela conceive a child.


 The fact that Mr. Muir did not care if it was a child with a human being eased my nerves about the fact that we had gotten married with a child.


 Thanks to that, I was able to bring in the conversation smoothly like this.



“I’m glad to hear that my fathers-in-law and their family are having a good time.” (Jiro)


“Ah, Jiro, I’ve heard that the wine here is good, and it’s not bad at all.” (Might)


“Hmm, addictive.” (Gray)


“I would definitely recommend the sake. Please have some.” (Jiro)


“I’m looking forward to it.” (Might)


“Hmm.” (Gray)



 A few bottles have already been emptied, and my father, who has moderate tolerance for alcohol, is already drunk.


 The others seem to be fine, but they don’t seem to mind my father’s condition.



“Even so, the rock-paper-scissors just now was amazing. To my eyes, it looked like you have many hands growing out.” (Ichiro)


“Hahaha, I’m sure anyone on our side of the world can do that if they learn to strengthen their magic to a certain degree.” (Might)


“Hmmm.” (Gray)


“I like it, Jiro, can’t I really use magic?” (Ichiro)




 And being drunk, there’s a sudden change of conversation.



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