Otherworld Company Chapter 115.2: Spice-Filled Drink-Communication, It Is Universal

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“I like it, Jiro, can’t I really use magic?” (Ichiro)



 And being drunk, there’s a sudden change of conversation.


 The main topic of debate was who would be the first to be called father-in-law, which had been an issue until a moment ago.


 When the topic came up again, I almost wondered what I should do, but my mother’s voice, was the cry of a crane [T/N: or voice of authority], decided it was a rock-paper-scissors-scissors fight.


 Aside from Mr. Gray, Memoria’s father, who was on board from the beginning, surprisingly, Suela’s father, Mr. Might, was also on board.


 I didn’t go into the fact that he was strengthening their body with all their might, but the fact that he was changing the pattern of his moves from one to the next at high speed was honestly amazing.


 And it was my Mr. Might, Father-in-law, who grabbed the victory.


 He was truly the son of Mr. Muir, a polite-looking and energetic young father, who was now gut-punching with joy.


 Next to him, Mr. Gray, who was depressed only by his mood but not by his expression, was being comforted by his wife, Merle.


 I tried to resolve the issue of the one to be called mother-in-law with the same rules, but it seems that there was already an arrangement, and Mrs. Merle said that she would like to congratulate Suela, who was gifted a child and hand it over.


 Well, I still later called Mrs. Merle, mother-in-law too, but it felt strange to call her mother-in-law, as she seemed so much younger than me…


 In such a series of events, my father had his eye on magic.


 He originally became a photographer because of his curiosity to see the unknown.


 This curiosity continued throughout his childhood and into adulthood, and now he is a man of curiosity who is not afraid to venture into the jungles of the unknown.


 How could he not be interested in magic?



“I can measure his magical aptitude, but the fact that he was repelled by the company’s barrier means that it’s not that high. Do you still want me to measure it?” (Jiro)


“You can measure it!?” (Ichiro)


“Yeah, I think there’s a paper flyer in the room that you can use to measure your magical aptitude.” (Jiro)


“Here, Jiro.” (Suela)


“Oh, thank you, Suela, where did you get it?” (Jiro)


“I heard you needed it, so I got it from the tester division’s storage.” (Suela)


“Transport magic, it’s still very convenient.” (Jiro)



 I interrupted her conversation with my mother to thank Suela one more time for the preparation and handed the flyer to my father.



“Then, Jiro, how does this blank piece of paper change?” (Ichiro)


“If you’re the right person, the words will appear and turn into a job ad.” (Jiro)


“And then?” (Ichiro)


“A number appears in the upper right corner, giving an approximate measurement of your aptitude for magic.” (Jiro)


“Yes, how long will the test take?” (Ichiro)


“About a second.” (Jiro)


“Really?” (Ichiro)


“A second.” (Jiro)


“Jiro, it’s a blank paper.” (Ichiro)


“In other words, you have no magic aptitude. That means you can’t use magic.” (Jiro)


“Uwaaaa, Kirika!” (Ichiro)


“Oh, stop crying, you good-for-nothing adult. It’s only a piece of paper.” (Kirika)


“Uu, it’s, it’s, it’s magic, you know?” (Ichiro)



 My prediction was that he might have a magical aptitude of two, but I didn’t expect him to have no magical aptitude.


 After a moment of shock, my father, teary-eyed, jumped toward my mother.


 The mother, who without panicking, effortlessly catches him while moving her glass, is more manly than most men.


 Mr. Gray, Mr. Might, and Mr. Muir are also looking at my father with worried looks, but as usual, my mother just laughs it off while waving her hand casually.


 Then she pulls out a flyer from her father’s hand and looks at the crumpled paper.



“You should be happy you got to experience the magic of it. You must be paid quite a lot of money according to the flyer, Jiro.” (Kirika)


“I’m not exactly getting paid the same as what’s written there, but you can read it. How high is your aptitude? It’s written in the upper right corner.” (Jiro)


“Hmm? It says ten. Is this low?” (Kirika)


“””””Ten!?”””” (Everyone)



 Ignorance sometimes makes you say outrageous things.


 Those who know the meaning of the numerical value of magical aptitude, including myself, were astonished at my mother’s statement that she had come up with the highest value.



“Please show it to me mother!” (Jiro)


“What are you so surprised about?” (Kirika)



 My mother, who didn’t understand what was going on, asked me with a shocked look on her face, but I was not calm at the moment.


 The most important thing to remember is that the probability of winning the lottery is much rarer than winning a ten on magic aptitude.


 I reached across from my mother and grabbed the paper, sorry to say, snatched it from her.


 And to confirm that she was looking at the right thing, I saw that the number ten was definitely written on the paper.



“Seriously?” (Jiro)



 The words that spilled out of me as I faced reality were short.


 I had a high aptitude for magic, which I inherited from my mother.


 I can’t say whether it was my father’s influence or the genetic makeup that made me have a lower aptitude than my mother.


 However, this solved a piece of the mystery of my mother’s unconventional specs.


 If she has the same level of potential as the Demon King, or even a hero’s level of ability, then her intuition can be explained.



“Hmmm, come to think of it, Kirika said that when she was a student, she was chased by a ghost, but she managed to escape. I wonder if the reason she could see ghosts is because she can use magic.” (Ichiro)



 The atmosphere that had been pleasantly chatting earlier changed drastically, and in the midst of the uproar, the one who interrupted was the same father who was unaware of the situation.



“Could that be it? Jiro.” (Kirika)


“No, Earth basically has no magical power, so even if you have a magical aptitude, it shouldn’t matter whether you can see ghosts or not.” (Jiro)



 Still not caught up with reality, I couldn’t take my eyes off the flyer and simply answered the question.


 Memoria and Suela also peeked out from my side, surprised to see the numbers and unable to say anything.


 The same was true for the fathers-in-law, who were peering further into the room from behind me.



“I was relieved to hear that. I’ve only seen it once myself, but I’ve had enough of that kind of experience.” (Kirika)




 We were too busy trying to figure out what to do with these numbers to talk to my mother, so we didn’t listen to her.


 I don’t care about such things, but when I think about it, I talk about my memories while downing a glass of beer as if I was nostalgic for the old days.



“Even so, that ghost was quite strange. Just when I had a bad feeling, the ground suddenly lit up, you know? At that time, my spine suddenly went stiff. I dodged it immediately, and then a big light appeared. It turned into a ball and chased after me. That alone was strange, but it then told me that it needed my power. I thought, ‘This guy’s in trouble,’ and I ran away, but the next second I ran away, it kept coming at me, screaming, ‘Join the light!’.” (Kirika)


“I’ve heard this story so many times, it’s crazy, isn’t it?” (Ichiro)


“Oh yeah, thanks to that, I had to run around all day and somehow managed to lose it at sunset, but I thought it would be bad if I was possessed by that ghost, so I spent the night purifying myself at the waterfall behind my parents’ house praying, ‘Evil spirits go away’ Well, the next day I caught a cold and went to bed! What’s the matter, everyone? You look like deer in the headlight.” (Kirika)


“No, mother, that’s…” (Jiro)



 Until a little while ago, we were surprised at her magical aptitude. Then we heard her cheerfully laughing at her nonsensical story, but thanks to what she said that we absolutely did not miss, our eyes focused on her.


 The familiar sight made me realize what had happened to my mother.


 And I became everyone’s voice and told her.



“Isn’t that a hero summoning?” (Jiro)



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Has Girlfriends

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg (Dark Elf) & Memoria Tris (Vampire)

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Nine (Quasi Demon King Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

 I found out that my mother was more amazing than I thought.

 Oh, more than I expected.


T/N: LOL. WTF!? Jiro is the son of a hero candidate and a mob character. Jiro’s mom is probably stronger than Jiro.



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