Otherworld Company Chapter 124.1: When You Can Work Trouble Into Your Work Schedule…

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 I came to a dungeon management facility controlled by the country that Mr. Gray mentioned.


 Even though it was a military facility, it didn’t have a particularly stately appearance, and the place where a being like me could go in and out was like the city hall I know.


 There was a counter, and on the other side of the counter, a clerk was filling out paperwork.


 The only differences in appearance from the Japanese city hall are that the personnel are fantasy, with some being demi-human and others demons, soldiers standing at the entrance instead of guards, and the purchase of materials being accepted in a place visible from a distance.


 The rest, well, as I don’t have to tell you, almost everyone is armed, including me.


 And I, the only human being in such a space, have been exposed to strange stares since I came here, and I’ve gotten used to it, but I am exposed to them here as well.


 At first, I waited with Mr. Might, and Mr. Gray was going through the procedures, but something was going wrong, and Mr. Might went to help him.


 Thanks to this, I was left alone, with no one to talk to and no choice but to wait quietly, and during that time I was again exposed to strange stares.


 I regretted inwardly that I should have gone with him, but I was still stressed to endure the staring.


 I thought about putting on a mask, but I decided against it because it would make me look suspicious.


 It’s not that I was feeling a twinge of the old wounds that make me a chuunibyou.



“Who am I making excuses to?” (Jiro)



 I laughed at my own self-mockery and passed the time, but I was getting tired of it.


 The best way to stay out of trouble is to keep a low profile.


 Do nothing and nothing will be done.


 That is the only way to maintain peace.


 Once again, I leaned my back against the pillar and waited for them, but this time the procedure seemed to be taking a long time.


 It seems that the procedure is taking too long this time.


 I don’t say that I am tired of waiting, but I am worried that there is some kind of trouble if it is this late.


 I feel like I haven’t been in peace recently, or rather, since I started belonging to the Demon King Army.


 So, I suspect that this pattern is definitely trouble again.



“Hey, why is a human here?” (Goblin)


“Are you some slave of some noble?” (Orc)


“Oh, since you’re human, your weakness is contagious right.” (Imp)



 And it doesn’t show as much as I want it to.


 I see people standing in front of me who look like they could be on a message board in some RPG game, saying goblins, or orcs, or imps have appeared.


 No, alone? No, one of them has a small body and flaps their wings while flying, but in any case, it looks like a setting for a hero who can defeat a dragon will fight.


 Is this the adventurers’ guild’s stereotypical promised entanglement?


 I wanted to ask myself why I was being tangled with when I was trying to be quiet and inconspicuous, but the person in front of me didn’t seem to care about my circumstances or feelings, so I guess I had to deal with them even if I didn’t want to.



“What do you want?” (Jiro)


“Oh, you can talk!” (Goblin)


“You called out to me do you have something you want?” (Jiro)



 If I tried to make conversation, they would respond as if they had seen a rare animal.


 They observed the other side while inwardly prodding me since I am a human being and can at least speak the language.


 The goblin, I look at the goblin, who is by far the weakest compared to Mr. Sukegobu, who I often drink coffee within the company.


 He smiled vulgarly and started laughing at me like I was a joke.


 Three moves, or maybe even two if you take your hands off with a wait-and-see approach.


 I guessed the strength of the goblin is based on their magical power, gait, and spirit, and while thinking about the procedure for subduing everyone on the other side with my bare hands, I guessed what the three in front of me were trying to talk to me about.


 First of all, I am sure that they do not want to be friends.


 And it is definitely not out of kindness.


 The expression on their face, their smile, and the fact that I can’t sense any friendly feelings from them, suggest that their business is not a good one.


 I’m assuming it’s because they don’t like me being here or something, but I’m not far off the mark.



“Human, this is not the place for you. Take off your armor and leave.” ( Orc)



 As I thought, I couldn’t help but sigh at the words of the big orc man who was the only one in this story that needed to be looked up.



“I refuse. I’m waiting for someone here. If I am in your way I’ll move, or you can move out of my way.” (Jiro)



 I quickly terminate the conversation.


 The conversation is not worth listening to, and I can handle it even if they put their hands on me.


 But in an environment where it is obvious that if I touch them, I will be kicked out, the only thing I can do is to walk away quickly.


 If I am the main character of a manga, trouble would develop from here, and from there I would get involved in trouble, but I will do my best to prevent that from happening.


 The odds of that ever succeeding are slim, mainly because of the instructors.


 But whether or not I do it makes a huge difference in mental fatigue.


 So, I decided that it was a waste of time to have the conversation and cut it off unilaterally.


 It’s hard to say, but my visit to this facility was only temporary.


 I don’t have a base here, nor do I plan to settle down.


 I don’t think I’ll be here for more than a day, but if I’m going to be gone in a few days, this is the best way to go, even if it makes a somewhat bad impression.



“This guy, even though he’s just a human.” (Orc)



 Somehow, because there are existences with such personalities, the war will never go away.


 Humans who insist that the Demon King Army is evil, which was the case in Ithar, and the Demons who try to dominate the humans in front of them because they are weak.


 The two sides are like water and oil.


 They can only clash without mixing.


 In the current situation, where there is no compromise to be found, conversation becomes an act that only wastes time and energy.


 In order to avoid this, I quickly wobbled my body through the orc’s arms, moved to a pillar a short distance away, and stood quietly, leaning my back against it again.


 If I get tangled up again, I will just return to my original position.


 The orc is grumbling and saying something to me, but I ignore it all.


 I thought he would give up eventually.



“You’re persistent.” (Jiro)


“It’s probably because you are looking down on me!” (Goblin)


“You’re just human, but you’re ignoring me!” (Orc)


“I’ll kill you!” (Imp)



 Normally, if you ignore them this much, they would, move away, but these guys continued to entangle themselves with me without giving up.


 They followed me around with a murderous attitude.


 I admire their guts, but they are a nuisance to me.


 What was going to happen next?



“What are you guys doing!” (Soldier)



 I didn’t even have time to think.


 If you cause such a commotion, the soldiers will move, right?



“I was just avoiding them because I was getting tangled up. Ask around and you’ll understand.” (Jiro)


“We were just trying to get rid of this human! This is not a place for humans to come in! We’re in the right!” (Orc)



 If I explained the situation to the approaching soldiers first, the emotionally charged cries of the orc would follow.


 I feel that 60% of the people around agreed with the reaction to that voice.


 And worse, the soldier in front of me is included in that 60%.


 From a distance, they must have thought I was some kind of demi-human.


 By approaching, they seemed to have realized that I was human.


 They turned their swarthy mood toward me, not toward the orcs who were making a commotion.


 I was complaining inwardly and half-expected the situation to turn out like this, but I wondered how it could be that we were in a hostile territory even though we were colleagues.




“Combat slaves, people like you, wait outside quietly! The next time you make a scene, your master will be blamed for it!” (Soldier)



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