Otherworld Company Otherworld Company Chapter 124.2: When You Can Work Trouble Into Your Work Schedule…

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“Combat slaves, people like you, wait outside quietly! The next time you make a scene, your master will be blamed for it!” (Soldier)



 Before I had time to tell them I am not a slave, a soldier grabbed me by the arm and dragged me toward the entrance, using his demon strength to drag me away.


 I could have ducked, but I knew that would have caused trouble for Mr. Gray and Mr. Might, so I went out honestly.


 The demons are looking at me with grins and smirks on their faces.


 I let out a sigh, not holding back this time, and move to a pillar on the side so as not to disturb anyone, leaning my back against it and waiting quietly.



“That was a disaster, brother.” (Demon)


“……” (Jiro)


“Oh, you’re just ignoring me.” (Demon)


“…*Sigh*, how can someone be ready to make conversation to another after such a disaster?” (Jiro)



 However, if there is a plague god, he probably loves me too much.


 At the edge of my field of vision, I saw two pointy golden mountains.


 I knew they were ears because they moved with a twitch, but I was aware that they were only passersby and would not respond immediately.


 I realized that she was talking to me, and when I looked down, I saw a girl who looked like she was up to some mischief looking up at me.


 Her face was well-shaped.


 Her pointy ears could be fox, dog, or wolf, and the golden color scheme made me imagine that she was a fox beastman, with short hair of the same color, and a girl around her age who was beginning to show her feminine colors, though still a little young.


 I think she will be a beautiful woman in the future, but my eyes go to her neck rather than her face.



“Brother is a pervert.” (Demon => Fox Ears)


“You know I’m looking at your neck, right?” (Jiro)




 A collar calls out to my attention more than her womanly curves and her cute appearance.


 The girl who shows a teasing gesture to hide her breasts making an expression as if she doesn’t want me to pay attention to it.



“I think, Brother, who is also a slave, should understand. You see, your master doesn’t want you to wear them, but my master likes to see me wear them.” (Fox Ears)


“I don’t know. I’m not a slave.” (Jiro)


“Lies!?” (Fox Ears)


“What would lying do?” (Jiro)



 I thought to myself, “Who would want to put a collar on a man?” I saw the existence of a slave for the first time.


 They are not chained up and allowed to talk to each other like this.


 No, she thought I was also a slave and talked to me.


 Perhaps it is because she does not have a master nearby, but it seems that she is allowed more freedom than the slaves I know from novels and history.



“I thought you were a combat slave bound with a slave crest, but is that really not the case?” (Fox Ears)


“Is it true that human beings have such a low status here?” (Jiro)


“Without the protection of the master, you can’t even get a good job. It’s not a surprise.” (Fox Ears)


“…I see, so the director is also worried about how to use us.” (Jiro)


“As expected, you really have a Master.” (Fox Ears)


“No, I am talking about my boss.” (Jiro)



 I have had a few problems in my company.


 The cause of these problems was, after all, a clash of common sense.


 The president of the company was a moderate, and the other executives were predatory, hardliners who wanted to use people as consumable goods.


 The trouble that arose when I became chief probably had something to do with those people.


 The tendency to treat people like consumable goods is common sense here, or at least it is the norm for the girl in front of me.


 Why do I have to talk about such a sad story when I came here to prepare for my marriage?


 Shouldn’t these occasions be more like happy-filled events?



“Hmmm, well, I’ll leave it at that!” (Fox Ears)



 And it seems that the girl in front of me hopes for me to be a slave like her.


 It’s a bit more realistic than believing that I am a human being from another world if I think about it with common sense here, but it’s strange to be exposed to the gaze that I understand There is something that responds rather than being directed.


 I was tormented by the double burden of not being able to smoke in front of the girl, while wishing that Mr. Gray and Mr. Might would hurry up and get here.



“Jiro! Why are you here?” (Might)


“Mr. Might, Mr. Gray.” (Jiro)



 My wish must have been answered, because Mr. Might and Mr. Gray came out of the doorway.


 They must have come to look for me since I was not in the building.


 They walked quickly toward me.



“Thank you for your patience. It took me a while to get in the dungeon. Who is she?” (Might)


“I just met her a few minutes ago. I don’t even know her name.” (Jiro)


“Brother, why are you so terrible?” (Fox Ears)


“Well, it’s true.” (Jiro)


“A beastman, a foxman?” (Might)



 And if there is a woman next to me that they don’t know, they would be concerned as a father.


 If they think I’m the kind of guy who picks up girls willy-nilly, it’s going to be a problem, so I make the relationship obvious.


 The girl protests against it, but I ignore her.


 She is about to get married, and she can’t afford to have her two father-in-laws get the wrong idea about her.


 Mr. Might nodded in agreement, but Mr. Gray seemed to have something else in his mind.



“So, do you think we’ll be able to enter the dungeon soon?” (Jiro)


“That’s the thing, but we’ve run into a bit of a problem.” (Might)


“Problem?” (Jiro)


“The person in charge here says that we cannot allow people who are not slaves to enter the dungeon. Even if we explain that they belong to the Demon King’s Army along with the documents we have prepared, they still won’t give us permission.” (Might)


“The person in charge here is apparently not a moderate, and he says that he cannot allow people who are not slaves to enter the dungeon because it would be an act that would needlessly provoke the dungeon.” (Gray)


“What do you mean?” (Jiro)



 I tried to avoid such a misunderstanding, and when I broached the subject to divert the thoughts, the mood between us changed in an instant.


 Oh, I get it.


 These two are very angry right now.


 Mr. Gray’s expressionless face has been further polished and his emotions have been covered, while Mr. Might’s expression has become more powerful as his magic power overflows, although his polite tone is still the same.



“I heard that if you defeat the party of explorers they have prepared from now on, you will be granted permission, so Jiro, I am sorry, but could you please pass the exam? Please. You don’t have to show mercy, not a drop.” (Might)


“Hmm, please fully demonstrate the ability that I heard from my daughter.” (Gray)



 Words may not be enough, but they must have been said about me.


 The eyes tell more than words.


 The two of them are so angry that I can see the expressions “absolutely unforgivable” and “merciless” in their eyes.


 What on earth did the person in charge of this place say to make these two relatively mild-mannered people so angry?


 I’m curious, but this is not the time to ask.


 What can I do now?



“I understand, I’ll do my best.” (Jiro)



 All I could do was smile and nod.



Note for the Day

You’re not smiling, are you?



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