Otherworld Company Otherworld Company Chapter 126: If You Know Trouble Is Coming, How About You Do Nothing!!

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“I know.” (Jiro)


“Heh?” (Fox Ears)



 The girl with the fox ears, I’m just going to call her the fox girl because she’s already a pain in the ass.


 If she won’t tell me her name, there must be a good reason for it, and if I’m going to get into trouble for asking, it’s more convenient not to ask.


 And the meaning and content of the fox girl’s advice were within my expectations.


 That’s how blatantly provoked I was.


 It is impossible for a proud company not to do something about it.


 If they did this to the Japanese police, they would surely be put on the list of people to watch out for.


 I am aware that I have done something of that magnitude.


 If that is the case, I have no choice but to take advantage of the situation.



“What are you looking so foolish for? I’m telling you that I know there will be retaliation after this. If I wanted to live in peace and quiet, I wouldn’t have had to go to such lengths. That’s exactly what I would have done because if I had intended to do that, I could have just pulled out the appropriate moves and lost at the right time when I realized they weren’t going to let me pass.” (Jiro)


“But you didn’t do that, did you? Are you insane? They’re the military, you know?” (Fox Ears => Fox Girl)


“I was sane, and I didn’t act without thinking. I know he didn’t believe me, but I’m a member of the army, and I have a plan since I have a chance to win.” (Jiro)



 I’ve been worried up to my head, but unfortunately, I’m just about to calm down.


 My mind is hot, but my thoughts have been spinning and roaring since a while ago.


 If they break the rules just because I am human, I have no obligation to follow the rules, but if they retaliate by breaking the rules, I’m not ready yet.


 I’m going to firmly follow the rules and make sure that the other party has no room to argue with me.



“Kukuku, you should think of a good reason for your actions. That will be the reason for your execution.” (Fox Girl)



 Just by lightly imagining, you can predict to some extent what your opponent will do.


 A false arrest for a criminal act, an assault using street punks, or an elimination using assassins.


 If I think of more insidious attacks, I can also think of ways they can undermine my social status by working behind their backs.


 However, no matter what the accusations, no matter how many fabrications they make about my actions, I will firmly turn the tables on them.


 Even if it is a colleague, I will make them regret making an enemy of me.



“Jiro, you too have been completely colored by the Demon King’s Army, haven’t you?” (Might)


“Hmmm, you rely on me.” (Gray)


“Hey, is that the kind of reaction you’re going for? Am I the one who thinks this is crazy?” (Fox Girl)


“What, don’t you know? If I just cry myself to sleep, I won’t be able to work in the Demon King’s army, so my instructors taught me to retaliate and show my strength so that I won’t be underestimated.” (Jiro)


“I don’t know about that.” (Fox Girl)



 I’m sure you’ve probably seen the mysterious glint in my eyes that was passed down directly from my instructors and the evil smile on my face along with the suspicious fighting spirit that I’ve been able to produce recently.


 At any rate, I’m looking forward to it rather than being frightened, so it’s no wonder I’m smiling.


 While I was looking forward to seeing how I would respond, I thought I would try to control the excitement and do what I should do.



“Ahahaha, I ended up talking to a man like you.” (Fox Girl)


“Yeah, you are probably starting to think we’re comrades. Rejoice, I got you involved as you wanted, didn’t you?” (Jiro)


“The opposite! I was supposed to be the one bringing you into it!” (Fox Girl)



 Before that, the fox girl grasped the current situation and began to break out in a cold sweat.


 What, it’s pathetic that you’re in such a hurry for this.


 Compared to attacking the deepest part of the dungeon, this level of danger is still in the safe category.


 At any rate.



“I still think we can win.” (Jiro)


“What are you talking about?” (Fox Girl)


“No, I’m talking to myself. So, Fox Girl, now we’re all in this together, aren’t we? What do we do now?” (Jiro)


“You know what we are talking about, don’t you?” (Might)


“No? Not really? Just…” (Fox Girl)


“Just?” (Jiro)



 Talk to yourself.


 But I know what I’m going to do next.



“I just think that troublesome things should be cleaned as soon as possible.” (Jiro)



 I know it’s impossible, but if there’s nothing going on, that’s fine, just go back to the office, write one report, and submit it, and the other party is done.


 And if they act, I’ll respond accordingly.


 They seem to think I am powerless and helpless but let them understand that they have put their hand in a tiger’s mouth, not a cornered mouse.


 At best, they let their guard down.


 That’s convenient for me.


 I’ll move while I can.



“…” (Fox Girl)


“That’s what I’m talking about, fox girl. It may be too late for you, so you better get yourself out of the way. We’ve got some business to attend to, and we need to get out of here.” (Jiro)



 She seems to be thinking about something else, but I guess this is goodbye to this fox girl.


 I have my own reasons, and I have no reason to get involved further with someone I have only recently just met.


 It will depend on how the other side plays the game, but it is certain that they will probably try something.


 If you get hit, you hit back.


 And it’s not just paying back, but double payback.


 Conversely, if they don’t try anything, I’ll just go along with it moderately.


 From my point of view, what I said so far was also a threat, I was also trying to scare her into not getting involved in what I had just done.


 I thought this would scare this Fox Girl away…



“Hey, brother.” (Fox Girl)



 This fox girl, instead of being frightened and running away, got further involved.


 Fox Girl’s legs in front of me did not move despite me waving my hand to shoo her off.


 In fact, my earlier threats may have strengthened her resolve.


 I was supposed to be able to say good-bye to this fox girl with the flow of things, but I thought this was a bit of a wrong response, but I didn’t avert my gaze.



“If it wasn’t illegal to go into the dungeon, would Brother go into the dungeon?” (Fox Girl)


“Huh?” (Jiro)


“If you can go through the official procedure, everything will be good with Brother, right?” (Fox Girl)


“That’s right.” (Jiro)



 What’s your point, Fox Girl?


 As a reminder, or in this case, would it be more accurate to say that it is in light of the Fox Girl’s convenience?


 I refused to talk to this fox girl because I thought she knew some loophole or alternative route and knew how to get in from there.


 I also suspected that she was trying to get money from us by telling us some backstory of wanting to pay off a debt or something, supported by her status as a slave.



“Then it’s okay if you can’t be an explorer, you can enter as an adventurer.” (Fox Girl)


“…Oh, there was that choice, huh?” (Jiro)



 If you ask me, it certainly is.


 I was going to register as an explorer because I belong to the Demon King’s Army, but there is no problem if I register as an adventurer.



“Are you an adventurer?” (Jiro)


“Correct, well, I am a little different. I’m a receptionist for the Adventurers’ Guild.” (Fox Girl)


“Even though you’re a slave?” (Jiro)


“Fufufu, this is temporary attire, I’ll be dressed properly when I return to the guild. Sometimes it is more convenient to dress this way. For example, when I approach a powerful and influential person like Brother who has been rejected by the Explorer’s Guild.” (Fox Girl)



 Glancing at the collar, she lightly removes it so that it cannot be seen by those around us, showing that she is not a slave.



“I knew it. You’re one of the Foxelles.” (Gray)


“Yes, yes, I’m honored that the number two of the Tris Trading Company would know such a small girl like me.” (Fox Girl)


“Foxelle?” (Jiro)


“I had heard that there was a family of foxmen among those running the Adventurers’ Guild.” (Gray)



 I wondered if it would be possible to easily hide and put on a different identity, but when I asked Mr. Gray, who was aware of their identity, of the family in question, he explained lightly.



“I’m Amiricia Foxelle of the Adventurers’ Guild, so feel free to call me Amie, okay?” (Fox Girl => Amie)



 She makes gestures that can be described as cute, visually, but for me, they are nothing but mocking.



“Oh? You don’t like this greeting at all. In the guild, people love it.” (Amie)


“You need to mature more–and then try again.” (Jiro)


“Oh, that’s too bad.” (Amie)



 I let out a sigh to indicate my disgust at the hostess-like gesture, and she looked at me as if she were looking at something alien.


 It must be popular, at least among the men of the Adventurers’ Guild.



“Okay, it’s time to end this idle chatter, Ms. Amiricia, why did you name yourself?” (Jiro)



 She may have tried to lighten the mood with a joke, but unfortunately, the situation was no different.


 From her point of view, we are a bunch of troublemakers.


 There is no such thing as an advantage.


 It would be better, both personally and organizationally, for her to just disappear and return to being a receptionist.


 Amiricia’s expression suddenly became serious and she held up her index finger.



“I’ll get straight to the point: I want your fighting skills and your connections.” (Amie)


“You should have been direct, I personally, like being straightforward. I don’t like roundabout conversations.” (Jiro)



 She’s really hit the truth.


 For me, I like it better if you tell me the goals first, rather than trying to explain it all in a roundabout way!



“Did you know that we in the Adventurers’ Guild and the Explorers’ Guild don’t get along?” (Amie)


“Yeah, just recently.” (Jiro)



 State-run and privately run, there’s no way they get along.



“Actually, it’s the lack of rapport that’s the problem.” (Amie)


“Problem? Can you really say that here?” (Jiro)


“Not really, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to follow me without giving an explanation, right?” (Amie)


“It’s impossible.” (Jiro)


“See?” (Amie)



 She moves the organization-related issue to the side of the plaza, but I question whether she can say it in such a place where everyone can hear her, but I am convinced that she is trying to explain things in her own way. I understand and agree.



“The problem is that it has become a turf war.” (Amie)


“Turf war?” (Jiro)


“Yes, the structure of the dungeon has several convenient hunting points, but the Adventurers’ Guild and the Explorers’ Guild have tacitly agreed to share these locations to make things easier for each other, well it was convenient until now.” (Amie)



 Ah, I see.


 It was somewhat predictable.



“But recently, the head of the Explorers’ Guild was replaced. I think it was after that that their arrogance started to increase. We are no longer allowed to enter areas we were allowed to enter before, and some of our best people have been pulled out of the guild using bribes. Thanks to this, the number of adventurers is decreasing due to many people getting injured or quitting, and we are having a hard time because the percentage of requests completed is decreasing.” (Amie)



 She’s making a gesture like she’s giving up, but I’m wondering if this can become a pretty dangerous problem, so I’m hammering valuable information into my head.



“I see, so you were walking around scouting to try to remedy that a bit, and then you found me?” (Jiro)


“Yes! A godsend indeed! At first, I kind of thought you were nothing as I was just watching the test in secret, but that’s exactly what I wanted to praise you for! It was such a one-sided fight that it was refreshing to watch, Brother was stronger than I had imagined, and from your attitude earlier, it seems that you really have connections to the General, and more importantly, you already have connections with the Tris Trading Company, one of the top three trading companies on the continent! They dumped such a talent on us! If that’s the case, we have no other choice but to pick you up!” (Amie)



 So, you were thankful for the good fortune that had befallen you thanks to the other side’s disdain for humans.


 The fact that the Adventurers’ Guild taking us is a disadvantage for them, but they have decided that they have an advantage that more than makes up for the disadvantage.


 But wait.



“Mr. Gray, the other side didn’t change their attitude when they heard Mr. Gray’s name, did they?” (Jiro)


“Hmm, perhaps, they are backed by a big trading company other than the country.” (Gray)



 No matter how much they hated humans, would they so easily let go of personnel guaranteed by the Tris Trading Company, which has ability and authority?


 Rather, it is normal to take an ambiguous attitude there and move in the direction of drawing me in.


 How is it possible for them to refuse so blatantly?



“…” (Jiro)


“Is there something on your mind? Jiro.” (Might)


“There is, but I don’t know what it is. I just have the feeling that there is something nagging at me.” (Jiro)



 Mr. Might asks, but I don’t have a clear answer either.


 I just find that point odd.


 That’s it.


 The action rapidly deteriorated the relationship with the Adventurers’ Guild, which had come to terms with the situation, and threw away connections with a leading merchant group.


 Those two are the only disadvantages of an organizational move, no matter how I look at it.



“So~ If possible, I would like you to come to the Adventurers’ Guild for a detailed discussion, and hopefully a positive reply. Our guild is an organization that has been fighting against the Explorers’ Guild for some time now. Also, if you come to the guild, they won’t be able to touch you so easily. That way, you’ll have time to think about things peacefully.” (Amie)



 It’s no use pondering it.


 At present, it would not be a bad idea to have a reprieve while the only options I can think of are to return to the company and report back or be attacked and ambushed.


 In a way, it’s a convenient development for me too.


 It might be a good idea to go with Fox Girl (Amiricia) and try to grab more cards into my hand.



“Should we?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I don’t mind.” (Might)


“Hmm.” (Gray)



 Both, my fathers-in-law, agreed.



“Well then!” (Amie)


“So, can you guide us?” (Jiro)


“Of course!” (Amie)



 For now, let’s head for the Adventurer’s Guild that I’ve heard so much about.



Note for the Day

Whether this will prove to be a good or bad thing will depend on future developments.



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