Otherworld Company Otherworld Company Chapter 127: The Events We Were Involved In Would Have Far-Reaching Consequences

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 We decided to move on, as there was no need to stay in that place, and in fact, we thought we might get into some trouble if we stayed there.


 The destination is naturally the Adventurers’ Guild to which Amiricia belongs.


 Amiricia, who knew where the destination was, led the way, and we followed her.



“……” (Jiro)



 While we were walking along, we were on the lookout for anything that might be around us, but we sensed that two tailgaters were watching us from a distance.


 Quickly, I turned my gaze only to the line of sight I felt as I turned a corner so that they would not notice me, and I was able to catch a larger bat-like silhouette and a cat-like silhouette.


 Just by observing those two, you can’t feel them moving immediately.


 The two have noticed the gaze.


 Naturally, so did Amiricia, who was leading the way.


 Sometimes her ears twitched.


 As expected of beastmen, they are sensitive to the presence of others.


 According to Mr. Might and Mr. Gray, it seems that it is probably surveillance by familiars.


 The fact that they are watching us proves that they don’t think nothing of my behavior earlier, which means that they don’t intend to leave me alone.


 Considering that they are already in the preparation stage, there won’t be much time left for them to do something.


 I wonder if Amiricia, the fox girl, is thinking the same thing as I am, and her walking speed is a little faster.


 The self-proclaimed eighteen-year-old, fifteen on the outside but unknown on the inside, chose the main street and led the way to the Adventurer’s Guild.



“It’s quieter than I thought it would be.” (Jiro)



 My voice fell flat when I entered the guild, as I had expected it to be quieter than I had imagined since the outside of the guild was so impressive.


 I really wanted to say that the place was even more deserted than I had imagined, but that would have been too direct, so I wrapped it up in an offhanded way and said,



“It can’t be helped. The number of requests doesn’t decrease even if the number of available adventurers decreases. If that’s the case, we have no choice but to use the adventurers who are available. If we make people wait for work, we lose trust.” (Amie)


“Is that so?” (Jiro)


“That’s right, and that’s why I’m counting on you guys!” (Amie)


“I’m afraid I can’t help you much on an ongoing basis, in terms of strength.” (Jiro)



 The Adventurers’ Guild building was deserted and the word “quiet” suits them.


 As far as the eye can see, there are only two individuals: a wolfman who looks like a human adventurer turned wolf and a birdman whose arms are wings, and there was not even a shadow of another person on the table.


 Both of them are exhausted, the wolfman lays down on the desk, and the birdman is leaning on the back of the chair and sleeping.


 The scene reminded me of my lunch break at my old company, where breaktime meant nap time.



“I’m going to go change my clothes, so please wait for me. Oh, and if you want a peek, just don’t let them know, okay?” (Amie)


“You need to mature a little more before asking again.” (Jiro)



 Despite the situation, Amiricia is still trying to lighten the mood, and I return the compliment with a few meaningless words.


 My actual feelings are also included in the small talk, so it’s hard to say it’s a joke, but it’s fine in this situation.



“Muu, you’re so boring.” (Amie)


“If you have time to flirt with a man who is about to get married, then work instead. Go already, hurry up since we’re waiting.” (Jiro)



 I am not a pedophile, and I am not so thirsty for women that I would fall for a girl who looks like she is in junior high school.


 After a few seconds of glaring while puffing out his cheeks and showing dissatisfaction, he averted his gaze and disappeared into the depths of the building.


 I don’t know from the looks of it, the behavior just now wasn’t strange, but for some reason, I can’t get rid of the discomfort.


 Is it because they are not as old as they look?


 Because Suela and Memoria also look quite young on the outside.


 I somehow know that Amiricia is not as old as she looks.


 I have heard that foxes also live ten times longer than humans if they become demon foxes.


 I think maybe the foxmen over here have that long of a life span.



“Is this a new route?” (Jiro)


“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Gray)


“No, it’s nothing.” (Jiro)



 It’s nothing to be questioned about now.


 The two people I’m about to marry are long-lived and two of the most popular races in my world.


 They are much older than me, yet they look younger than me.


 And Memoria looks younger than Suela, but unlike Amiricia, Memoria may look like a high school student, but the atmosphere she has says she is more mature than she looks, so I wouldn’t treat her the way I treat Amiricia.


 Well, we’re off-topic.



“What do Mr. Gray and Mr. Might think about this?” (Jiro)


“I guess, my honest answer, while we don’t have enough information, right now the military, which is in charge of the dungeon here, is not doing a very good job of managing it, and the Adventurers’ Guild is in danger.” (Might)


“What about you, Mr. Gray?” (Jiro)


“I don’t think things are going too well.” (Gray)


“Any idea what’s going on?” (Jiro)


“I heard a rumor from Lowe before we headed for the dungeon. I’ve heard that the man in charge of this place is trying to get the seat among the Seven Generals.” (Gray)


“Is that true?” (Jiro)



 It was information he learned to know if there is something going on at present.


 Mr. Might was able to guess from the current situation, but the merchant, Mr. Gray showed a short pondering and prefaced his prediction with the words,



“The Adventurers’ Guild is under pressure to secure personnel and change their territory in the dungeon, which could be seen as interference from the Explorers’ Guild. It makes sense to think that this move is to gather achievements in order to get a seat among the generals.” (Gray)


“So, we’re in the middle of a power struggle?” (Jiro)


“I think we are in the middle of preparations for that. Tris Trading Company has also received a number of inquiries asking for that kind of support. We declined because we serve the Demon King, but other companies accept it because of the benefits. It is a ridiculous story.” (Gray)



 Currently, one of the Seven Generals in charge of the dungeons is gone.


 That’s what it means when the Insect King has fallen and there’s a vacuum in the dungeon management.


 I can only say that it would be faster to count from the top without even thinking about what position that seat is located in.



“I remember that one of the people who came to me with the offer was the person in charge of this place.” (Gray)



 That would give me a pretty good idea why they sent Mr. Gray away.


 Perhaps, they thought we belonged to their competitors.


 That’s why they were so blatant in their response and prevented us from entering the dungeon.


 Dungeon supplies can be used in many different ways.


 And managing a dungeon has the advantage of allowing one to grow hands-on expertise in dungeon construction and operation.


 First, it is a source of funds that will be useful later when they become a general.


 Finally, is the experience and performance needed to obtain the seat.


 The adventurers were brought in to review the current dungeon situation and scrutinize the information.



“Then… was it because they thought I was a slave and a vanguard of my competitors?” (Jiro)



 I’m guessing based on the current situation and gossip, but I’m sure I’m not far off the mark.


 However, it became troublesome.


 As far as my purpose is concerned, I can only say that it is troublesome for me to be disturbed like this despite the fact that everything is irrelevant.


 Fortunately, thanks to Amiricia, the worst situation of not being able to enter the dungeon has been avoided.


 However, I can’t wipe out the negative factor that I can see the interference is coming.



“Ugh… I messed up. It’s not the worst move I could have made, but it was a bad one.” (Jiro)


“It can’t be helped, Jiro. The other side mistakenly thought we were a pawn of their rivals. It was a bad move, but we can still make up for it.” (Might)


“I agree. The fastest way to recover would be to bring in the supervisor, but she is not the kind of person who would come out to a battle like this, and the instructors would probably tell me to handle this on my own.” (Jiro)



 As soon as I grasped the current situation as if the pieces of a puzzle were coming together, I realized that the action I took in response to my emotions was a bad move.


 I have no regrets about the actions I took.


 However, even if I have no regrets, I must reflect on my actions.


 Reflection is a chance for recovery.


 I have to think about how I can recover from this.



“In order to recover and tackle the dungeon in peace, reconciliation is necessary? …Fortunately, the damage has been contained to the extent that it can be treated as an accident caused by a mutual misunderstanding. But the assumption is that the other party’s problem is only from our guess, and we are relying on uncertain information. Our guesses are correct, it is possible, but if we are wrong, we will not be able to repair the damage.” (Jiro)


“Let’s get this straight first. Our objective is to prepare the materials for the marriage. To do this, we need to enter the dungeon, but there are other ways to do it. It will take time, but we don’t have to stick to this one.” (Might)


“The reasons for their actions are speculative, but whatever the reason, it is clear that they will interfere with our actions. It may be a better decision to move to another base than to work under such interference.” (Jiro)



 The time and effort to repair the damage and then start the work, or the time and effort to prepare another means and then start the work.


 It is hard to decide which is faster.


 Logically, I don’t want to allow them to look down on us and back out, but it would be a total disaster to go through the extra trouble, so if I have to go that far, I might as well take action.


 However, it is also true that if the problem can be resolved smoothly, that alone will save time compared to making new preparations.


 So, what should we do?



“I can give you the information that can help you draw a conclusion, you know?” (Amie)



 Miss Amiricia appears as if she timed her appearance just as I was wondering what to do.


 We then exchanged greetings.



“…you really were a receptionist, weren’t you.” (Jiro)


“That’s your reaction!? You really didn’t believe me!?” (Amie)


“Well, I thought you were an apprentice.” (Jiro)


“Well, that’s just rude!!” (Amie)



 The first time I saw Amiricia dressed in a white shirt, navy blue vest, and a skirt of the same color, with her long hair pulled back in a hair band, I couldn’t help but let my true feelings out.


 Her appearance was familiar.


 So, if I apologize honestly, she will let out a sigh and forgive me.



“Well, it’s okay. I only heard part of the story, but your guess is generally correct. Whoever is in charge of this place is after a seat among the Seven Generals.” (Amie)


“Generally correct?” (Jiro)


“Yeah, generally correct. I would hate to see you move base elsewhere because you are not sure. In order to properly secure you as fighting force, I’ll fill in some of the gaps in your hypotheses.” (Amie)



 She comes back and suddenly confirms our predictions.



“I don’t think reconciliation is impossible. And since the other competitors are also dungeon managers, you’ll be in the same boat if you move to another base.” (Amie)





 I thought with a wry smile that maybe I was still bitter about our first exchange because I didn’t get to nail it first.



Note for the Day


You never know where the consequences will appear.



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