Otherworld Company Chapter 128: It Would Be Convenient To Be Able To Sense Presences

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 Nailing something doesn’t change what we should do.


 We impatiently fill out the paperwork to become adventurers at the reception desk, where Amiricia is in charge.


 Compared to Japan, the paperwork was a bit more complicated, but that didn’t mean we didn’t go through the trouble of checking the contents.


 We check to make sure we don’t miss anything that would be detrimental to us.


 It is customary to do this even in another world.


 The contents of such a contract are very simple and can be roughly summarized as follows.


 You are responsible for your own injuries in the dungeon, and if you die, there is no insurance, but if you don’t complete a certain number of requests within a month, you will be disqualified.


 There are special exceptions, but they don’t apply to us right now.



“Is everything good?” (Jiro)


“It’s rough, but nothing looks wrong. Also, that is a magical tool, even though it’s that small, so you should take good care of it.” (Amie)



 After summarizing and confirming what I had read, I fiddled with the Adventurer’s Guild card I received, and Amiricia warned me with a quizzical look.



“I get it, I get it.” (Jiro)


“If you break it, you’ll have to pay me a gold coin, okay, don’t break it! If you really break it in the guild’s current situation, I’ll take squeeze you without mercy!” (Amie)



 At first glance, it looks like nothing more than a metal plate made of iron, about the size of a car license, with no writing on it, not even a picture, but when magical power was channeled into it, it suddenly turned projected things.


 On the plate was my face, taken with a crystal ball that looked like it could be used for fortune-telling, a simple profile below, and finally, the Adventurers’ Guild’s guarantee of my identity.



“Really, I’ve received a notice, and I’ve only heard rumors, so I wonder if it’s okay for a dungeon explorer under the direct control of the Demon King to be so carefree.” (Amie)


“Even if you worry unnecessarily, you will only get tired, and your efficiency will decrease. Relaxing moderately is also part of your job. I learned that at my last job.” (Jiro)



 Amiricia seems to be often warned about her lack of tension, but she maintains a certain level of tension even though she seems to be letting things slide.


 Even if I am caught by surprise now, I will not be crushed by a single blow unless they are around my instructors’ level.



“Are you sure everything is okay?” (Amie)


“I know you recruited me because you thought I was up to par, but I took you up on the offer because it was convenient for me, that’s all.” (Jiro)


“Yes, but couldn’t you word it a little better?” (Amie)


“I would have thought about it if it hadn’t been for the receptionist who said she took advantage of me.” (Jiro)


“Ugh.” (Amie)



 There was no way this fox girl in front of me could see through my mental state. Also, Amiricia, who only knew that I was a powerful person who had accomplished trampling people from the Explorers’ Guild, felt a little uneasy but confirmed it. It is not possible to know and compare the contents of this dungeon as much as possible.


 So, naturally, my response was a bit vague.


 Perhaps dissatisfied with that response, Amiricia complained of her dissatisfaction with a bitter look and told me to be nicer, but I told her that she was the one who had confronted us with blatant words, and that was enough to silence her.



“So, can I now go into the dungeon?” (Jiro)


“Yes. The only way in and out of the dungeon is through the entrance controlled by the Adventurers’ Guild. Also, I don’t need to tell you that the guild cannot help you if you get into trouble in the dungeon.” (Amie)


“I know.” (Jiro)


“Also! If you kill a monster in the depths, pick it up! I’ll buy it from you.” (Amie)


“Sure, sure.” (Jiro)



 With this, we were finally ready to go.


 With Mr. Might and Mr. Gray who registered together, we prepared to leave the Adventurer’s Guild along with Amiricia’s voice behind us.



“The distance is about four days and three nights, right?” (Jiro)


“If we dive straight down, yes.” (Jiro)



 I thought it wouldn’t take as long as I thought it would when I heard the roundtrip time from two experienced people.


 The fact that the defense system is malfunctioning naturally means that the danger level is lowered for those who enter.


 It’s just convenient.


 It still takes time, but that can’t be helped.


 No matter if it malfunctions, it is still a dungeon.


 It takes effort to challenge it.


 That’s why Mr. Gray’s store has prepared supplies to handle it.


 The scale of the dungeon may be too different to be of any source of comfort, but I have spent some time camped out in a dungeon with instructor Kio.


 There is nothing to be nervous about.



“You’re a human, that’s unusual, do you have your guild card?” (Guard)


“Yeah, is this alright?” (Jiro)


“Yeah, no problem. The explorers have been acting suspiciously lately. Be careful of them as well as monsters. It’s your job to run away if you think you’re in danger.” (Guard)


“All right. Thanks for the advice.” (Jiro)


“Have a good adventure.” (Guard)



 The entrance to the dungeon is out of sight of the Explorers’ Guild, about a quarter of the way around the dome.


 By showing the wolfman guarding the gate a guild card with magic power, I was easily able to enter.


 This was a good sign that the guild was not a normal place to be.


 Incidentally, the Adventurers’ Guild has a familiar system of ranks.


 There are seven ranks, from A to G.


 There is also an S rank, but it is a rank that literally means Special.


 As the name “Special” implies, this title is given to adventurers who specialize in something.


 For example, an adventurer who boasts unparalleled strength against insects but is inferior to ordinary adventurers against other demons.


 An adventurer who is one or two steps inferior in combat ability, but no one can surpass him when it comes to collecting medicinal herbs, and an adventurer with sharp abilities such as being good at avoiding battles. It is a title given to adventurers who specialize in a particular skill, or even those who specialize too much.


 So, it naturally becomes difficult for them to handle other things, but it doesn’t matter now.


 Ranks usually indicate a level of trustworthiness, so to speak.


 This adventurer can be trusted, so it should be possible to complete this request, which is a measure of the adventurer’s ability from a third party’s point of view.


 And it is an easy-to-understand system which means A is the most reliable and G is the least reliable.


 This rating is based mainly on the percentage of requests completed but also includes personality factors such as rumors and normal demeanor.


 If a person is rude or sloppy with money, it is naturally difficult for him or her to rise in the ranks.


 If you are good enough to cover these factors, you can make it up to a certain level, but only up to a certain level.


 Even if you are good at your job, whether or not you can be entrusted with a large task is a common factor in today’s society, which looks at both personality and ability.


 The Adventurers’ Guild, which handles requests from the Merchant Guild, has a natural system for this.


 However, if I were to say that just because I was G-rank did not mean that I could not go out and get high-grade materials, that would be a no-no.


 If that were the case, I would not be able to go down to the lower levels.


 If that were the case, there would be no merit to being an adventurer.


 Rank is only a guide for receiving requests; it has nothing to do with the materials I need to get.


 As said, the Adventurers’ Guild can only control what goes on outside the dungeon.


 Anything you do in the dungeon is at your own risk.


 Whether it is to steadily increase one’s reputation while ensuring one’s own safety, or to show one’s ability by targeting big game and making a name for oneself at once, it is one’s own responsibility.


 Now, I have explained things at length.



“Ora!!” (Jiro)



 Running at full speed through the dungeon and slaughtering enemies is also my own responsibility.


 I asked Mr. Might’s spirit to search and map the surroundings while I designated the destination, and Mr. Might was escorted by Mr. Gray while I received assistance and defeated the enemies.


 Less than an hour had passed since we had entered the place, and there was no obstacle in our way as we pushed forward into the deeper levels without any hesitation.



“It seems that this is the guardian of the third level. Shall we continue on to the next?” (Might)


“I’ll collect the materials.” (Gray)


“Please do. By the way, both Mr. Gray’s magic bag and Mr. Might’s spirits are really useful.” (Jiro)



 It can be said that it is still convenient to be able to scatter particles the size of a small firefly light in all directions and find a pathway to descend to the lower levels.


 Normally, there would be monsters to defeat those spirits, but in such a shallow layer, there are none of them.


 Mr. Gray, being Mr. Gray, and having the guts of a merchant, if I may say so, stows away the materials of the monsters we defeated in the magic bag that he has prepared.


 Ever since entering the dungeon, he has been storing the spoils of defeated monsters, but the limit has not yet been reached.


 The smallest magic bag, the Magic Bag, cost as much as a new car, but with this capacity, I think I could buy a castle.



“There are pros and cons, but they are very versatile when it comes to supporting. Also, I am good with them.” (Might)


“Huh.” (Jiro)


“Jiro, if you make a contract with a spirit, you should ask Suela to teach you how to use them. I’m sure they will be very useful.” (Might)


“I will.” (Jiro)


“Collection done.” (Gray)


“Thank you very much. How much more capacity do you have left in your bag?” (Jiro)


“There’s still plenty of room. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to adjust accordingly.” (Gray)


“Please do. Shall we go then? I’d like to make some more progress today. (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Gray)


“I understand.” (Might)



 We could handle the shallow floor with a little more time to spare, so we started running again.


 The enemies along the way can be cut down under a single sword slash, and I can say that the process is going well.


 The problem on this floor is the Guardian or the floor boss, which is designed to revive after a certain amount of time has passed, but its resurrection cycle is also set to be long due to the malfunction, and if it is defeated, only an empty space is created for a while.


 As a result, it is rare to encounter them, and it is easy to get down to the bottom.


 In addition, thanks to Mr. Might’s spirit, there is no need to worry about directions or surprise attacks and contact with other adventurers and explorers, who know in advance that they can be troublesome, thus helping us avoid them.


 Since most of the traps themselves have been unlocked by adventurers and explorers in the past, it can be said that they are safe as long as they don’t mess with the obvious treasure chests.


 So, it is a somewhat short roundabout way to avoid such elements.



“Phew, we’ve dived quite a bit, but where are we now?” (Jiro)


“We are about to enter the lower level. There is a good place to rest ahead, so let’s rest there.” (Might)


“Hmm.” (Gray)



 But after doing all that, fighting monsters at each level to check their strength, we were able to safely advance at a speed that would allow us to proceed as planned.


 Even now, we are in a blind spot from the surroundings, and we are taking a rest after finding a place where we can be safe if we put up the alarm and barrier spirits.


 After taking out food and cooking utensils from Mr. Gray’s bag and finishing a simple meal, the rest of us took turns taking naps.


 After everyone had rested, they would go back down again.


 And so it goes on and on.



“A song?” (Jiro)



 I was the first one to be allowed to rest because I was in charge of the battle, and this is how I fell asleep, but I found myself standing in a dark space.


 I was careful not to fall deeply asleep in a dangerous place, but I was dreaming, perhaps because I was more tired than I thought.


 Otherwise, I would not have been able to hear a song as I felt it, but not with my ears.


 The dream, in which I just kept listening to something in the dark. Something I didn’t know the lyrics to but only knew to be a song. Then, I woke up with the sensation that my gaze met something when something shining in front of me glinted.



“!?” (Jiro)


“Hmm, you’re up. I was about to wake you up, what happened?” (Gray)



 Mr. Gray reached out a hand and tried to shake me awake.


 I was so real that I wondered if I had really dreamed it, but something remained inside me that I couldn’t shake off and Mr. Gray was worried for me.



“No, it was nothing.” (Jiro)



 I answered that it was nothing.



Note for the Day


I’m not sure if I should report something uncertain or not.



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