Otherworld Company Chapter 129.2: When It Works, It Works, Even If It’s An Unsatisfying Outcome

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“Huh? I found another party. They are coming this way. But this movement is running away… from something? It’s also quite confusing.” (Might)


“What? Is something really bad coming?” (Gray)


“Yes, I think so. We are a little far from that party, but I also sense a distorting force. The spirits are also making a lot of noise because of it. Jiro is right, it might be better to pull back for a while here.” (Might)



 The spirits that Mr. Might had sent to warn us about the surroundings seemed to have reacted to a party that had entered the dungeon.


 If they can get down here, they must have a certain amount of power.


 But if such a party is fleeing, is there a dragon living there?


 The nightmare sheep also noticed the sound of battle, and both the males, who were grazing, and the females, who were lying down peacefully, turned their heads in that direction at the same time.


 The reason is that the sound of battle was so clearly audible.


 If I didn’t have a bad premonition, I would have thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and launched a surprise attack, but the nightmare sheep’s movement itself seemed to confirm my bad premonition.



“We’ll pull back. Is that okay?” (Jiro)


“……” (Might)


“Yes.” (Gray)


“Mr. Might?” (Jiro)



 Quick decision, quick action.


 That’s what has kept me alive.


 I quickly turned myself around and tried to move away, but Mr. Might seemed to sense something and didn’t reply, his eyes glued to the sound of battle.



“Hey you okay!? Stay strong!!” (Demon)


“What are you going to do? There’s a herd of Nightmare Sheep ahead!” (Demon)


“I know! That thing won’t attack monsters, but it’ll at least be a wall! Just think about escaping now! If we can get across the levels, it won’t be able to follow us!” (Demon)


“I know, but…! My spirit won’t last much longer! And once it happens, I won’t have any defense!” (Demon)



 I completely missed my chance to escape, but on the other hand, I understood why Mr. Might couldn’t leave the scene.


 A party of dark elves popped out of another passageway, opposite ours.


 I thought for a moment that it was a male-female duo, but there was another dark elf woman on the man’s back.


 And on the back of a green-furred dog the size of a lion, running alongside him, probably his spirit, is a figure clad in cracked armor.


 A raccoon-like spirit with a tail wide enough to cover itself and flat enough to blow away a human being appears.



“Mars!” (Dark Elf)



 The blue-furred raccoon dog desperately tries to intimidate and protect its master.


 But the reality is cruel, and the raccoon dog doesn’t seem to understand the threat.


 Ignoring the threats, the raccoon dog’s huge frame was struck once again by a magic bullet, sending it tumbling to the ground.


 However, the other side rises up and again bares its fangs.


 The figure is covered in wounds and is about to disappear at any moment as it loses magic power like pouring blood.


 The dark elf woman, who was probably its owner, cried out in concern, but it didn’t have time to respond.


 Its proud tail, which can be used offensively and defensively, is full of wounds, its claws are gone, its fangs cracked, and a spirit’s prided magic cannot be used because it is one step short of running out of magic power.


 Seeing such a figure, its owner desperately chants magic to heal the spirit, but the recovery is not in time.


 All was not well.


 They are clearly outnumbered, and it is obvious that they will be annihilated if things continue as they are.


 I saw the look on Mr. Might’s face as he watched the scene.



“… Mr. Gray, would you listen to your son-in-law’s selfishness?” (Jiro)


“…I’ll listen if you do the same when we see vampires.” (Gray)


“Yes, I promise.” (Jiro)



 It may be light to call it a promise, but I could easily set a course of action when I witnessed it.


 Even though I knew it would be tricky, once the conditions were right, there were people who could move.


 I’m not sure if he understood what I was going to do, but Mr. Gray agreed with a single sigh like he had no choice.


 If it had been a beastman instead of a dark elf, I would have withdrawn without hesitation.


 If I hadn’t planned to marry Suela, I would have withdrawn without hesitation.


 I’ve already decided to help them, even though I’ll list the strategy just in case.



“Mr. Might.” (Jiro)


“Jiro.” (Might)


“We’ll help them. I’ll get rid of the Nightmare Sheep herd and guide them here. Mr. Might will heal them.” (Jiro)


“I’m sorry.” (Might)


“I heard from Suela. She says that the dark elves are so kind to their friends that they would not abandon them if their lives were in danger. So why should I, someone about to join the clan, ignore them?” (Jiro)



 Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I can now make up my mind with a single wry grin?


 Where did the indecisive me disappear?



“Mr. Gray, escort them.” (Jiro)


“Hmm, we’ll head there as soon as it’s over. Don’t overdo it.” (Gray)


“I will do my best.” (Jiro)



 Unlike in the company, I can’t change into a magical body here.


 Just like Ithar, if I lose my life, that’s the end.


 To challenge a formidable enemy is to risk one’s life.


 I am aware of this, and with the determination to survive, I flick the battle switch inside me.


 I asked Mr. Might for healing, and I entrusted Mr. Gray as the escort, and I hurried to meet the storm.


 With a quick step, I attacked the first Nightmare Sheep with a wild swing to secure a passage.


 Originally, I was going to accept the hardship of killing it without spilling blood to secure the wool, but that was no longer necessary.


 If that is the case, even if they think it is “troublesome” to attack individuals who show their strength by herding together, they do not think they will “lose”.


 Reaching everything within the reach of the Mineral Tree, I left seas of Nightmare Sheep corpses.



“Hey, what? What are you doing coming over here?!” (Dark Elf)


“A different party!? Run away!!” (Dark Elf)


“Run that way, I’ll buy you some time.” (Jiro)



 Even the Nightmare Sheep has no choice but to expose their defenselessness when attacked from the opposite direction that they were wary of.


 Some individuals reacted, but by the time they were able to fully respond, I had reached the Dark Elf party, but I didn’t stop and just said my part and passed by.



“Human!? How did you get here?” (Dark Elf)


“I-I don’t know. Maybe he’s a battle slave. Look, there’s a Dark Elf over there!” (Dark Elf)


“Did our clan come to our help?! We’re saved.” (Dark Elf)



 We passed each other with minimal conversation and stopped just as I jumped into the passageway.


 I had no time to be relieved when I heard the conversation behind me and saw that they were safely on their way to Mr. Might, having accomplished our goal for now.



“Well, what am I going to do?” (Jiro)



 I knew there was something beyond the darkness.


 I had no idea if it was an ogre or a demon, and I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it appeared, rubbing its chains with something.



“Haha. It’s a fantasy trope, but honestly, I didn’t want to fight one.” (Jiro)



 I chuckled and cheered myself up, but honestly, I wanted to lament my lack of luck.


 The woman’s entire body was wrapped in restraints, two of her three pairs of wings were sealed, and chains with iron balls were hanging from her left and right arms.


 The bulge in her chest indicated that she was a woman, but her face was covered with some sort of hideous mask, making it impossible to see her face.


 I knew there were demons in this world, so they existed, but I had not expected to see one this way.



“If possible, can we solve this by talking? Ms. ‘Angel’.” (Jiro)



 An existence that is known to be hostile to the Demon King’s Army, an angel of God with pure white wings.


 Of course, I didn’t expect to be able to have a conversation with her through her mask.


 Words that were only meant to lighten my mood were, as expected, ignored.


 The angel said nothing and attacked me without preamble.



 I intercepted it, aiming my blade at it, somehow knowing that this angel was a singer of songs.



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