Otherworld Company Chapter 130: Sometimes It Doesn’t Work Even If You Say You’re Not In Charge

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 I wondered if the angel’s first attack would be using the iron ball, but I thought she would be appropriate to wield it as a weapon if she were armed with an iron ball at the end of a chain that restricted its hands, so I reacted with my body to deal with it.


 Looking at the wounds on the spirit earlier, I had expected a more intense battle, but the angel’s attack was unexpectedly lukewarm.


 The iron ball flying through the air, smashing through the air, I caught it with my eyes, and even if the iron ball restraining the angel is not actually made of iron, I judged that the blade of the Mineral Tree will be damaged if I parried it, so I focused on evading.


 The evolved Mineral Tree might be able to cut it in half, but there is not enough information to make such a speculative move.


 The rain of iron balls as she swings her hands around lashing out without pause and without getting entangled.


 Even if I ran through the opening, the short chains on the legs of the angel floating in mid-air are like whips and do not allow me to get close with the Mineral Tree.


 The fact that the angel has only attacked physically since the beginning makes it difficult to determine whether she cannot or is not using magic.


 At the very least, there should be an explosion or some other equivalent means of attack.


 I don’t think they caused the explosion with an iron ball.



“Is their magic power low? No, is it limited?” (Jiro)



 Fighting a high opponent from a low position is disadvantageous because of the increased power due to the gravitational acceleration conversion, but it is also advantageous.


 When aiming at a low enemy, swinging down is indeed powerful, but conversely, the action of swinging up is required.


 The time it takes to do so is less than one-tenth of a second.


 What I noticed when observing the gap when swinging up was that the main purpose of that restraint was to suppress the magic power.


 Even the palms of her hands are restricted to prevent her from removing the restraints.


 The fact that I can still feel a little bit of magic is probably because the other person has a lot of magic power.



“How many of the five senses are left? Sight and hearing seem to be blocked.” (Jiro)



 I heard the sound of an iron ball passing by my ear with a bang, and while using my sense of touch to gauge the distance, I modified my evasive maneuver, thinking I could get a little closer.



“Is touch the only sense that’s alive? Taste should be meaningless. But how can you locate me so precisely?” (Jiro)



 While mumbling about the current situation, I sorted out the information, gauged the distance from my opponent, and looked for an opportunity to land a blow.


 The Mineral Tree is placed on my right shoulder, sometimes parrying the iron ball that cannot be avoided.



“The power… if it hits, my bone will be fractured.” (Jiro)



 I gauge the approximate power by the impact transmitted by parrying the ball and find that the power is more than enough to crush me if I receive it with my protective gear.


 For a moment, I was afraid that the Mineral Tree might break if I didn’t parry it properly, but I forced myself to calm down and fixed my gaze on the angel.


 I can handle the speed.


 I can’t deal with power if I caught it.


 If its magic power is sealed, all I have to do is be vigilant.



“So…” (Jiro)



 After some information has been gathered, the best move in the current situation is sought.


 Immediate decision, immediate action.


 I will make the best move I can make at the moment and strike the opponent as fast and as hard as possible.



“This is the best! Let’s go, partner! I’m going to give it everything I’ve got!” (Jiro)



 Gripping the handle of the Mineral Tree tightly, I channel my magical power.


 The roots of the Mineral Tree smoothly entwine with my arm, forming a circuit that circulates magic power.


 The circulation of light green magic power begins, and both the sharpness and strength of the Mineral Tree increase dramatically.


 As if in response, the other party’s magical power, which had been quiet until a moment ago, began to channel magic power as if the previous lack of magic power was a lie.



“Kakaka, so you are still wary of your enemy!!” (Jiro)



 As if forced to open a faucet, the magical power overflowed, and at once the angel’s surroundings were flooded with a yellow light.


 The fact that they were concealing their hand was mutual.


 The moment I thought I was going to use my best attack, my opponent also came up with a way to fight back.


 I couldn’t help but laugh at that.


 With the mineral tree in one hand, the blade slightly extended by magic power, I challenge the angel with the maximum speed that I can use at the moment.



“Kaa!! That’s so cool!!” (Jiro)



 I stepped forward and avoided both the iron ball and the chain at the fastest speed possible, and the first blow I struck from that distance was a heavy one.


 The sensation of the impact replied with a “Kin!”, but I didn’t think that it would be blocked by a magic barrier.



“Raa!!” (Jiro)



 Still, I didn’t think it couldn’t be cut.


 The opponent is not in perfect condition either.


 The barrier itself is hard, but not so hard that it cannot be dealt with.


 Furthermore, by increasing the circulation of my magic power, the speed and power of the sword slashes will also increase.






 A storm of all-out slashes, combined with monkey shouts.


 The attack is the greatest defense, a sealing attack.


 I am confident that if I were to enter with a storm of slashes, I could make mincemeat out of her in the blink of an eye.


 The Mineral Tree’s blade is swung down scraping away at that defense.



“…” (Jiro)



 In the midst of all this, for some reason, I thought I was looking at the angel.


 I couldn’t see her face through the mask, but it certainly fits.



“Tsu.” (Jiro)



 Then, the movement of the opponent suddenly stopped.


 Thanks to that, I stopped my attack too.


 It was a clear opening, a blank space where I would have surely received a blow if I had hit here.



“……” (Jiro)


“……” (Angel)



 However, the angel did nothing, as if the previous attacks were a lie.


 It’s strange to feel the gaze through the mask, but there’s no doubt that the angel in front of me is looking at me.



“…Damn, what do you want me to do?” (Jiro)



 The hostility that was there a moment ago is gone.


 I don’t know if it’s disappointment, but if the opponent loses the will to fight, I can’t bring myself to fight either.


 It’s a strange thing to attack and suddenly become quiet.


 Just in case, I ready the Mineral Tree, but it’s probably okay.



“Ah, ah, uh.” (Angerl)


“A?” (Jiro)



 A minute passed.


 We stared at each other for a little while, but then something changed.


 A voice came from the angel who had been silent for so long.


 I have no idea what she is saying through the mask, but she is trying to tell me something.


 She puts her hands, which were covered with restraints and unable to grasp anything, against the mask.



“Do you want to take it off?” (Jiro)



 With this gesture, I grasp what the angel in front of me wants to do, but I am not sure if I want to help her with it.


 I’m not even going to joke about releasing an enemy, even if it’s an enemy with a slight disadvantage in the situation from the restraint.



“……” (Jiro)



 However, when I saw her desperately trying to take off her mask in front of me, who I had been fighting until a while ago, it seems like she is clearly saying that there is something more in the situation.



“Yeah! I understand! I understand! A woman’s face shouldn’t be treated that rough!” (Jiro)



 I had no choice but to break my stance when I saw the way the mask was being removed more and more violently.


 Judging from her body, she was a woman.


 I couldn’t tell what she looked like, but I still couldn’t bear to see her trying to remove the mask with such force that she was punching herself.


 I put the Mineral Tree on my back.


 Walk over and grab the angel’s right hand.


 With that, the angel becomes quiet and looks at me.


 I couldn’t hold back a sigh as she looked at me expectantly.



“Damn, why are there so many troublesome things… I’m just collecting materials for my marriage, you know?” (Jiro)



 I look at the hand restraints close at hand, lamenting why they won’t let me collect my items quietly.


 There are chains and iron balls at the ends of metal rings connected to her wrists, and her entire body is covered with what looks like black hardened cloth with no opening.


 The belt near her waist has been torn off, probably because her hands were originally secured there.



“Is that a magic crest?” (Jiro)



 I noticed that there was a faint pulse of magical power flowing on the surface of the straitjacket.


 It looks familiar, and it’s very similar to the magic crest that was applied to me.


 A magic crest is a path for taking in and releasing magic power.


 It means that it is channeled to the straitjacket.



“……I see.” (Jiro)



 I somehow figured out how the black-clad angel was restrained with chains all over, but is there anything I can do about it?



“For now, I should cut the chain.” (Jiro)



 First of all, let’s do something about the chains that still seem to be easy to remove.


 I connected myself with the Mineral Tree again and took a step away.


 I had no idea if the chain could not be broken, but from the feeling I had when it clashed with the Mineral Tree earlier, it probably could be broken.


 What worries me is whether or not the angel will react to my attempt to break the chain, thinking it is an attack…


 While slightly hesitant, I regained my composure and slowly raised the Mineral Tree, but the angel just looked at me and didn’t do anything.


 Even though I could definitely reap the life of this angel if I changed the direction of my swing.

“Just stay still.” (Jiro)



 I am relieved by her gestures, but it is somewhat eerie.


 I don’t plan to attack, but I don’t deserve to be trusted like this.


 What does this angel think I am doing, trusting me enough to put his trust in me after our earlier attack?


 I stare at the angel’s face, wondering why, but she just looks at me through her mask and shows no other reaction.


 I stop thinking deeply about this gesture, take a deep breath, and begin to circulate my magical power.


 When the connection with the Mineral Tree was established and the magic power blade was formed, I swung down the Mineral Tree four times.


 The sound of metal cutting is heard several times.


 Immediately after that, the chain falls to the ground and the sound echoes around him.


 I knew from the response that the chains would fall, but when I saw them rolling on the ground, I breathed a sigh of relief.


 The chains on her hands and feet are safely cut, and the angel becomes agile.


 I don’t know if she can see it, but the gesture of looking at her hands through the mask seemed to confirm that she felt lighter.



“Heavy…” (Jiro)



 I held the iron ball, which had been detached and was lying on the ground, to test it, but its weight was quite heavy, even though it was only the size of a bowling ball.


 I immediately understood that the density of the iron ball was such that it could not be lifted easily.


 It is so heavy that I can honestly say that it would be impossible to lift it without body enhancement magic.


 If she had dragged it along with her, I would have to say that she is superhumanly strong.



“Now, the next step is the mask… How do I get it off?” (Jiro)



 If there was a zipper, it would be easy, but I can’t even see a seam, let alone a zipper.


 Honestly, I would like to quickly express my resignation to the restraining garment that makes me want to say, “did they sew it after she wore it?”


 However, there was no way I could say that to the angel who was staring at me.



“*Sigh*, I’m sure the instructor can do something like cutting off just the clothes…” (Jiro)



 All I had to do was silently examine the straitjacket.


 I wonder if it’s because I’ve been fighting until a while ago that I can’t feel her sex appeal even though I’m examining a female body. Still, her shape is quite good.


 It’s convenient, so I don’t worry about it too much, but I don’t know anything about magic.


 I thought about pulling the clothes to make a gap and cutting it, but unfortunately, this straitjacket is not elastic at all, so that was impossible.


 It feels like leather to the touch, but it’s too tight-fitting for that.


 Then I finished my research.


 One of the things that caught my attention was…



“I guess this is it…” (Jiro)



 What I am interested in is the object shaped like a padlock in the center of the angel’s chest.


 There is no keyhole and at first glance, it seems to be an object, but there is nothing else suspicious about it, so by process of elimination I can be sure that this is the key to the straitjacket.



“Can I cut it?” (Jiro)



 If it is as big as this, it could be cut with the Mineral Tree, but if you ask me if cutting it will really release the restraint, I can only answer that I don’t know.


 But if it were any other way, I could think of no other way than to injure the angel’s body.



“If you are not released, please don’t complain, okay?” (Jiro)




 I thought I had no choice but to do it after all with an angel who remained silent and left me to my own devices.


 I take a step away again.


 I took one deep breath to concentrate and held my breath.



“Fuu!!” (Jiro)



 Swing the Mineral Tree horizontally so as not to hurt the angel.


 I feel a solid response at the tip of the Mineral Tree.


 Besides material resistance, I also felt magical resistance.


 The sensation of having cut both of them and the sound of metal falling to the ground with a clang.



“Is it done?” (Jiro)



 When I cut it, I somehow thought it was the right answer, but there was no mistake in that feeling.


 I felt a magic power like static electricity run through me, and then I saw a change in the straitjacket.


 The straitjacket, which had transformed from a leather-like appearance to a mud-like appearance, hung down from the angel’s body.


 White skin is revealed from under the black robe, and two of the three pairs of wings are also unbound.


 The blonde woman who appears out of the three pairs of wings spreads them out and looks at me as if she is enjoying a sense of freedom.


 Her clear sapphire blue eyes stare straight at me.


 The dignified angel, who looks like she could be called “knight”, moves her beautiful face a little and opens her mouth with a smile.



“You have freed me, Hero. I thank you.” (Angel)


“No, wrong person.” (Jiro)



 Then I immediately answered the words she threw.


 Needless to say, I almost ruined the mood by saying that I was in charge of the other side.



“Also, put this on for the time being.” (Jiro)



 And because the straitjacket melted down, it wasn’t just the wings that were set free, but the other parts as well.


 I could only hold out my cloak while averting my eyes from the figure that was unashamedly exposed.



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